Daily, weekly, and monthly review and planning to track your progress

Adam - Being the fact that it's the last day of May. Then, you know, I wanted to do this special training on, you know, review you know doing end of day reviews weekly reviews and also planning ahead for your weeks and months, moving forward, so I'm going to be sharing some, some questions for you so if you are in a place where you can take some notes. You know, I highly recommend that you write down some of these questions. These are things that I have, you know, daily reviews weekly reviews planning for the week ahead the month ahead.

These are all things that successful people successful entrepreneurs do that I've noticed that most unsuccessful people do not do so, you know, success leaves clues if you want to get bigger results in your life and your business, you know, do things that successful people do and this is a big one, doing, you know, Like I said, end of day, reviews, and we grow use planning. The week ahead the month ahead.

Alright so I'm going to start off talking about end of day reviews now these are simple okay they, I mean, you know, we could do all kinds of things to, you know, to wrap up, but I mean a real pro you know a big productivity tip that I've learned over the years is, you know, don't start something new until you've completed, you know, the last thing right so like don't enter a new week without completing the week that you just add don't enter a new month without completing the month that you just had, Enter a new day, a new workday in your business without completing the day that you just had.

Now how do you do that, I found the simplest way is just to ask yourself at the end of the day, ask yourself three simple questions. Question number one, how many people did I expose to my offer today. How many people did I expose today that you know that that could be, you know you have a messenger conversation you say hey, I've got this really cool project I'm working on. Are you open to taking a look at it they say yes, you know, you send them a video about your, your opportunity right that is an exposure on a regular basis, on a daily basis. And these are things that I, when you know when I was actively building network marketing businesses that was exactly what I would do at the end of the day I would say, how the first question I would ask, how many people did I expose today.

Okay and then and then write that number down. Okay, and then the next, the next question. What did I show up today. Did I show up aligned with the goals that I say that I have for myself. Right. How did I show up in my business today. And then the third question, how can I make tomorrow better. Okay, that's all you need to do for an end of day review, you know, write these questions, answer them at the end of the day. Okay, number one, how many people do, did I expose to my offer. Number. Number two, how many, how did I show up in my business today. And number three, how can I, you know, if you, if you didn't expose anybody today. Right then, it's very you know the answer to question number three how can I make tomorrow better.

I can expose somebody to my offer I can share my offer, with, with at least one person. Okay, so, so that is just a structure for an end of day review I'm telling you if you start doing this, it's like it takes five minutes. If you start doing this, you will absolutely transform your business in your life by taking just the simple action of doing an end of day review, now let's let's talk about end of week review.

Okay, what did you, what happened last week that we want to, you know, complete on how do we complete last week, powerfully, so that we can move into a new week without dragging a bunch of baggage with us from the previous week, right, and a bunch of you know negative feelings about what I did or didn't accomplish? Okay, so here are the questions that you want to ask to review the current, and now this actually goes for end of month review okay so you are end of month review, you can ask yourself basically these same questions.

Number one, what big projects did I move forward, this past week, this past month? Okay, what, how did I, you know What progress did I make towards the you know, moving towards, you know, bigger goals and I've been working on currently that can, that that is going to make my business, more effective, more profitable, more leveraged more systemized top tomorrow?

Okay, number two, what worked well and why, what worked in my in my business last week, last month, or this week this past month? What, what worked, what worked well?

Number three, what are three great things that happened to me last week. What are three great things that happened to me last week. What were my biggest wins from last week, or last month? What were the wins, what were the you know the thing the things that happened that I wanted to happen, what were the, you know, did I any, did, did anyone enrolled at my team get bigger, you know, what did i What did they put in place that's going to make my life easier in my business tomorrow that's going to assist in the lead generation process tomorrow and the sales conversion process, tomorrow.

What's one decision I could have made that would have better? What is one decision I could have made last week, last month, or this past week this past month? That could have made a difference that could have made it more, more effective? Okay, what did I learn this week? What did I, What did I learn what were my biggest learning lessons from this past week from this past month? Okay, so these, so those are, those are the questions I'm just going to read them one more time. Okay, too, at the end of the week, right, you could do this on a Sunday or, You know, potentially even Monday review, or, or at the end of the month to review the entire month.

