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Adam - Three kind of hidden secrets that most are completely unaware of, when it comes to getting the traffic and leads that you need for, to, to, to grow your business take your business and life to some really cool places.

Now, the first thing I'm going to say is that I've, I've done just about every thing under the sun to as far as online strategies as well as offline strategies to I mean my one of my first things that I ever tried to do, you know, to grow my business was I placed a newspaper ad in a Sunday paper I think I spent about $180 And I got zero results on that newspaper ad I have done some other you know some other offline things before but in the world of online marketing, right, I'm doing just about every traffic strategy under the sun, you know I've done solo ads, banner ads voice drops text broadcast, email broadcast YouTube organic traffic, YouTube paid traffic, I'm doing Facebook ads, I've done organic Facebook, you know traffic strategies with you know using groups and other things like that.

Right, I've done Google paid ads I've done bandit signs I've done, you know, the list goes on and on I, even I even at one point, you know, just basically compiled a list of realtors and mortgage professionals, I just decided to broadcast a broadcast like them, treat them like an email list and just send emails to them about, about my offer back before I knew what I was doing. The point is I'm doing a lot right I've done I've done, you know, just about any traffic strategy that you could think of, you know, in, you know, trying to build my business over like a period of like 10 years.

Some have worked extremely, extremely well, others not so much. Right. And that's really what marketing is just it's testing is testing it's tracking it's tweaking. So I've done a lot of low leverage traffic strategies where, where, if I'm not actually spending my time doing it, it doesn't produce any results, those are most of the free traffic strategies out there are what we, you know what I call low leverage traffic strategies where we're basically, you know this it's like you're putting in your time and in the second you stop putting in that time, the traffic stops right.

I'm a much bigger fan of high, high leverage traffic strategies, things like Facebook ads and YouTube ads, where the traffic flows 24 Seven, even while I'm sleeping or doing other things. a

nd it's an important distinction between those two because one is free and one is paid one takes time and the other takes money, right, and I'm just so much more of the of the thought that I know that I can leverage my money more than I can leverage my time right because if I want is, if I want to you know go from one customer a day to 10 customers a day. You know, if, if it takes me, you know, three hours to acquire one customer with a free traffic strategy.

Right. And, you know, I'm just completely making this up is a hypothetical situation. If I want to scale from one to 10 I'm not going to, I'm not going to go from, you know, three hours a day to 30 hours a day that, that just doesn't make sense right but I can scale, dollars, right, if I know that it costs me $100 To, to acquire a new customer, right, then that customer is worth say $500 I know that I can do that. I could do that 10 times, right, while still being able to enjoy my life. Right, that's why I like paid strategies.

So one of the reasons why I like high leverage paid strategies so much more. And because you know the free stress free traffic strategies, there's still a place for them I still do them, but only you know as kind of a secondary thing, and only once I have like a real leveraged paid strategy, you know, working well and it's just to supplement that otherwise it just takes forever, and it's just not dependable and predictable, and you know I'm in business to you know to make money right I'm not you know, This isn't a hobby for me.

Okay, so, you know, it's, it's really cool that you know with things like Facebook ads and YouTube ads you can buy as much traffic as you want, you can buy as much traffic as you could ever need. They have millions and millions of people that, That that would buy your product if they only knew about it that are sitting there watching YouTube videos on Facebook, they're there, they're there, they're on YouTube, they're on Facebook right now, you just need to put your message in front of them, right, sites like YouTube sites like Facebook allow you to access as many of your perfect prospects as you want.

All day every day so why would you ever mess around with any other time sucking traffic strategy with zero leverage ever again. Well, the answer for most people is confidence. Right, the secrets that I'm about to share with you. It will help you become more confident in your ability to produce results with paid traffic, and your, your lack of confidence to be able to grow your business with paid traffic strategies like YouTube or Facebook ads actually has less to do with just knowing how to get traffic on those on those sites as much as it has to do with being confident in your ability to create a return on your investment.

Right, so these are the things that these are the kind of the hidden secrets that if you, if you have these, It makes building your business very predictable it makes creating customers and sales, very predictable and when you have predictability. Then you can scale, because like I said sites like Facebook and YouTube have as much traffic as you could ever possibly need in one, so scaling becomes very simple. Once you have these things in place.

The first thing is you have to know your audience, you have to know who you are speaking to, who is your prospect right It blows my mind how many people you know especially in the online business world and you know, affiliate marketers network marketers who have no idea, you know, they have a very very vague idea of who they're communicating with.

And, you know, one thing I've learned is that all the marketing tips or hacks or strategies or algorithms in the world will do you no good if you're unclear about who you're marketing to. If you don't have a clear picture of your perfect prospect avatar, you will not be able to rank clear ads, right, your, your funnel, your follow ups, become watered down ineffective and boring.

And if there's one thing that you cannot be there's one thing that will kill your conversion that more than anything else is being boring, right, that way if you see if you know who you're speaking to, you can craft a marketing message to speak specifically to that person, a lot of people avoid this because they feel like, if they, if they get clear then they're going to be, then they're going to be pushing away a large segment of the population.

And that's true, that's actually that is absolutely true, but if you, if you specifically alienates certain people then you're then the people that you are attracting are going to be 10 times more attracted, rather than putting out a blanket message to speak to a large audience of people. And then, and then the even the people that are attracted are only kind of interested, I would much rather have fewer people who are way more interested because my message is speaking directly to them. So that's number one is know your audience.

Number two is know your numbers. What is the average customer worth to you this is, Again, it blows my mind how few people really get clear on this, and knowing what an average customer is worth to them, how can you possibly expect to be able to succeed with paid advertising if you don't even know how much a customer is worth. Now let me, Let me share an example I promoted a, an online marketing system for many many years. And, you know, I had a lot of success with it I had certain times where I was having a lot of success with it other times where I wasn't having a lot of success with it.

