Create templates to easily build rapport with your prospects

Meredith - So this is the funnel exposure sequences, these are the 20 emails that you've sent so far, Tony. Right. Okay. And so do you know how to look at the responses and see what you're getting?

Tony - I was on it but it's like, I seem to can't find out I'm on live right now.

Meredith - I'm online right now. Okay, so there's two, there's two things you're going to want to look at. One of them, where I am right now, you probably want to look at weekly okay this isn't something you need to follow every single day because again the volume is not big enough. But you go to campaigns. And then you're going to go, gold, you guys should all have a campaign called Gold and then it would be the name of your funnel, and he's going to have funnel exposure sequence.

Okay, so he's going to click on that. This is his first email if he wants to see the content of the email he clicks here, but it shows you how many were delivered, how many bounced how many opened and how many clicks. Right, it shows you how many here how many here how many here. So if I want to see. So got them here's all the names right here. Okay, cool. So those went out. Awesome. Okay, so some of these text messages failed, so you could look and you could see which ones of these failed, and why. Maybe it's a bad number, something along those lines. Okay. But then, if you wanted to know if any of these people responded, you go to the Conversations tab.

Tony - Right, so the first one says, Max was this all the time, not to show how to respond to that.

Meredith - Yeah, Matt. Are you still looking for a way of creating cash flow from your phone? I would just say hi, and I would introduce myself. She says Hi, may I ask her, this is I would say hi to Nisha. My name is Tony and I help blank to blank, like this is where your little what you do, the sentence is really handy to have. Hi. I help blank to blank, you know I'm so and so. Great to meet you. Thanks so much for responding back to this, you know, this is who I am and what I do.

And then you could say, are you looking for blank. So hi, I'm blank. I help blank to blank. Are you looking for blank? Because, again, all you're trying to do right now is qualify them. Is she in or Is she out of your core niche, yes or no? Okay. So, if you want to those are little templates that you can create. So if somebody says, Who is this or, you know, where'd you get my number or something like that. We could go down here in settings. And we can go over here to templates, and we can say, add a template, and this is going to be a text message template. And we're going to call this text template.

Who is this? So if they ask, Who is this is going to be our response. So we're going to say hi, custom value contacts first name, So it's automatically going to put her name in. Hi Tonisha. Um, this whoops. This is Tony. Sorry, my spelling is bad my typing is bad. You could put Anthony. Anthony, okay, I call you, Tony. But maybe you don't like it. Anthony and it's G O is Gonzalez right, yes. Si le s, z, z, two z's. Yes. Great to hear from you. I Help, so tell me what do you do.

Tony - Well, what I really my main goal is really, I wanted to drive to a border with my business so we teach people how to work from home without, you know, risking the current career and stuff like that. An opportunity to generate some extra income on the side, or something like that.

Meredith - Yeah, I just like I teach people how to work from home without risking their current career. Um, let's see, I would say something like, you recently indicated, You are looking for a way to make, or to start a business from home. Is that still correct, right, something like that. Because, because you got to think about. So whenever you're doing something like this you have to think about. Where did she come from? So, her name came from a lead source called heavy hitter leads and heavy hitter leads are specifically targeted leads, of people who through online surveying through behaviors that they have online whatever it is, have somehow indicated that they may be open to a from home business opportunity.

So, why not confirm that with her. Right. You don't want to waste her time and you don't want to waste your time. Hey, great to hear from you I teach people how to work from home without risking their current careers. You don't have to tell her everything you do right if there's no way you're going to do that in a text message, you recently indicated that you were looking for a way to start a business from home. Is that still correct? Right. And she's either one of three things is going to happen, she's going to ghost you and you're never going to hear from her again. She's gonna respond back and she's gonna be like yeah no man I'm not looking for a business at all but thanks so much. Please take me off your list, or she's gonna say like Yeah actually I am.

You can't control what she's going to say, but you can get back to her and kind of say like hey so are you still interested, you tell me if you're who I'm looking for. Right, so now we have this as a little template and we say Save. So now if we go back over here to conversations, and we go to her, she says, Man I asked you this is you go to SMS, you click this little button, use a template. And we're going to type in. Who is this. Right. Use Template.

And now look, it put it right in there for you, you don't even have to type it ever again. And now you just click Send. Oh man, I gotta put honey, no, no, it's going to merge it in exactly whenever you see these little brackets right contact first name, it's going to verge in her first name right here, Tonisha, so you don't have to do it so now we're going to click send. And now we'll see if she gets back to you.

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