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Ryan - My question is, I think we've talked about it and I was curious about, like, When it comes to Facebook and organic business pages, it sounds like you guys don't really feel like digital upline or expert so it doesn't like not using a business page as much as like a personal profile.

Meredith - Is that right, business pages are great if you are my husband and you own a barber shop, and somebody wants to know like what hours are you open where are you located, can I do appointment right business pages are great for traditional in particular brick and mortar businesses, or even online businesses that somebody is going to search and look for.

But, but think of a business page is like a, like a phone book listing. So of course my husband's barbershop has a business page because people are on Facebook and they'll, they'll search specifically for his shop, or they'll search for, You know we live in Spokane Spokane barbershop Right. They'll search for things like that and that could result, but the likelihood that somebody, the way that you're presenting yourself the way that you're presenting your business in Facebook, the likelihood that somebody's going to come on they're searching for you, or searching for, you know, the business that you know the keywords that you would potentially have in there is very very small. So instead you use your personal profile and then eventually, a group. The other thing is that business pages.

They used to rank a lot higher in the Facebook algorithm. So if you had a business page and you post it to the page, then those posts would actually show up in people's newsfeeds, but it's been years since Facebook, like if you think of it as a totem pole. The highest ranking thing is like stories than the newsfeed video in particular, then groups, then pages, they're just the low man on the totem pole, because they don't fit within Facebook's overall strategy as well as the other things do.

Ryan - Okay, so that brings me to like a second part of that question in terms of what you meant about groups and I think I've probably asked something along those aren't before but I'm just trying to figure out my like best route to incorporating, and I know there's good there's a good reason to focus on like one platform at a time.

However, which, for me, as you know as LinkedIn and so I'm doing that but I also want to do like a Facebook group, and so I just want to see what resources there might be that you could recommend that helped me kind of wrap my head around. properly structuring the group, for what its intention is, does that make sense?

Meredith - Yeah, for sure. So I'm just going to pull up something here, Ryan and I'm going to ask you if you're open to some feedback. Yeah. Um, give me just a second. So last week we had a session where we talked about classes where we can you guys see this, where we talked about your business priorities right. And so, Ryan was saying, there's so much here, an expert accelerator.

My head's kind of spinning. How do I possibly figure out when to do what and how, and also get you know just kind of get this going and I said okay, I'll share with you exactly how I plan for my business, exactly how I plan for it. And then let's agree upon some priorities for you and we'll put them month to month. So, this is perfect that you're asking this Ryan because I think a lot of people are in the same boat, where you're starting to recognize the depth of what's available here and it can get you blindsided. So there's three main categories there's infrastructure there's projects and there's your daily mode of operation.

So I had Brian, Ryan, sorry, brainstorm, I tried to say Ryan and brainstorm and I came out with Brian. I had Ryan brainstorm, okay what are all the things in the infrastructure for his business that he wants to complete. He was like I want to finish setting up my Digital Copilot, I need to get my funnel, my funnel finalized, I want to have a lead magnet eventually, I want my team members area to be done, I want to have three different sales presentations for when I'm actually talking to people after they've booked with me. I definitely want to have a Facebook group I want one for Legion, and I want one for my customers. Plus I want to brand myself and create authority online I want a YouTube channel I think I might want a podcast I know I want to do paid advertising, and I know I need to be on top of my content, plus I know that I need to do the organic marketing content creation and posting all my follow ups, and manage all my new connections.

I was like okay, that's, that's literally this course on one piece of paper right here. So then I said, Okay, let's break it out, and we went down and we plan to the month of July. And we said, what is the goal for the month of July in relationship to infrastructure. So, this is where Ryan agreed last week to focus, infrastructure, complete my funnel, add a thank you video to the booking page complete my co pilot complete my sales presentation and get the first phase of my team members area done. Plus I want to establish daily tracking for goals and critical action that I'm going to take and complete five days a week of my daily mode of operation, in order to create a habit of action, so that's what he wanted.

And based on that we said you know what, this is enough, we're not going to even tackle a project in the month of July. So no projects. Just infrastructure and daily mode of operation. And then we broke it out, week by week, and we said okay, what are you what is Ryan going to get done, the week of July 4 to the 10th. And this became his to do list. Then we said what are you going to do in week two July 11 to the 17th, and this became his to do list. And this is where I'm going to offer you the feedback. Right now I know you're asking a question about Facebook, but you need to just not worry about that right now because it's not on your priority list. I know you want to.

