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Adam - You know, it's funny because you know you have you have the people that like that in network marketing that are like they're so new that they still think that all you have to do is just get three people. And then those three people get three people who get three people right. And the reality is, you might have to recruit 100 people in order to find those three. Like, maybe not quite 100 but I mean you you might have to recruit I mean, you know, I think that I was on a training with a leader, a while ago and he actually said that, you know, in his experience he's like I need to recruit 10 to 12 people to find one who's actually going to do something with the business who's really going to who's really gonna roll with it.

Right, so but but you know because that that kind of presents its own challenge in itself, right, because like, if you're spending, if that is correct, let's just say that's universally true. Let's just say that is universally true that it takes 10 people to get you know to find one person who's going to roll with the business. If you're spending a lot of time with the other nine people, that's a major time waster right and you are in your it's like you know I don't want to say that they're it's a lost cause but it's like it's like you've got to be able to just like when you're prospecting just like when you're, you know when you when you're actively, you know, growing your business going through leads and prospects it's like you've got to be.

You got to be able to kind of move through people with speed and alacrity. Right. And if you, I think it's the same with your with your team. That's like, you've got to be able to like, like okay here's some information, you know, let's get you your first your first three people but if they don't do anything like you can't be like, you know, every single day or every single week like, Hey, what do we got to do you know let's get you know let's get you moving What do we got you know it's like it's like at some point you've got to kind of let them go and see what they do. And if they don't do anything, then you've got to move on because, because you've got to, you know, work you know you've got to be actively enrolling in order to find the next person that might be your big leaf.

Meredith - Absolutely. I mean, and that's, you know, that's something that we talked about in the coaching program. And I always seem to use the same. You know, I guess it's an analogy, but the same thing so everybody that's watching Adam, you can do this with me too but we're gonna put one hand on her head one hand on her stomach and you're gonna pat your head. This is recruiting and now you're gonna rub your stomach This is duplication.

You have to be able to do both at the same time, if you want to be able to grow your network marketing business. I can't even do that the other way I end up rubbing my head and padding my stomach, which is kind of funny, so you can try it the other way but it's totally true. You've got to be able to be consistently recruiting and consistently training, right, Pat your head rub your stomach. And that's the reality of it. Now, when I think about network marketing and I think about why do people join this business.

Why are they here, and is your job as a leader to try to convince them to do what you want to do. Or is your job as a leader to meet them where they're at present the tools make them available to everyone and see who in the family is going to pick up which tools. Right.

And we all know that there are a ton of people that will come into your organization that will come into your business because they're looking for the products they're looking for the culture, they're looking for all the positive mindset, all of that. Just great things that come from being part of something, but they may never grow a humongous business, but that does not mean that you shouldn't be putting tools in front of them that you shouldn't be training them that you shouldn't be loving on them.

You just have to figure out a way to do it with efficiency, and as Adam is saying, that's probably not going to be you know a 30 minute mentor call with the 50 people on your team that collectively have only recruited three people in the last year. It doesn't mean you shouldn't love on them, it doesn't mean you shouldn't train them, it doesn't mean you shouldn't include them, you absolutely should, because they are most likely the bulk of the people that you're going to be working with. But then you also have to sift and sort the remainder of the people and you have to help them. And so, you know, suggestions, it's so funny that we're talking about duplication tonight because we literally spent about half of our coaching strategy call this morning talking about this.

And, and one of our clients came out and said, You know, I'm at the point where I'm patting my head and rubbing my stomach and I'm trying to figure out, and it's kind of a Herky jerky thing right where you're trying to figure out how to do both at the same time. And so one of the things I asked her was are you having a weekly team training, right, not a corporate training, not your uplines weekly team training, but if you've got enough people on your team. And I would say if you've got three, like that's enough right as soon as you have your three start having your own little mini powwow right start expressing your leadership start pouring value into them.

Make it short, make it 2020 minutes 30 minutes, make it at the same time every single week. And always teach them a skill, open with a story, open with some kudos open with some Congratulations, open with some excitement, teach them a skill, give them an assignment close again with emotion.

That should be your 30 minute training, every week. Give them a challenge. See who rises to the challenge challenges that have to be difficult. Ask them to prime their profile, ask them to get on one person on a three way call with you. Ask them to make one organic posting a group, whatever it is, that gives them an assignment, and then see who follows through, you're continually sifting and sorting who's on your team, you're educating to the masses, and you're bringing forward, the people that are taking the consistent action who are ready showing that they want to learn, showing that they want to grow I mean that's, to me, that's the absolute key of getting duplication and it's being patient, meeting people where they're at.