Okay, number one, what big projects did I move forward?

Number two, what worked well and why?

Number three, what are three great things that happened to me last week.

Number four, what's one decision I could have made that would have made it better, that would have made this past week this past month, better? The next number I can't remember, but what were my biggest wins from this past week this past month? Okay, what did I learn, or my biggest learning lessons from the week, see if you do these things?

One thing that one of the really big benefits from doing, you know, reviewing your, your day, your week your month like this, is that you don't have to repeat the same mistakes over and over and over again, you can start to identify where you're slipping, where the opportunities are in your business. Okay, that then that's, that's, that's huge, repeat the same mistakes over and over and over and over again. If you do this you'll be able to catch those things, you'll be able to catch the opportunities, right, which often come in terms of, you know failure and setbacks and things like that, right, those actually become opportunities for you to grow for you to get better. Okay, so that's my, the end of day review that we the end of week and then the end of month review.

Now I want to talk about what do we do to move forward. Okay, so on Monday every Monday, I recreate right I create the week at the you know the, you know the at the end of the month or the beginning of a new month I'm going to create the month and that's what I'm going to talk about now is how, how I, you, it wasn't the language, create the week we're moving into create the month that we're moving into, like, you want to be intentional.

Like, you've got to you've got your level of intentionality, right, because if you, if you're not intentional about what you about where you put your focus right then all, then you're going to be very reactive to the world, right, and all in, you're just going to spend the whole time, in, you know the whole week the whole month in reaction mode reacting to other people, you want to lessen that you want to you want, you want to create a situation where other people have other than you reacting to everybody else.

Okay you want to like you, it's your agenda, like you are the ones who are calling the shots, it's not I'm just sitting here, you know, waiting for you know something to ding or some, you know email to hit my inbox for me to respond to, right, that is, that's like, you know default mode. And that is not how you build a successful business, you build it through intentionality, through directing your own focus. Okay. Okay, moving for moving into the week ahead, and the month ahead. Now, with the, with the coming week here's, here's what I do I open I actually have graph paper right I would notebook with graph paper and I hope I open it up so there's two, you know, two sides. On the right side, there are three things that I write down at the very top of the page, I write the week, right, so today I wrote the week to June 6 Okay, literally Monday to Sunday.

Okay and then and then I write goals, slash, outcomes, and then I write down my goals for the week, like what are the things that I want to happen, what are the, you know how many sales do I want to make what am I what am I going for that's going to move my business. Okay, and then and then under that write goals and outcomes under that I write actions slash plans, okay what am I going to do, what am I going to, you know, where am I going to put my focus and my attention so that I can hit the goals that I just laid out for myself for the week.

So plans and actions, you know, I mean it's literally just a list of, okay, what am I going to do, let's brainstorm some ideas, some actions that I can take, that's going to move me just said, set for. For the week, okay then under that case three columns. Goals and outcomes.

Number two is plans, slash actions right and then number three is study slash intentions, so I'm actually going to write down, I, I write down, right, everything that I'm going to like what are the things I'm going to study this week.

And you know, is this a way am I am I studying copywriting this week, am I studying organic marketing, this week, am I studying leadership development, you know, team building this week like where is my. Where is my focus and my intention in terms of, okay, we always got to be learning, and a lot of times for me I just I just write down, you know what, what are the books that I'm reading that, because I'm always, I'm always reading, reading new books, you know, by other successful entrepreneurs, leaders, marketers investors, right, what am I what am I putting my attention on in terms of what I'm. And then what am I, what are my intentions for the week, just to list a couple of words that I want to use to define my week like service productivity.

Those are a couple of key into my service productivity, enthusiasm, maybe I just want to maybe I just want to remind myself to be enthusiastic, right, it's enthusiasm is such, it's like it's so attractive.

