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Adam - Hello and welcome to the digital appliance show in this episode of the podcast, we interview one of our successful students to determine the mindset, strategies, and systems that are producing results in their business. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this eye-opening, case study interview.

Hello and welcome. My name is Adam Chandler I am so excited to have the pleasure of interviewing one of our rising star clients here at Digital upline, Mr Zohaib how are you doing this this this evening we he goes by z, Mr. Z. Welcome, welcome to the call.

Zohab - Hey, how's it going Adam It's actually so Hey, but that's alright. I get that all the time so anyways everyone calls me z, and I'm super excited to be on this call, I'm very thankful for Adam and Jordan and their program and their mentorship, I mean things, things are going, things are going so great. I mean, I haven't been so excited about my business and I don't know how long so I'm just very fired up and we've gotten some pretty cool results, and I'm just looking forward to keep winning.

Adam - Excellent, excellent. Well, that's what we're going to talk about let's let's, let's start you know start off just tell us a little bit about yourself where do you live, tell us a little bit about your business, how long have you been in that business. And then, and then we can talk about some of the wins that you've experienced.

Zohab - Yeah, so definitely my stories, is a pretty cool one when I was around 16 years old, I was in high school and I wanted to go into some kind of computer engineering field or something like related to numbers or something like that but But I realized that I sucked at school, and I thought I was I was dumb, I thought it was like oh man I mean I'm trying my hardest here but this is just not working for me, and I had a lot of people outside tell me that you know, you know, z like you're not going to be able to be successful if you if you don't do well at school, but then I read a book called Rich dad poor dad when I was 16 and I found out everybody around me was lying, right, and I read this book and it talked about passive income and it talked about having multiple streams and building businesses real businesses, and I was just, I mean I was just so excited and I shared it with all of my friends, and again they thought I was all stupid and they thought I was all crazy because they just didn't understand right.

I realized that I was a, I was a top one-percenter, but by mind by by by by the way I thought right I realized that becoming wealthy and being rich wasn't really, you know, wasn't really certain, I guess, I guess what I'm trying to say, it's a mindset right it's not about the money just yet right it's about the way you think about things and when I understood that I launched my first business and I was doing an online e-commerce store, and I had a clothing line with one of my good friends and we were selling some good clothes, or a lot of clothes and it was just really exciting we started booking clubs and running shows and doing our sales on the side I was actually 17 years old, running a show where you had to be 21 plus to enter so it was a pretty cool experience for me. And then when I was 18 years old, something happened to me and it was amazing I was introduced to the network marketing industry.

And basically, it was really awesome. I saw, I saw the model where I could recruit people and to build a team and override and get true passive income, and I realized in the business that I was doing right now, it would have taken me so much time and it would have, it would have taken me so much money right to pay other people to outsource all the work and I got started with it, and I was in it for two years. And let me tell you, I'm still doing it, but I was cold prospecting, I was running through all these numbers I was going through all my, my relationship market, I had recruited over.

I think over 100 Something people, and the first two years in business, I only made $3,000 And I wasn't just doing you know you know some people are scared to just go through their warm list I mean I was way past that I was in malls and grocery stores prospecting 15 to 17 people a day. Right, and I only make three grand and like everybody's like, Oh, Z, you're making you know five figures plus doing your solar thing at the time I was selling solar panels, door to door, I was making like 15 20,000 25,000 a month, and they're like, you're insane.

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I mean, why are you still doing this company, where you're not making any money, but, you know, and you have this other opportunity where you're making so much money and I said hey man, listen, that's the single handed income, if I stopped working my income stops when I build this, this business and network marketing, if I build a big business I'll have no money coming in forever long story short, I watched this ad on YouTube with Adam and Jordan and they started talking about how you could sit with more filtered buyers and you could have unlimited leads and I felt like that was my main issue I mean I was always recruiting people and I was getting the momentum, but I couldn't keep the momentum, and then I learned if I use organic and paid traffic the way, Adam and Jordan taught me to, I could start to, I could be the one controlling my, my momentum and I wouldn't have to go out and prospect people for hours and hours a day, I hated that. Right. I watched the video I got started with that image Jordan.