Adam - Yeah, absolutely. I mean, the cream the cream will rise to the top right, I mean the Cruz Walker the cream will rise to the top anyway right if you, if you're consistently enrolling new people. However, you can get more cream to rise to the top by doing by doing things like that. Right. And, you know and and that's just leadership right that's like, you know, you're not going to, you're not going to build an effective team, unless you develop yourself as a leader, and unless you start like putting yourself out there as a leader and I know that that's that's definitely an issue for people.

You know is is the you know is just getting themselves out, you know like, just putting themselves out there in general, whether that be putting themselves out there as a promoter and as a marketer or putting yourself out there as a leader who's leading the team but like that is like non negotiable like you've got to, you've got to make leadership a priority because because leadership matters.

I heard this years ago on the topic of leadership is like his leader, there will always be if if you want like job security, like, become a leader, because there will always be a market for it right good economy bad economy, like you will be able to to succeed. You know, if you are able to like step up and be a leader, but it requires you, you know, putting you're putting yourself out there. You know in those kinds of ways.

Right, so it's like, Even if you're scared, you got it you've got it's one of those things where you've got to experience the fear, and then move forward anyway. Don't worry about how you look, don't worry about, you know, being perfect just like you know just just just get up and do it because because your team is like if you're not leading your team, it's likely that they will go somewhere else where they have better leadership.

Meredith - It's so true, people are looking for leadership. They are absolutely, absolutely searching for leadership, and I believe that when someone joins your team. They have placed a certain amount of trust in you as their leader to help them get to the goals that they want to achieve, because they don't believe that they can get there on their own, they know they can't get there on their own.

They can't they know they can't get you know that extra $1,000 a month, they know they can't get that vacation they know they can't get that lifestyle doing what they're doing and they are looking at you as their vehicle right they are looking at you as the way forward to get to wherever it is they want to go.

So they've instilled a lot of trust and a lot of belief in you, which is a massive responsibility, but it's also super exciting, because once you recognize that if you are the kind of person that wants to help others, then that's really energizing when somebody's like okay, you know, how can I get there, they're looking to you to show them the way. So you've got to show them the way you know I'll never forget when, in my corporate life, my dad. My dad said engineer, a manufacturing engineer I mean like, you know, Mr. Business serious Six Sigma guy.

Right. And I remember I got a pretty big promotion in my corporate life and he told me, because we married like mayor, the higher up the ladder you go, or your ass hangs out you know and i'll just never forget him saying that to me, but it's it's completely true. They're watching you. So you have to Pat your head and rub your stomach you want your team to recruit, then you've got to recruit you want your team to get more customers then you've got to get more customers you want your team to show up for trainings with excitement and energy than you have to show up with excitement and energy because whatever you do, that's what they're going to do right so if you're if you're lacking excitement and energy in your team. Go get new teammates.

If your team isn't recruiting. Go recruit teammates, if you don't have enough customers, go get some more yourself. That's how you'll create that energy. And I guess my last point on all of that is it not only are people looking to be led, they are looking for people to tell them a couple really simple things. And the first one is, I believe in you. Right. We don't get told that very much in life. You know, we just don't maybe when we're kids, you know if we have a good family and if we have great parents we get told that, but then once you get into, you know, college university High School beyond the work life.

There's not a lot of cheerleaders left out there for you. So, when you're able to look to somebody and say, Listen, I've taught you the skill Adam. I've shown you exactly what it is you need to do. Now it's up to you to go make it happen but here's the thing, I believe in you. I'm here to help you. They tell them that tell them that frequently appreciate them. And my last tip on on duplication and retention is be the leader that you would want to follow.

Right, do the extra special thing. Send the birthday card, send the, you know, congratulations text, leave them the voice message when something's going good or bad, to let them know that you're thinking about them right if you've got team back east right now and they're getting hammered by this crazy snowstorm that's sitting over there right now, message them hey I saw the weather is going crazy where you're at, you know, you're doing okay, right, that makes you stand out.

That makes them feel like they're part of what you have going on right be a good human think bigger about how you can serve these people it's not just telling them what to do and being like well you know where's your list of 10 right it's showing up for them in a totally different way.

Adam - And how valuable, is that to them like what like if they're not being appreciated in any other area of their life. If they're not being, you know, like cheerleading, like you know, if other people in their life are not telling them that they believe in them, and you're the only one who's giving them that how valuable do you become in their life. That's really cool.

