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Adam - Hello and welcome to the digital appliance show in this episode of the podcast, we interview one of our successful students to determine the mindset, strategies and systems that are producing results in their business. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this eye opening, case study interview.

All right. Hello and welcome. I'm here with one of our upcoming superstars in the expert accelerator program Mr. Jason Bronson Jason, how you doing?

Jason - How you doing man? Nice to meet you.

Adam  - Yeah, absolutely. Thanks, thanks for coming out and talking about some of your results that you've gotten with the program up to this point. So, correct me if I'm wrong but you you've been in the program for only three weeks total up to this point, like you're in, you're just starting your fourth week in the program. Right, so the three full weeks, and, And how many people have you enrolled in your business just in that time. What you with what you've learned from the program?

Jason - So far I've learned, or I've learned many things about myself but I have enrolled, five new people into my actual opportunity, and it's been exactly the way that I was taught by your program, and I've implemented those, those different types of strategies. And that's so far as what I've got.

Adam - It's just been 100% free marketing strategies right you haven't paid any money to, you know, get in front of these people or anything just free organic marketing strategies that you learn in our program?

Jason - Yes, that's correct, 100% free. I have not even implemented one paid strategy, as of yet.

Adam - Yeah, you don't, you don't even have a funnel yet, we haven't even we haven't even created the funnel for you yeah like we're you know, we're, we're working on it or you know you're close to having your your funnel, but like, you know, even without a funnel just from what you've learned up to this point, you've, you know you've been able to get those results that's fantastic and, and you also got one person who joined at a at a like over $1,000 Right and that was your first time ever enrolling anybody at that price point is that is that also accurate?

Jason - Yes, that's correct.

Adam - He bought he bought like a bigger package than normal?

Jason - yes, I even though for other previous people, they still were at the lower level, and then all of a sudden this fifth person came in. Talk to me from one of your strategies. We communicated. And he, you can just tell. He was a go getter. And sure enough, yes, he came in at a much much higher level than what the other people, even had come in at.

Adam - that's fantastic and tell me a little bit about your pipeline too because you've, I mean not only have you enrolled five people, but you also have some people that you've exposed that just haven't pulled the trigger yet like you've got some, you've got some people in queue that are that are like and what does that look like one of those numbers look like.

Jason - Yeah, I mean, to be honest, I have four more people if you want to call them in the queue. That would be almost a total of nine so that would be you know like say three a week. You know by the end of this week, they were cheering roll, they're really on the fence, and it's this theme. It's all the same principles. It's from another source that you promote into the in the program from a free strategy way.

And I implemented it I set up my account, I did this I did that. And sure enough, the person actually communicated with me. And then I was able to communicate back with them, and two of the four, I have actually gotten on the phone to talk to. And so we're at that stage, so that couldn't be possibly for more potential signups, in my regular opportunity in the next several days.

Adam - Yeah, excellent, fantastic and it just for anybody who might be watching this thinking like okay he must have had a big audience on social media before coming into the program like, can you tell us like, I mean, did you have, like, did you have any audience whatsoever what did that look like before you before we showed you how to start doing some of this stuff.

What's your background like what did you, you know, what was like what do you do professionally, what did you do?

Jason - Okay, for that first job basically, I'm in a construction all my life. I went to college played baseball got hurt. After that was in corporate industry in some big plants and factories, and then it kind of just was in my blood, my dad was in construction, my grandparents used to flip homes. And so, I got into that type of industry from them. And so then the last 1518 years I've been construction and didn't have any kind of like marketing background.

I was a sports guy, I might my brand ground is in sports finance to me. That's my major to be honest. So I've never even used it so far. But when I started on Facebook, the first platform, let's say, No, I had no friends. I started with zero friends. And so now I'm up to about 200 or 250, it doesn't necessarily they all mean are my friends, but learning the process doing what I'm supposed to do in gauge, and so I started three weeks ago on my platform of Facebook with literally zero people, and now I'm up to 272 or so.

And out of those 272 I can tell, even, even though I might have talked to quite a few of those people and they might have been in some other type of things. They are also now looking at some of my posts that I'm doing, they not may they might not be fully engaging in it, but they're giving likes, and they're giving certain kudos to certain things. So, from going to zero to one to about 270 or so, it's, it was pretty easy.

To be honest, I mean it's just go through the system, even if you have, you know, 20 minutes a day, you can get four or 510 15 friends a day to be honest, you know, not everybody is going to be wanting your opportunity, but some people, They might not want your opportunity to date, they might want a little bit later.

Adam - Yeah, you're, you're, you know you're you're building the know like and trust factor with you know within your audience and you're planting seeds, seeds that could, you know, turn into, you know, future enrollments and future buyers down the road, I mean that's, that's really the, you know, but but you're already like, even now you're already enrolling people into your, into your business and you're and you, you don't have a sales and marketing background, you don't you didn't have a big audience coming into this, it's just it's just what you've been learning and implementing from the system.

That's fantastic. And then tell me a little bit about like some of the resources that we provided to you and like, how has the morning formula or the momentum tracker, you know, helped you in terms of like staying focused staying on track, knowing what you need to do to move the business forward and things like that.

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Jason - Yeah, to be honest with all the things that you guys provide that, just on the momentum tracker alone, which is basically your type of sheet of daily. Let's call an accountability, type of thing where you're able to accumulate points for certain things that you do. So it also kind of, you know, not only are you teaching that method of what to do, but then you're putting myself accountable for that. So I need to do a certain amount of things every single day.