It's such a, if you could just raise your level of enthusiasm, you will attract more people in your business in your life. I absolutely promise you it's like enthusiasm is like the one of the, like, one of the most effective and lowest cost cosmetics that you could possibly have in your business in your life, people that are enthusiastic attract more good things, maybe it's gratitude, maybe gratitude is something that you want to, you know, it's just an intention you want to remove you want to focus on gratitude, this coming week. Okay. Hey, if you guys are getting some good stuff here.

I feel like I'm really, I'm laying out some some really good value of you, if you are let me know in some way, if you're watching this live or if you're watching the replay, you know chime in down below if you're getting some value from this, you know let me know some of your lightbulb moments and if you're listening to this later on, you know, maybe on the podcast or something just, you know, leave a review for the podcast, give me a five star review on iTunes or Spotify or whatever. Okay. Okay, so, so that, okay. Alright, so I told you about my notebook right so I'm writing down on the right side of the page, you know, the week of right and then goals.

Goals and Outcomes plans and actions, and then study slash intentions for the week, that's all going on the right side of the paper on the left side of the notebook. I'm separating it out and I'm doing one line down the middle, and then two lines across, and that creates six boxes. Boxes I write, Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday, I don't put Sunday on there because I don't typically don't do anything on Sunday. So, and then I go to my goals and my outcome on the right side of the paper right on the right side of the notebook my goals and my outcome, and I literally find a day to those things.

Right. What am I, you know, Emma, those goals and outcomes right it's like they, you know, right now they're just goals right they're just they are not the goals, the outcomes, I'm sorry, the actions, the actions and the plans that I'm going to execute from that list, I transfer that list over on to, Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday or Saturday depending on the day that I'm going to execute those things.

Okay, so, so it's just letting them in, you know, there's certain things that I do every Monday, there's certain things that I do every Friday. You know Mondays are allocated to you know to planning and to you know get you know getting things ready for the rest of the week. On Friday, you know a lot of times I'm doing some more administrative those things in there, but other than that I'm just I'm just taking the actions that I said that I was going to do this week and I'm assigning each day. I'm assigning each action to a day of the week, so that, you know come Thursday I'm not wondering what am I going to do today I just flip open the notebook, and I say oh, I was gonna do this, this and this.

Okay. All right, that's my weekly, so we test so we talked about end of day review and a week review and a month review. Now we're talking about planning ahead, we just talked about how I plan for the week ahead. Now I'm going to share a little bit, you know, in conclusion here about planning the month ahead okay and I have, I have this, I use a, you can see this here if you're watching the video. I use a planner. It's called the High Performance planner. It's from an author that I like I read many of his books, his name is Brendon Burchard.

So, I mean you could if you wanted to use a planner like this you could go to Amazon and just search, high performance planner, Brendon Burchard, high performance planner, and I actually buy I buy these four packs. Each one of these represents a quarter. Okay so, so here are in it you know it's just a physical calendar where you can write in, you know, it gives you plenty of space to write notes you can write in, you know, it's really good for planning, you know, weeks and months, you know in advance and things like that.

So, so here is this, this is directly from this high performance planner about planning the month ahead.

Left hand side, I mean there's there's a, you know that you can see here the big, you know the most of what's shown here, right, it's just a calendar, it's just, you know it's just a square for, you know 30 days roughly in the month. Okay, and then you just write it down what days you know the new month is falling on the right and then you can, you know, put in, you know, any kind of events or you know, anything that you've got, like, big things that you've got going for the month, but then all along the sides and on the bottom. There are some questions. Okay, so I'm going to read you these questions on the left hand side it says major, major projects up at the top, write down the most important projects you'll be working on this month, and any major steps to achieve them.

Okay, so again if you want to go to Amazon, get yourself. The high performance planner, like like, by I encourage it, but other, but, like, you know, regardless. Regardless, we're about to enter a new month. So this is how you can plan for the new the month ahead. Okay, number one, write down the most important projects, you'll be working on this month, and any major steps to achieve them. And underneath that major events, write down any major events coming up this month, and how you can prepare for them, or enjoy them. Right. One of the things that I wrote down is, I mean we have a virtual event coming up on.