And I mean, I was just determined to replace my income at the time, you know, because of this, this COVID, COVID, 19 era, I don't know when you're watching this, but COVID-19 had stopped my sales and I called it I told everyone alright well we can't install anymore. So how are you going to pay your mortgage, how are you going to, you know, pay your car notes, how are you going to pay your bills, right, so this is not a solid income so I went out and I was like, Listen It's do or die I pay this money, and, and I got three months there's a 90-day deferral, and if I don't start making money and replace my income, I'm gonna be out on the streets, right I pay all my bills I retired my parents at age 19.

So, I take care of everyone now. So, this was my why. This is why I got on onto the program, and I learned everything I said hey listen, I'm gonna do this from seven or 8 am to 10 and 11, seven days a week, and I did that, And I did that for four weeks and I built their whole system. You know in four weeks the whole thing, and I noticed that as long as you really learn it and you apply it, it is very easy to follow through. Right, but sometimes people are lazy, they don't want to do the work but listen if you're a person who's hungry, willing to do the work, you go and build this thing and it's possible it's there and now we've seen some results and you want me to talk a little bit about that.

Adam - Yeah, let me just kind of stop you right there because, I mean this is great like I mean I'm, you know, you're providing a ton of value, I appreciate that. But you know let's you know let you know we'll get more and more into the specifics and everything but like you know just Share, share, like, some of the, you know some of the wins and maybe some aha moments that you had, since you plugged into to our training, and you know, coaching system.

Zohab - Alright, awesome yeah sorry about that sometimes I didn't get that.

Adam - Oh no, I get it I mean you're passionate about it, you're clearly passionate about.

Zohab - It's great though so so basically some of the wins that I've had is, you know, number one organic marketing, I mean, I didn't even know how to properly message people on Facebook or how to do any type of organic marketing, and when I realized that I was like, man, like, this is brilliant like I was so excited I felt like I you know I, I got all my money back right in value just by the organic side.

Adam - Let me just let me just preface this, like, for those of you that don't know or when when he says, organic marketing what he's referring to is like free social media marketing and what, what comes to mind when you, when you say that for some people it's like, so you're just like, you know, you're just like, you know, putting links out there in groups and you're like, you're now you maybe like pictures of your products and you're putting them on into a Facebook group, but like that's not at all what we're talking about like, We're talking about like, you know, very tactically, putting, you know, putting some you know some valuable leadership brand, you know, branding content that makes you stand out, right and then it builds curiosity, and it creates a situation where they, you know, say, yeah, we'll get what is it what do you got, what did you know I want I want what it what it is that you're talking about here, like so, so okay so now now that I've like kind of, you know created that for anybody that's watching that maybe, maybe doesn't know. You know, you know, go on talking about organic marketing and some of your experiences with it.

Zohab - Okay, sweet. So yeah, basically I've realized I realized that I needed to withdraw the pain out of, out of my possible clients or recruits. Right, we're not just sending out all this you know these links and stuff to get zero results. I'm actually filtering people out. Hey listen, if this is a person that doesn't, you know, that I feel like won't do well with what I'm doing, I'm not gonna waste my time. So I ended up saving you know so much time, using their strategies and sitting with more qualified people just with the free marketing, and I had some good result and results with that I think we, we did over like 25 posts and out of, you know 25 posts. I must have booked anywhere from, you know, myself personally, six to 10 calls right and then I also recruited someone in my organization and we taught them a little bit about the organic marketing and he went out in one post.

He went and scheduled five calls from one post. So at the end of the day I mean if you can schedule one call you can schedule a million, and then just run the numbers, I mean, if you guys are all about the numbers game then you'll know that you'll get the results.

Adam - So not only are you doing this but you, you brought on a person onto your team you taught him how to do it, and now he's doing the same stuff, you know, do you know following the same process of getting calls booked with interested prospects, right, that are getting on the call, specifically to talk to you about joining you in your business, basically.

