Adam - I'm Adam Chandler. And I've got the absolute pleasure and privilege of speaking with Miss Stephanie Pilon. Hello, Stephanie, how are you?

Stephanie - Hi, I'm good. Thank you.

Adam - Absolutely. So you I mean, you've been? You know, you're building a network marketing business. Right? You, you are you're also working a full time job. Correct. And, you know, since you've been in our program, you've enrolled, you know, roughly 1010 people into your business. Two of two of which came last week. Is that, is that correct? Exactly. Correct. Yes. So actually, I want to talk to you about a couple of things. First of all, congratulations, you know, great job, you're, you know, you're doing, you're doing great. You know, I want to like there's a lot of people out there that are building their business on the side while having a job and how do you, you know, how do you manage both? Like how like, like, where do you? Where do you find the time to, to build the business? Do you just do it where you can? Or do you do set? Do you stick to a set schedule?

Stephanie - I've been working now for 17 years with the Canadian government. And I decided that I wanted to have another kind of life on the side that will help me retire before the government will retire me at 65. So when I decided to get into that kind of business, that direct sales, marketing, I knew I had to manage my time. So what I do is I have a schedule that I use, and I also use your tracker, your momentum tracker, that helps a lot. Thank you for that, because it's a great tool to make sure that you actually do all the steps every day.

So for me, I'm using a lot of social media, Facebook and Instagram most of the time. So what I do is I plan my post, before the night before, to make sure that during the day, I have my focus on my job with the government. But also, when I have some more spare time. I do talk with people messengers, and I send them also my funnel links. And I tried to get as much conversations every day with people and exposing my business to people.

Adam - Yeah, and that's something that you're because we give you points for that on the momentum tracker of like, exposing people to your offer. I mean, how, like, how many people would you say you're interacting with on a daily basis for?

Stephanie - Yeah, it's crazy. Sometimes they could go to 100 people.

Adam - Interacting with people, now is this like your team as well, or just prospects?

Stephanie - Just people that look at my, my stories or at my posts, I see that there's like, sometimes 140 people that I viewed my posts, so then I just go one by one, and then I sent them my funnel links, or I asked them if, depending on which post there were looking at, you know, if they want to buy one of my services, or you know, I try to interact with the people that view my post.

Adam - So you're asking a lot of questions. You're saying, Hey, would you like to hear yours? It's like in your Revita lighting way would you like to take a look at this hey, you know, I thank you for liking my post would you like to take a look at that something else?

Stephanie - Yeah, exactly. Would you and sometimes I have posts that are just like, whose work who is looking in on for to have a business you know, or just like simple things and then people are just answering me and I asked why and I and then they just answered and then I'm at the end I just mentioned them that if they want to look at my opportunity that I have and then I send them videos.

Adam - Yeah, so I mean, it's totally free marketing like you're, you're I mean there's no paid advertising with this. You're just you're putting out content and you're in, you're in, you're engaging with people. And they're coming back, you know? And it's been it's resulting in sales and enrollments in your team.

Stephanie - Yes, exactly. So more and more, I would say at the beginning, I was not that good. But more and more now I'm getting better and better and you're doing it.

Adam - The more you do it, the better you get. Wow, that's a crazy concept, right? Yeah, exactly. better at it, you've got to do more of it. Right? Just like, just like anything else that you've ever gotten better at in your entire life, that you do better, right?

Stephanie - Yeah. And you really need to be consistent, you know, and even though sometimes, you know, that kind of business kind of roller coaster business, and also your emotions as, yay. And the next day, it's just like, Ah, it's highs now going back good, and what I'm doing wrong, but then I always remember, you know, why I'm doing it. And then it keeps me going, you know, and I don't care if people look like, don't look, but don't like, I'm just putting it every day, every day, every day.

Adam - I love that's such a I mean, that's such a beautiful philosophy, it's just like, I don't care if they look or not, like, I'm just gonna put it out there. And the right people are gonna respond and the wrong people. That's just how it is, you know, you mentioned, you know, like consistency? And like, some days you feel like, in other days, you don't, right. And we were just talking before it before this, about the morning formula. Right.

And this is the, you know, so so like, there's, there are two documents that we give you in the coaching program. Well, there's, there's more than that. But there's two that we that we're talking about here. One is the tracker, right, which I've seen creates phenomenal results for, people just tracking their income-producing activities. I mean, you're you know, you're now one of them. But then the other one is the morning formula. Document.