And then when your numbers or your points that you accumulate for the momentum tracker, they add up. Yeah. And then when you actually start seeing some results because of just the points being added up, you're like wow, yeah. And so that part alone is, you know, is awesome.

Adam - Imagine, you know you're getting you're getting some good moment hit, and by the way for anybody that doesn't know exactly what we're talking about the momentum tracker we give you points for doing the income producing activities the things that are, you know that expose people to your business following up with people, you know, doing, doing the things that are going to lead to sales enrollments in your business and team growth right, so it's like it's a way to gamify in a way,

like what like the process of building the business so that you can say, okay well I got 25 points this week. Let's Let's shoot for 35 points next week because, as you get better at doing these things you're going to, and then that way you know and that's why we call it the momentum tracker because you can create some real momentum, and imagine, when you have 50 people on your team also using the momentum tracker, and you're showing them your results and you're having, you're helping hold your team accountable to using their own momentum tracker right and imagine what that can do to your, to your organization.

Jason - Yeah, I mean, just, just from that, I believe that it can just, you know, Blow it out of the water to be honest, and, and that's, that's what I did you know at the for your first week I had just, you know, accumulated a lot of points because I wanted to get in there, because I didn't have nothing like we said I had zero. So, I was starting from nothing and I needed to kind of catch up a little bit, so you know my first week or so, I had gotten to the second week, about, I did about 60 some points in my momentum tracker. And then so for the last two weeks, I brought that down a little bit, and I've been constantly, so it's about 35 So I've been about 35 points per week.

Adam - Yeah, that's yeah that's great and then that's, I mean it's like if you can just do that consistently for the rest of the year, I mean imagine what your business looks like at the end of this year, just by the end of this year, let alone, you know 510 years from now, you know, it's like, it's like, you can really see that moat that momentum building.

Jason - Yeah, I think that's what the great part about it is is because, see, and you're only talking about possibly my direct people, right, possibly what my team could add, you know, to my organization as well. So that's, that's just me doing my own, you know, efforts. So that's what's great.

Adam - Yep, and tell me, have you started to dine I know you're you know you're still very new right. But like, Have you started to delve into like the Digital Copilot starting to see some of the some of the, the contact management systems and, you know, marketing tools and things like that in there.

Jason - Yes. Me again i i started for no background no sales no marketing whatsoever. So, I'm the, there's several systems that we use with your program, but my digital co pilot course, or you know, the course itself, that I've been going through is, I just been going through it, you know, day by day. And then when I find a new strategy or that's new, then I start to implement. So all of this so far is, I've been going through the first course, and then I went through the second course.

And all of these things that are taught, which are the free methods are what I'm implementing. And now, the one platform that was Facebook. Now I'm going to actually be doing it to a second and third platform of another social media, and every single day, and not only am I doing that in the course itself. But now I'm starting to use another thing in the system, which is the Digital Copilot, which is a management system that I have. And now I'm just starting to realize the true power of that, where he clicked a couple of buttons, he kind of set it and forget it, and you don't have to chase the people around, they're gonna come back to you if they are interested or interested in what you know you have to offer them,

Adam - So right you know, it creates more leverage for you because now you know they're they're booking automatically on your calendar, which is another function of the Digital Copilot they're going through your funnel process it's like, it's like, you know, we haven't even really started to add the layers of like funnel and automation we're like, you know we're getting ready to do that, you know, with, with you.

but it's like, up to this point, you've already created so much momentum, and we haven't even we don't, we haven't even built your system yet in the Digital Copilot, imagine, You know the kind of momentum that you'll have, once you know not only, not only are you, you know, not only are you using a funnel, that's, that's, you know, vetting out the wrong people, attracting the right people and getting them, you know, putting them on your calendar, you've got, you know, more layers of automation and leverage happening, and you're also adding your new team, as you're enrolling new team members, you're inviting them to, you know, the members area that you know that that's part of what we create for you.

And like, and and your team members are starting to use the same momentum tracker that you're using to get fantastic results it's like, it's like I'm just so thrilled for you, and I'm excited for you because it's like, you able to accomplish this, just with the free stuff just with like the Getting Started stuff, imagine where you're going to be a few months from now, once we really get you rolling with the funnel and with the systems and the automation.

Jason - You know the one thing that I think that I've learned, I've learned many things, obviously with this style of program in system, but I've also understood that, you know, from a person standpoint, it also is about consistency. You have to be consistent in order for it to work. I mean, and that's kind of the bottom line. You've got to be consistent.

Adam - 100% And with that, I think that's a great place to, you know, to end the interview. But again, I would just say you know I'm just, I'm just so excited to see you know where you know where you're going to be, you know once we get some real funnels and leverage and you know and that some of the traffic systems that we've got in place, you know, you know, I'm sure, I'm sure we will be doing another interview with you, maybe a month from now once you have some of that stuff in place, so that we can talk about what you've been able to accomplish with with with that but I just, I appreciate your time. I appreciate your, your, your leadership and you sharing some of what's worked for you, you know, with, with our community and with anybody else who might be, might be watching this.

Jason - Yes, thank you very much I appreciate it.

Adam - All right, awesome. Well, that's, that's where we're gonna end the interview for now. Mr. Jason Bronson will be, will be be looking at Be on the lookout for more content from, from from from us, in the very near future and some more success interviews with that with Jason down the road and so on some of our other members. That's it. Enjoy the rest of your day we'll talk to you soon.

Jason - Okay, thank you.

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