Ryan - As far as the feedback sorry I didn't interrupt but I guess that's sort of looking at that as kind of like a part of the infrastructure when it comes to the DMO component where it's like, it's another source of organic, you know?

Meredith - A group could be another source of organic eventually, but it is, it is a big project to launch a group, because you've got to have your brand identity ready, you've got to know what you're going to call it, you've got to have your content strategy. And, and so it's not like you can just, yeah you know what if you want to be artistically successful throw a group out there do you know how many Facebook groups I've opened in the last nine years since I've been working for myself, I don't know. I don't even know.

I started and for myself, I've started with team members I've started for other things, so many, how many URLs have I bought for 99 cents and all that kind of stuff until I finally had a strategy, an audience an idea of what I wanted to create. I was just, you know, playing like playing house with digital marketing, don't do that, right, state. If you know, when we talked last week and I don't know why I got this extra page in here, maybe what you add for August is that your next big infrastructure piece is that you create the Facebook group.

But the reason that I suggested that you start here. You already have the tools in place to be getting some meetings booked, and to be getting people to be joining your team and already have a couple of teammates. If you believe truly that the network marketing industry that your company, your opportunity is completely leveraged.

The number one thing that you can do is get the people who joined you to do what you're doing, because now there's three of you doing it and then there's five of you and then there's 10 of you, even if they're only doing this much going wide with organic and getting them to use it, getting them to use a system, getting them to take daily action and watching you as a leader do it is going to create way more leverage than going deep into your own brand and your own your own assets in your own infrastructure, creating a Facebook group, and, and I'm not saying don't do both.

I'm just saying, my philosophy my belief, what I have seen, and one of the reasons that you would like this opportunity is that it's leveraged, so put in place the infrastructure and create the habit for yourself, that lets the leverage happen sooner rather than later.

Ryan - Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah, I was just looking at like, you know for July, it looks like. Or I think I've pretty well checked a lot off my list and if I'm being honest, a lot of the stuff that you're showing for that column that we went through last week was in the works as far as like me working through it and so I think everything except for week three and, well, there's nothing in week four, but like week three, I still need to finish those details.

Yeah, like, the first of a couple presentations as is nearly done so that's that's going to be worked on, you know today and this week. But I think everything above that's pretty well taken care of.

Meredith - If you have more than, this is your document, right, this is, we, we started this in a meeting. If any of you ever want to have a similar coaching meeting you can go to digital slash book with Meredith and we can do this or if you want to we can do this kind of planning together as a group on next Tuesday strategy calls, that's helpful for you. And that might be more fun and valuable to do it together. I've done this with Alan I've done this with Ryan, I did it with somebody else last week and I can't remember I think it was James, so we didn't complete this. We just got you started. So now that you've lived with the document for a week and you're like oh wait a minute, a lot more of this is done, than I thought.

Then, We didn't have anything assigned for you in week four. So maybe what you put in week four, is how Okay, I'm going to figure out my Facebook group strategy. What if you don't have a Facebook group, it's not just as simple as running out there and making one and hoping people are going to join it. You know, one of my private clients I've been working with for the last four months around launching a niche group that she wants to have for a particular population of people that she wants to be able to impact because of her personal story, outside of network marketing, and I have been coaching her around how she can actually grow the group. We started with her mission her vision and her values before she even created the group.

We spent a month talking about what is it you want to do. Who is it you want to help, how do you want this to work, what are your big ideas, how does this all play together. Then we launched the group and now she's out sharing the group and she has such clarity on what she's doing and creating with the group that the right people are joining, and she's just so excited about it. But if she would have just run out there and thrown a group out there for throwing it out there sake. When the name of the group that she first came to me had absolutely nothing to do with the problem that she was trying to solve, and nothing to do with the people she was trying to help.

I was like what is that even mean. So, maybe you put in, you know, for a week for that you start the process of thinking about, Okay, I'm going to create a group, great for what purpose for who, who's the ideal person that I want there, what kind of content do I want to share there. And then you begin building that out. But first finished other stuff.

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