And when I really got clear on the numbers is when things really became clear to me as that, that I kind of needed to, to do something else, right, my lead to sale ratio was 100 leads to create one new sale so I had to create 100 leads using this system to create one new sale. And this was promoting a service that which cost $150 a month, and as the affiliate I made $100 a month off of that membership. And the average customer is stuck around for 90 days, right.

So some people would, they would cancel in the first month other people would last six months. Some people would be around a year the average, the average customer stuck around for three months, which meant the average customer was worth $300 to me. So, if, if the average is over, if it cost me 100 If it took 100 leads to create one new sale, and one new sale was worth $300 Right then my, then, then basically at $3 per lead it would cost $300 To, to acquire one new customer.

So even if I was just, Even if I was getting $3 per lead right which I mean I'll take $3 A lead all day long right and I am most, you know, most people who know what they're doing in online marketing $3 a lead. I mean that's phenomenal. Right. But but at $3 a lead, I'm just breaking even if Mike average customer is worth $300, and it cost me 100 and takes 100 leads to create a new customer, then, then, if I if I'm spending $3 a lead that I am only breaking even that is not a way to scale a business, but at least I figured it out, And at least I knew the numbers.

Right. I later joined a different business system, right, where it only took 30 leads to acquire one new customer, and the average customer over a period of 90 days was worth about 12 $100, which meant that we using the same numbers as $3 a lead. It only cost $90 to acquire a new customer. In my average, in the end that created a $1,110 profit for every customer that I created.

So, basically, I knew it would be it really became that predictable. It's like, okay if I spend $100 a day on Facebook ads, I'm gonna make $2100 a day. Right, that's how it worked and then and then they ended up changing some things and you know I, I, you know I want kind of went back to the drawing board again right but but but the reality, the reality is that like look at the two different scenarios. Right, there's one of them becomes extremely profitable, and one of them is extremely predictable and extremely scalable, where the other one, you're breaking even, and that's it.

Okay, so those are real life examples from the you know from my business in two different, you know, business systems that I was using. And I bet if we pulled all the online business owners in the world, we find that maybe one in 10 have a clear picture of what their average customer is worth to them. So talk about an unfair advantage if you just know that you're going to be, you're going to have a major advantage over 90% of your competition.

So how could you possibly do paid advertising with confidence if you don't know what your customer is worth to you, Ryan Deiss, creator of digital marketer has a famous quote that says, He who can spend the most to acquire a new customer wins. Now I used to think what this meant was whoever had the deepest pockets right was, was going to win, but that's not it. What he's pointing at is it's about who can convert a click into a customer, and who can create the biggest financial returns from the customers that they can, that they create. Right, so. So the fact that my average customer is worth $2100 Right in the first, you know 30 days of a funnel, right and your average customer is worth $250 I can spend way more to acquire a customer than you and I will be able to win, period.

Right, so if you. So, how do you maximize the value of your customers, especially in, you know like, like if we're talking to like service providers or coaches, right, they can have they have more control over, over what they over like the pricing structure, but if you're an affiliate if you're a network marketer I mean how to like, like your customer. It's not so much up to you it's up to the company and the, then the product creator, and whatever the commission that they're going to pay you, is right so how do you, the affiliate or the network marketer, maximize the value of your customers well there are many, many, many ways I call them profit accelerators.

You can do this with upsells cross sells order bumps. By offering done for you services coaching options, complimentary tools and software that you become an affiliate of, there's a ton of different ways to maximize income from your customers, and what's best for you the what's going to maximize it, you know, the best way for you to maximize the value of your customer. It depends, it depends on your initial offer, it depends on, you know who your customers are their, you know the industry the niche, like what, how, you know the pain that you're, that you're solving the problem that you're solving. Number three is you need to develop a plan. So most are all over the place when it comes to their traffic and I used to be the same way.

One week focusing on Google ads and next on Facebook, and then blogging then Video Marketing, then Twitter right, and I never got hardly any results with any of them until I started getting resources with video and then I just started doing video all the time. Right, I was, I was actually able to focus better and now what I do now is focus on one or two primary traffic strategies, and then another one or two secondary strategies and the only reason why I say one or two is because once you have one dialed in, it's okay to add another one right but in the beginning, one primary strategy, and one secondary strategy. And that's it, until you start getting results, you know in in a, in a big way in a scalable way.

And that's it, right, creating a simple traffic gameplan where you commit to just a couple of strategies, creates clarity and simplicity. In fact, it's like taking insanity medicine. If you, if you've ever done it any other way or you're all over the place you know exactly what I mean. Right, it's it really is insane. It really is insane to do. Most of what we do right going out and going out and marketing without a clear marketing message right is what most do. Right, going out in marketing, without a clear marketing message without even knowing who you're marketing to without knowing your numbers, or doing anything to improve your sales conversions or maximizing the value of your customers, and without a plan for reaching them on a large scale. That's the definition of insanity to me, like how could you possibly expect anything other than mediocre table scrap results in failure.

If this is your reality, in business, and it is reality for 1000s of online business owners, especially in the affiliate marketing and network marketing world. So if that's you and you're ready to stop the insanity. I want to encourage you to schedule a strategy session with me. It's a, it's a simple 30 to 45 minute call where we create a game plan to get you some clarity around the who, the what, the why and the how of growing a massively successful online business, visit Digital On that page you'll see some of our resources including how to access our downline accelerator playbook, and if you scroll down to the bottom of that page, you'll see a direct link to get on our calendar book, a marketing gameplan consultation with our team, so you could do that by going to and I'll see you on the next episode.

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