Can you talk a little bit about what that I mean, and I'll just preface this with the morning formula is just something that we teach our, our teams to do, I do a morning formula every day, it's really just to put you in the right state of mind for building your business that day. It's a mindset tool. And it's like, it's for creating a vision like you create a vision on your morning formula. And then every day you reinforce that vision, so that you are more likely to take the actions that are going to get you there even if those actions are uncomfortable, right. So tell me what has this morning formula done for you, and do you do it every day?

Stephanie - Every day because like, you and I if I don't do it every day, for some reason, the universe just don't send me what I want, if I'm not doing it. And it's it's something that, you know, I do constantly, every morning, I'm doing meditations. And then after that, after my meditations and do about like, 20 minute meditations with some wave brains, music, you know, and then after I have a book, a special book that I have beside my bed, where I go in, I write what I want, and what I want. And I asked myself in the morning, oh, can I get?

Let's say, two more customers today? Yeah, no. So then ideas are coming, you know, how can I get the customers? Or how can I enroll someone today? And when I do them for some reason, there's always somebody who's asking me either for my business opportunity, or my services. And when and, and sometimes it's like, not even people that I know. They just like, because everything that I post, it's public. So then I have somebody you know, like, a stranger that send me a message on my messenger and, and I'm just like, Okay, well, you know, if you'd like, and I can meet you tonight, you know, and then I can show you my business opportunity.

But it always happened in doing the morning formula. So if I don't do it, I know for sure that that this day is not going to be productive. Not all my business, not neither on my work and my regular work.

Adam - So the mourning formula is even making you more productive at your day job on top of making you more productive in your business. You're like you there's like it's like a different attitude. Right when you win You do it. And that's what is actually it's your attitude that's actually attracting those better results. Right. So it's like, but I love what he said to about, like, I asked, I like I asked, How can I do this? It's like, it's like, you're, you're asking yourself, you're asking your mind? How, you know, it's like, you're telling your mind that this is a priority, right?

Stephanie - Because this way of talking to the brain, so you can not just say, oh, I want this, no, because then you're asking something, but it's not gonna come because you you have to make the effort to have what you want. The life's not just it's not because I'm saying, I want to be a millionaire, that the million will come, it's how I can get to get the million you know, then your brains tied to work.

And then it attracts every little thing, you know, that create a will create eventually, your million dollar you know, so that's why it's, it's a way of thinking and writing down the goals and writing down big goals, but after also writing down smaller goals to get to the big goal, so then, you know, that I do also part of mine Valley, I'm a member of mine belly, I don't know if you know, but that is they have very powerful meditations and speakers that help you reinforce that way of thinking, you know, so you cannot check.

Adam - Yeah, and I mean, I like like, Just Just a last question here and then we can wrap it up is you know, I mean, just just like you are obviously somebody who takes their business seriously, you're someone who makes their entrepreneur development seriously you've obviously invested you know, heavily in both financial resources and time you know, to your business you know, how has that like you know, how is like investing in yourself you know, played a role in growing as an entrepreneur and in your business.

Stephanie - Yes, well, you know, I think if you want to be in business you have to risk you have to invest money because if you don't invest well you're not gonna get anywhere you're not like you have to any business not just direct sales any business if you have a restaurant you're gonna have to invest so and you that I think it's important.

Invest in your personal development also and maybe more than I know on other things in the business because when you're cutting and you're shining, and everything is good in your life and your feel good. Things are coming to you automatically, you know, so that's one of the sides.

But on the other side, I really like to invest also, like, you know, either a course, like right now I'm doing a basic sales with Grant Cardin, you know, I invested now and other kinds of courses that helped me grow, you know, as an entrepreneur, because I'm new in that kind of business. So, I need to learn things to get better.

Adam- Yeah, and you're not, and you're not the kind of person that's gonna, you know, you don't have 10 years to make the business work. So you gotta make it work, you know, now, so yeah. You know, that's why you invest, you know, both time and money into your, your growth and development.

Stephanie - Yeah, so, all my nights are in front of my computer, either doing classes, or, you know, working on myself, or, you know, I take it very seriously because, in five years, Max, I'm going to be, you know, somewhere in Valley.

So, now, for me, it's something that I want to be in that company, I want to be in the top level. So this is something and, you know, in the company, also, I make my names, you know, moving so I'm talking with the higher people, you know, and listening to mentors and stuff like that.

Adam - Stephanie, thank you so much for your for your time and providing value to, to to to our audience. And, you know, just for being, you know, an entrepreneur who's, who's serious and driven, and, you know, paving the way for other people. I appreciate that.

Stephanie - Thank you so much. All right.

Adam - All right. Digital, upline calm, guys. We will I will talk to you again real soon. Thank you again, Stephanie. And hope you have a great day.

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