Zohab - Yeah, they're very interested in what we have to share. And then we share the idea and then that's it and then we just follow up right and it will go and we talked to, however, many people will start seeing more and more results. So I had some results with the free marketing that way.

I mean some other wins, I had was, You know, I guess the biggest one is creating my system so fast, right, you know, the modules weren't that hard to go through, as long as you get through them, you'll have the system, and now it's really just minor tweaks and adjustments, and I'll build a huge business right like my goal is to replace that 20,000 25,000 A month income and then I'm super confident that I'll be able to do it within the next couple of months.

Adam - That's awesome, that's great I love the confidence I love the, you know, you're, you're, you're obviously you know, you, you put you picked up some skills, and you've learned so you know you've been able to implement some systems, and you've picked up skills and guys that is what success in online marketing is about, it's about two things it's about systems and skills.

So those are the, so you know with our program you've been able to build the systems very very quickly right for four weeks, you had your entire, like four step, I mean it's actually it's like a, like a, you're like a two-step marketing funnel where they opt-in, they watch the video, you know that that entices them about you know your offer and what you do, and then they book, and then they book a call with you.

You know and so and so you have that system and then you use our template to create the, you're the second system which is the system for like for your team right onboarding new people into your team, and then getting them quickly, duplicating, right. So those are like the two big systems that you created it's like you have a client acquisition system right a lead generation system, you know a funnel right with, you know where you're filtering out prospects, you're getting on the phone with them which is which, you know, the fact that you're getting on the phone with interested candidates, you know you're not cold calling leads right here these are people that have booked the calls specifically to talk to you.

So you've got your lead generation system it's like your your enrollment system, and then you've got your duplication system on the back end. So that's the systems and then the skills that you have, have created here, you know that's where like really you know creating organic marketing like that's a skill that you can use to to get prospects and clients in your business, for the next decade of your life.

Zohab - Right, exactly. That's why I was so happy about it. And that's why I felt like I got all my money, money's worth out of just learning the free marketing because as a man if I just master this, and I learned how to do this, I can, you know, build a big business and make so much more money than I invested.

Adam - Yeah, yeah, exactly. Right, exactly. It's like It's like you've you've laid a new foundation in your business right and you and you've you you've acquired those skills and now you're doing the same thing you're bringing people onto your team, putting them through the you know that that same that same process, you know, can we, can you talk a little bit about like the leverage that this has created like cuz you, I mean you did door to door, you know, door to door to door sales right there's not, and you mentioned that that that that that it's like you don't have a lot of leverage with that because when you stop, you know prospecting when you stop knocking on doors, you know, you're sitting your sales stop right so it's like, you know, with this you created systems that like, you know you can be funneling people through this process, and like a lot of things can be happening in your business where people can be moving through these processes, without necessarily you would hand holding them and walking them through you know without your specific time. Right, so can you talk a little bit about that and like the leverage that you've created and the, you know some of the, you know, with some of these systems that you've been able.

Zohab - Yeah, so, definitely I mean, just number one off the bat I mean, I'm doing something that my company has not even heard of. Right, this is another recruiting recruitment point I think of when I'm doing my presentation I'd say hey listen, you know how a lot of network marketers, you know, let's say we're speaking to another network marketer, they lose out on leads right like like you have to just do relationship marketing and some people get turned off by that, they're like, oh, you know, Even though relationship marketing is super powerful, some people don't, don't, don't, don't, you know, understand that at first, so we can teach them how to do the organic and paid first, and then when they realize that we're going back to relationship marketing anyways, then they'll open up their market and do it that way too.

So, this is another selling point right saying that hey, we don't just use relationship marketing we have other ways to get leads and that actually you know is interesting to more people. And another thing is I always say listen I you know I have a $6,000 system that I've created, right, and I use that as a selling point, I use that as a selling point right I try to give value, right to the new people that I'm putting on like hey listen I went out and I did the work so you don't have to write.

Adam - Yeah and you know you know with, with that I want to kind of, I want to highlight the back end system because this, this is something that we, we provide our clients with is like, you know, a, you know this, this kind of template right so we gave you a template for your own, like Client Onboarding system right you could you could call it it's like. So I want to show I want I want to show you know what, you know what your onboarding system, kind of looks like, and if you don't have like a high level so.