Meredith - So true. Like today. Okay, so I had, I was on, I have been on zoom for 830 today. Literally straight through with like a half an hour break to drive my kids someplace midday, all the way up until three o'clock. And one of my teammates called me three times, and I can see her calling on my phone and I mess you No kidding. The thing Can I call you later like the automatic response on my phone. And she's like, yep, no problem I got so and so to help me right next call she had Oh, yep, no problem. I called support, and so on a minor little break that I had I sent her just a quick test in that text message and said.

Awesome. Thank you for being so resourceful. Right, thank you for being so resourceful, you know, and I could have just let that slide by, but I wanted to thank her for being resourceful thank her for figuring out on her own. Because now she's like, yeah, I can't figure it out on my own, like I knew what to do I knew how to solve these two problems right so what did I just teach her to do I taught her to help herself. So now the next time that her team needs something she's going to be more empowered to teach them to help themselves.

Right. So think about those little behaviors that you can employ that really do make a huge difference right back to that team training your be consistent. Be persistent. Right. And also, gosh, have fun, right be silly be you. You don't have to, you know, have all have it all together all the time, at Not at all. I mean, let your hair down a little. Every so often and just have a good time celebrate with your team so I want to see who we've got watching here tonight, not too many comments coming through, but is this making sense for you guys.

Are you learning some things that you feel like you can implement for your team I'll tell you that this year I decided I was going to issue monthly challenges for my team, every month I was going to have a theme. And then I was gonna have a monthly challenge right and i was gonna see if they could step up to the challenge. And I mean so far we're in one month, and they like totally stepped up to the challenge and I issued a new challenge last night and I'll know tomorrow. Based on what I asked him to do.

If they're going to step up to that challenge. But How fun is that right, and I named the challenge, you know, and this is same, same name with like a little logo and you know just some kind of fun stuff like that. What can you do to make this fun, what can you do to make your team meeting your chat. Your, your group your whatever the thing that people are looking forward to in their life. That's how you're going to create loyalty.

Adam - And the challenge doesn't necessarily even have to be related to business I mean it could be, you know, it certainly could be but you could every once in a while you could throw in a challenge like okay guys this month we're going to do a running challenge where we're going to run every single day, or something like that right like a yoga challenge or something right.

Meredith - One of my favorite challenges is I want you right now. Right now, we're all going to take five minutes, and we're going to send three messages to people outside of our organization, outside of our company outside of our team to three people who've made a positive impact on our life, and it doesn't matter if it was 10 years ago or five minutes ago, I want you to just send three quick text messages thanking the three people that you think of for making a positive impact on your life, right, that just creates just great energy that expresses the culture of the team I'm trying to create. I mean who doesn't want it and you feel so good when you send those messages. Yeah, there's also a purpose to it because later, a month from now or six months from now when I have somebody that's in inaction.

When I have somebody that's frustrated when they're not getting results. I'll say hey remember a few months ago when we sent out those messages and I asked you to, you know, send something to somebody that really you know made a big difference in your life, I want you to do that again today because doing something positive like that shifts your mental state. So anytime you're feeling like this I want you to go back to those three messages and I want you to send three positive messages again, go do a little bit of good in the world before you sit down to, you know, work your business tonight it'll, it'll shift your mindset, it'll put you in a better place for the work that you've done at hand.

Adam - Way cool. Well, I mean, did you have any comments for people, though, you know, a couple a couple things on that, like, you know you want to you want to make sure that you're never the bottle right like and I've definitely learned that the hard, the hard way so many times is like is like don't don't ever make it so that you like, like they are completely dependent on you, because that is that is actually it's not empowering to them. It's your you are, in fact, enabling them and you think like so, even by ask, even by answering all of their questions, right, that could be like, you might know the answer to the question and if they asked you a question you still might say, hey, you need to go watch this video.

Right, because because that's duplicatable right are you answering the question that's not duplicatable because what happens if they have bring that same question to you, and you don't know the answer now you're, what are you going to do, you're going to, you're going to ask me either right or you're going to have them ask me it's like no you you need to and and that's what the night The nice thing about about like video and technology and things like that is, it does make things more duplicatable and I do and I think that we could probably end up this like, Let's talk for a minute about, because like a lot of the old school network marketers they don't like internet marketing.

