In the early days of my marketing career I learned about Frank Kern, and I somewhat followed him. Back then if you wanted to buy a course from Frank, you had to have deep pockets.

It's a little bit different today because even if you don't buy from him, you can still watch what he does and turn it into a strategy.

Who is Frank Kern?

If you don't know who Frank is, you should definitely follow him. He is one of the pioneers of internet marketing, and has sold courses such as Mass control, and Mass conversions.

When I was firsts learning about internet marketing he made alot of money by selling courses. Since then he has gone the consulting route because he says you can make more money with fewer customers.

He still sells courses here and there and he is also known as the most sought out internet marketing consultant.

The 5 day challenge

Today I'm going to share with you a strategy that he used to make $51,700 in 12 days. The reason I want to share it is because it's really simple and you could easily adapt it for your network marketing business.

The 5 day challenge is a course about how to do facebook ads for cheap. I don't know exactly how much he made selling this course because there were upsells. Also he sold it at $47 for the first 6 days and if you still wanted after that the price went up to $97, so the number I am showing is what he made according to the group member numbers at a $47 price which is still good money made.

The group I was part of was the first challenge and it was live. If you were to get in now the price is more than it used to be and all of the videos are pre recorded from the first challenge.

The way I came up with the numbers is because there are 1.1 thousand people in the group at a $47 price point.

This is the ad that he ran. It is run on facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. All it is is a video telling you that it costs pennies to show me that ad and when you click on it it goes to this page below


When you click on the red button you have to put your name and email in and it goes to this video.

The video basically tells you that facebook ads don't have to be expensive. It's a sales video and at the end of it you have the chance to buy a course.

The challenge strategy

This is the cool part about this strategy. I see alot of other people doing 5, 10, 15 day strategies and at the end of the strategy there is something for sale.

The way Frank does it is that you have to pay for the challenge and there is an upsell of $97.

This is super simple marketing because instead of a course all he had to do was go live and teach what he wanted to teach for 5 days.

Then on day 6 guess what? Another upsell. The reason I think this is so brilliant is because instead of paying alot getting people into your funnel, you make money right away and the normal follow up that would happen in the following days is still happening but you are still giving people what they want in a short amount of time.

Also they are more likely to do what you teach them because they paid for it.

This is what it looks like simplified

Video ad with big promise ( facebook ads don't have to be expensive)

Collect email

Video sales letter proving the big promise. Sell it for $47

Add them to Facebook group and make sure they can get results over the next couple of days.

The day after the challenge is over sell them you product or opportunity.

How to use this in a network Marketing business

Another cool part about this strategy is that you can adapt it to sell anything. So I'm going to give you some examples.

Weight loss

You can get people into the funnel with a routine that will have them losing weight in the next 5 days. They don't actually have to be losing weight in the next 5 days but by the end of 5 days they should know step by step what to do.

Your landing page would be talking about how losing weight doesn't have to be hard. Then I would go with some testimonials from others who have used your product, but don't sell the product yet.

Next get their email and name. After they have done that give them a short video and tell them over the next x amount of days you are going to show them the routine and sell it for $47. Now add them to a facebook group and show them the routine over the next couple of days.

The day after the challenge, sell your product. This works because you have them warmed up to you now and you have already showed them something they can use. That way even if they don't use your product, they still get results.


This one is super simple. All you have to do is find a strategy that someone is using and getting results.

For the landing page I would say something like forex doesn't have to be hard. John has been using this strategy and hitting x amount of pips every day,

Collect email

Short sales video disguised as not a sales video with testimonials of other people using the strategy. Sell it for $47 and add them to a facebook group.

I would share the entire strategy on day one and over the next couple of days make sure the group is getting results. Also inside the group you can show off tools that you are using that you have to be a customer to use.

After the last day another sales video talking about how your company can help them do it with the tools and community.

What to do now

This is a super simple strategy and the reason I only shared 3 examples is because all you have to do is swap the landing page and headline out for whatever your company and product is.

By the way you don't have to sell your challenge for $47 it can be anything. Over the years I have found that the prices that work the best are $7, $27, $47,$97,$197.

For some reason there is always a 7 but those are your sweet spots for selling.

You should be able to have a whole campaign up in a weekend and if you still need help getting leads and sells we have you covered right here.



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