So I think what I'm going to do is this, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna show the front end funnel, but I will I will set show what you might call the back end funnel right it's like once it's like a funnel for like when they become a client right how to get them duplicating quickly right, so it's not, it's not just about sales and marketing, although that's you know that's, you know how you're gonna get people in the door, but then, you know a lot of there's a lot of leverage in what you do with that person, once they join, right, like, like having a good onboarding process like a well thought out onboarding process.

It creates so much leverage, and it can be the entire difference between, you know, making a little bit of money when you're, when you're making sales and like making a lot of money like like turning a buyer that may be worth like $100 into a buyer that's worth like $10,000 over a long.

Right, so, so, so I want to I want to I want to share that. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to share my screen here. So first let's talk about this because this is the this is the system that you, you kind of drew this out based on you. You went through our modules and then once you really got it, you kind of drew this out yourself. So can you just, you know, just talk about this, you know, from a high level, we don't have to get super deep into it, you don't have to spend a ton of time here but like you know talk about this creation that you that you put together.

Zohab - So basically the first section of it is is how I'm booking calls right, so I have my one section which is paid ads, which go through a funnel to filter some people out, that book a call with me. The next question is organic marketing free marketing, how I can use free marketing to build rapport, through, you know, proven scripts to then get on a call with me right. The point is, when we do marketing we want to book costs, so we have free version, and then we have a paid version too.

So, maximum results right then we go through our onboarding process which is, which is the next piece here, and I guess the next module like step one and two, step three, orientation and step four is our is our process, right, so we take people through relationship marketing organic and paid and we basically say they have to unlock the paid. So basically, you know, we have more serious people doing. And anyways, what this says is, once you go through our system, right, we're gonna send you through a duplication center right so you basically almost like, like, like a, like a like a factory line right like like you know you have you have people assembling the pieces.

Adam - Right so it's like an assembly line for like creating a leader in your business,

Zohab - Exactly so we know that some, some proud I don't say products, but some people might not do it right some products might be defective right so, so we actually, we encounter that we know that's going to happen. So basically what's going to happen here is we take people through the system, we, we kind of filter them out, wash them up or whatever we have to do, and we send them outright so if we get 10 people so the numbers that I've seen happen is if we get 10 people to come through the system, we get one leader, right so then people move into the system. One person is actually going to do and actually, I don't even want to say, leader, one person is actually going to complete it and become a player. Now, out of those 10 players, we might get one leader, Let me say that right that's more realistic.

Adam - You know that your partner Nate that you're that you've been working closely with on and he's, you know, he's, he's already proven to be a leader who's like, taking it on and doing the marketing and like getting calls booked himself, things like that.

Zohab - Yeah, yeah so I mean it's basically kind of like a you know a deck of cards right, you got four aces, you know, you never know when you're going to get it right. So, no, I ended up getting the ace on my first. Oh my first guy, right. So so yeah I mean this guy is sharp though you what he went through my head this is to show you how well this system works.

I mean, He's been with me two weeks and he's already ready to go. You know he's on his way to get licensed, he's completed all the training, he, he's independent now, and it's only been, it's been less than two weeks that he's been in what I'm doing right so I know it works so all I have to do is just pump it with people, and we'll build a big business.

Adam - and then and that's what we teach you to do as well like we're helping you with, you know, with not only with your organic free marketing but now how to like really pour gasoline on the fire with paid advertising which is where you can really, you know, crank things up and it's another skill that you're learning, you know, through, through our process, right.

Alright so we are here, inside your duplication system right so this is, this is your onboarding process this is the template that I that I mentioned a minute ago. Where, where, that we give to you so that you, you know you pulled it into, you know your own account, you made it your own. You even even have this little logo created now did you, did you, did you have to. Did you have to pay an outsourcer to design?

Zohab - $5

Adam - Did you go did you do it on

Zohab - I actually had a friend who did it.