I believe it's Friday, June, 18 So that was one of my, you know, one of the things, one of the. Keep on my radar, is that I said I was gonna do a virtual event on the 18th, there's certain things that have to happen like this week for me to be able to execute this event on the, on the 18th right so that you know makes me think okay what you know let's put some other deadlines down when does this part, when does this. When does this have to be done, you know, things like that. Okay. And then on the bottom, there's, there's, these are the questions. number one.

These things must happen this month, literally just a list of things that need to happen this coming month. Number two, the major deadlines of the month, include that is start you got to make deadlines for you if you're an entrepreneur, you know, as we all are, Right, we have to create deadlines for ourselves, because we're not in an environment where deadlines are imposed upon us, like they, you know like they are in a job environment.

Right and that's and this is what separates successful independent home business owners marketers salespeople entrepreneurs from the non successful ones right is that is that they're, again they're intentional about this stuff they're there, they're making deadlines for themselves, they don't just let a project just drag on forever, they say, Okay, I'm gonna get this done by this date. Okay and then it forces you to take you to think differently to take new actions. Okay, number, number three, the best ways I can prepare and ensure that I show up to win this month, are the best ways I can prepare and ensure that I show up to win this month, are what are the actions that you can take that are going to, or what are the ways that you can prepare for the month.

What are some things that you can do to, to active month in your business and in your life. And one of just a couple of things that I wrote down here in planning the month ahead exercise five days a week, high hiking tennis biking piano right a lot of mine are, you know, related to, to, you know, to like, you know, making sure that I'm exercising, making sure that I'm drinking plenty of water, because those are things like making sure I'm getting recreation I'm not just glued to my computer all the time, right, that balance is going to help me be more effective, more productive on the times that I am showing up to work right.

You know and maybe, maybe there's some learning things on there, what are you know maybe there's some, you need to be more intentional about, about, you know, studying, you know, Mark, what are some books that you can read, you know it either they're sitting on your phone yet, they need to go onto Amazon and go buy right so that you can, so that you can, you know, create the results, you know that you're looking for. And then the final one, I would feel like I'm living my best life, this month, if I would feel like I'm living my best life, this month, if what what is that for you.

For the coming. What does that look like for you. Okay, a lot of a lot of information on this call, Usually these are a little bit more about mindset. This one was a little bit more on like planning productivity, you know, you know, just just stepping up your game in, you know how you show up in the how you organize, you know your your your business in your life, I'm telling you, raise your level of intentionality, become more intentional, you know do doing these end of day reviews and a week reviews, end of month reviews, planning for the week ahead, planning for the for the month ahead it, and I'm just gonna say it again, It just, it creates another level of intentionality, you're less reactive to everybody else's, you know, desires and, you know everybody else's agenda right if you, if you're just by default and you're just waiting for other people to say, hey, you know, do this, they're going to be doing the doing things that are going to be aligned with themselves and their goals and not your goals. They that you're aligned to.

Okay, this is how you show up as a this this is how you build your entrepreneur, muscles, and this is how you show up an entirely new way for yourself and your business moving forward as we head into a new week, and a new month planner. Yes, thank you. Thank you, Michael high performance planner. That's That's it. Okay, hope you guys got some value from from this, I, you know, I really do think that this, like this necessarily , you know, having exactly what to say when the prospect says I need to think about it it's like these kinds of things that make the biggest difference, I promise you that if you implement, even a fraction of the thing on this call today, you know you won't even recognize your business and your life, you know three, six months down the road, they're all things that are very easy to do, but they're also easy not to do, which is the rub.

Okay, I encourage you if you're looking for the best results for your business for your life moving forward, to take these actions, just the fact that they're easy not to do, right, just take these easy actions to uplevel yourself and your business. that's how we're going to win. Moving forward, that's my message for you for this Monday Mindset make it a great week. We'll see you out there.

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