They think that internet marketing is not duplicatable. Right. They, you know there's there's, you know, there's issues around that for them because they're like, they're like, No, you've got to make it incredibly simple for people, and you know so like no you know No, no funnels no videos no like you know it's like it's like it but but the way that I see it is like, you know, thinking like, like an internet marketer that all that means to me is like systems, right, it's like, what systems can I put in place to make my life easier to make my sales conversations more effective.

What systems can I put in place to make my team, more effective right so like, you know, having, you know even even something like that having videos like a library of videos that you can send people to, so that when they bring people on, they can now point people to those same resources. Right, that's more systems, you know more systemization right or like, and kind of like the, the next level of that would be actually having your own members area and and how cool is that if you have like a members area that's branded to to you and your team right and and then there's a series of videos where you know maybe they're not not necessarily from you but like a, you know, like a great welcome video from you like. Welcome to the team, you know, you made the right choice being here we've got some great resources for you walk them through them through the resources like you know from the team, some like real simple getting started training, like that, that is like that to me is like thinking like an internet marketer but also being very, very duplicatable Meredith any, any thoughts on that.

Meredith- Yeah, I mean, I think, I think that's so true. And what I would suggest you do if you're thinking about your onboarding process is think yourself What do you want to have happen when somebody joins your team, right, you want them to get an email you want them to get a call you want them to get trained on what what are the four or five things that they really need to get started and to get going. and then ask yourself are you training those one on one. Or have you put in place a system that allows them to be self fulfilling and duplicatable.

Right. And I would start there. It doesn't mean on those weekly team trainings, you can't touch on those again, we have to all learn things again and again and again but you've got to have something for somebody to plug into, because if you're onboarding, you know, a person a month right now. Well then, then you end up diving all your resources into getting that person going and then maybe they don't do anything.

But today one of our clients I said okay how many people are you going to add in your business by the end of the year this year and he said 500. I said okay, build your onboarding system for the 500 and first person, not the first person right so what is your system when you have 500 people, it cannot be probably whatever you're doing today. It has to be more streamlined and more automated and more duplicated. So, think bigger about that, maybe you don't have 500 people today that's okay.

But plan like an act like you do, so that the systems you put in place will help your first 10 people go get their 10 people and then BAM before you know it, you'll have your 500.

Adam - That's that's so good and it's so like, it speaks to the fact that like businesses live and die because of infrastructure. Right. It's like, it's not it's not so much like i mean you know there's, you can say that like well this these businesses are successful because they had better resources or whatever, it's like, it really comes down to infrastructure like if a business that can't handle 1000 customers gets 1000 customers that business is going to have problems. Right. It's like you've got to have this this this system set up for, you know, for the growth that you want, right yeah so that so that just made me think of that that's so that's so true it's like you really want to build the systems for where you're going, not where you are right now.

And yeah think bigger and have a little bit of a vision for like, Okay, what do I want my business to look like six months from now 12 months from now, and what do I need in place, you know from, from a, you know, from a system standpoint, for training those people for onboarding those people, and that's like, that's kind of what what what our whole business is about is like showing network marketers how to think like real business owners, right, because if you can start thinking in those terms like, what do I want my business to look like six months from now, 12 months from now, and what are the systems that I need to be starting to put in place now to support that kind of growth that's thinking like a real entrepreneur, not just a sales rep for some XYZ company.

Meredith - Though I think the last thing that I would say on this topic tonight is. Imagine that you're going to go pitch your opportunity on Shark Tank right Shark Tank just called, you're gonna get to go pitch your opportunity to Mr wonderful tomorrow night on Shark Tank. You can already predict the questions he's going to ask you. Right. What were your revenues, how did you come up with that valuation. What were your sales last month.

What are your growth plans? can you scale to that. What's the co?t of your product, what's your you know what's your revenue per product right like per sale, you can already predict the questions he's going to ask you? Can you answer those questions for yourself about your business right now.? Right, yes or no? And if you can't, then you're not ready to go present to Shark Tank?

So get ready to go present to Shark Tank, because Shark Tank they want to know okay great I'm going to take your solid business and make it bigger but if you don't have those ground level systems, they're not interested. Think about how many great ideas they've turned away on that show, because they said, No way, if I, if I put this you know that Laurie gal she's like if I put this on QVC I would break you like you're not ready for me yet so I'm out. Right How many times have you heard her say that so many. Right, so be ready for what's going to come plan for the 500, and have, have a good time doing it, that's exciting stuff.

Adam - Yeah, it's supposed to be fun.

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