Adam - $5 So you paid $5 For this logo, so it's like you added your own branding, right, and this and this is the system that you that you basically that you tell clients, or you tell prospects when you're on the phone with them, like, I have a $6,000 marketing system that you get when you partner with me, that's basically this system, correct?

Zohab - 100% Yeah. Okay, so tell me, tell me a little bit about it like what's so this module is basically for time management right a lot of people who start this business, they start usually network marketing part time, and they might be like, oh well you know I don't have enough time or this or that and they just kind of all over the place. So I give them their own schedule. Hey listen, this is what you should be doing, right, and that eliminates a lot of excuses.

And I think if you go down. I even added links to Google Calendar and Calendly right I basically most of it I copied straight from from you guys and I just use it I mean it works right, you guys are gonna be like the people who are going to be using this, they're going to be very organized with Google Calendar, right, it's so easy to use, and when they're booking their own calls right they'll be able to use Calendly which is an amazing app by the way too. It just makes you look a lot like more professional right.

Adam - It's more present makes you look more professional, the fact that you're having people book calls through your calendar system. It makes you look more professional, but it also it positions you as an authority in their mind, right and that's that's the big, That's one of the biggest keys to sales is, you know, if you're if you're struggling in sales and marketing is probably because people don't see you as an authority, but if you start to, you know, create, you know, you know, this, this kind of this kind of thing right videos where you're talking about your company, you know they're booking a call specifically with you, you know, they get to that call and you are, you are an authority in their mind and when you have that kind of trust and authority prospects sales and marketing gets a lot easier. Would you Would you agree with that.

Zohab - Yeah 100%

Adam - Yeah. Okay, cool. So, and now, now some of this stuff now let's just let's just dive in a little bit deeper here some of this stuff is content that you have created.

Zohab - Yeah, I've made all videos, most of it.

Adam - But then there's the organic model, which is me and Jordan right so that's what you're saying this is the same organic marketing training, that, that we gave you, and we and we are essentially it's like it's like we're giving you like a license to you to use this.

So now, Z can say, hey, you're going to get the same exact marketing training that that that I got and, you know, so, so it's like, so you get this already built in right and then you just added these oh some of your own content because you want to, you know, you've got to kind of indoctrinate them on, you know, your, your company and your unique process for onboarding 2% Man, this is this is fantastic I think this is you know, there's so many lessons here, you know, in this video, this has been incredibly valuable.

So you know, z i just want to want to say thank you I mean anything, any thoughts that you that you have to, you know, just like you know tie and tie a bow on this, and like, you know what would be some you know some value that you that you want to share to to close with Brent for anybody that might be, you know, thinking about, you know, working with us and, you know, setting some of this stuff up on there.

Zohab - I guess I'll leave with this one quote right, I don't want to take too much time. I always I always acted this way, right I want one mentor of mine always said this, and, and when I started to live by this quote, I started to see a lot more, you know, results in my, in my business and he always told me, thinkers aren't doers and doers don't think right so so I came into this and I was like, listen, whatever, you know I did. I mean, obviously do a little bit of research right don't just go into anything without any knowledge but I was like man I'm not gonna overthink this and waste time and not and not get anything done.

I just went into it I said let's get it done. And at this point, I'm already into it and that's what I did, I didn't overthink it. I you know if I was stuck at one portion, I was like oh man I gotta you know I got to do this there's not just keep going right just keep going and keep crushing and at the end of the day, if you just focus on your activity, and you keep producing activity, you will win. And I guess that's what I'll leave.

Adam - Oh, that's That's brilliant, and and, you know clearly your your results, you know, really, really speak for themselves and the fact that you've only really been with us for about a month now. I mean, I just can't wait to see you know where you're at in your business, you know, three months from now six months from now, a year from now, two years from now, you're only you're only what 20?

Zohab - I just turned 20 Yeah.

Adam - Just turned 20 years old. Wow, that's, that's, that's amazing. You know thank you so much and you know for our viewers here, you know, click you know feel free to peruse this page look around some of the links on this page to dive deeper into our world. Learn more about you know some of our client's success stories like Mr. Z here, and Z. Thank you so much, this, this videos.

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