Meredith - First we're going to talk about personal brand. And this is something that again I'm also incredibly passionate about because one of the biggest mistakes that I see being made in the network marketing industry is that people do not develop their own brand identity, their own online authority, or even their own authority and reputation offline in their community in their networks of business professionals where you live, people will show up at a networking event where they'll put on their LinkedIn profile. I'm an independent representative with XYZ company.

That's not the way to go, guys. Here's the thing, if you think about your network marketing company and you think about what they do for you. Why did you choose network marketing over another industry. I chose network marketing over another industry honestly because I'm lazy. I'll tell you right now, I'm lazy, I don't want to do the product development. I don't want to have to register those products. In my country, yet alone, all the countries that I'm able to do business and I don't want to have to screw around with licensing I do not want to manage a call center or customer service.

No way. I don't want to do fulfillment. I don't want to have to manage my E commerce web my E commerce platform I don't wanna have to do that that's very complicated and I don't want to have to do that. Network Marketing gives us so many of the things that if we were building a business 100% on our own, we have to provide all of those things for ourselves, but here the only piece that we have to provide is the marketing and the sales. However, this is where network marketers get confused, network marketers get confused because they think that they are their company.

So let's look at a couple of examples that I have on here, Steve Jobs, everybody knows Steve Jobs, and everybody knows Steve Jobs, Apple. Right, you immediately know what company Steve Jobs built because he tied his own identity so closely with the identity of the company that some people actually think Steve Jobs is Apple or the Apple is Steve Jobs. And I know I'm only using technology examples here but I thought of a couple of other ones that you know we can talk about too. Same thing with Bill Gates. Bill Gates Microsoft now people might think Okay Bill Gates. Gates Foundation, but they still tie him to an entity.

They still tie him to a business, they are they are like one. So if you are with a network marketing company and you are putting yourself out there as a representative of that company first rather than what it is you stand for as an individual, then you have not developed your own personal brand. So let's talk about this guy right here, you all know who this is, I bet Eric wory. We all know him. How do we know him, GoPro. Well we know his name we noticed ace because he is an absolute giant in our industry. But can anybody hear, I know I can't, I don't know if you can. I have no idea what company, your Bori, was originally with when he built his network marketing company.

I have no idea, like zero. I don't know. I don't know what company, Reagan was with. I don't know. I just, I don't know, because he has built the brand right they have built, incredible personal brands for those cells with authority. So what does that do. That means that they as an individual, have created such authority and such recognition that no matter what they create next their audience will follow them, how does this play in to you having a strong team.

Your team is going to be attracted to you. Not to your company. Think about your company, how many hundreds of 1000s of representatives did your company maybe have worldwide media with a new company there's just a few 1000 and nobody's heard of it. It's all I haven't heard of that. But if you have enough authority they don't care. They don't care if they've never heard of the company they believe in you, they believe in your ability to move forward they believe you're a winner, they believe you're a leader you're, they believe that you can help take them to their dream. That's why people join you is because they believe that you can take them where they cannot go alone.

And you don't do that by saying, Oh, I'm with XYZ company, that company is going to take us there. People don't believe that. So you have to invest in having a personal brand. So, how do you go about creating a personal brand, oh I think I have a little extra graphic there that I didn't see on the computer that's cute. Anyway, so creating a personal brand, what are the elements of a personal brand. So, first one up is going to be values. What do you stand for and what is important to you. One of the things that I have walked our clients through in the past is actually a core values, exercise, and in that exercise we go very quickly, and we look at lists of words that has potential meaning or the potential will resonate with us, and we narrow that list down to identify what top core values are, but I'm going to give you guys a quick exercise to do today.

That is really pretty simple to do you don't necessarily have to do it right now but write these directions down so it can be one of the things that you put in your opportunity column. If you can't tell me right now, off the top of your child, what your core values are in relationship to your business and how you portray those in the marketplace, then you need to do this exercise. So what you're going to do is you're going to write down what you believe your values are, you're going to write down the top five things that you really value in life, in business, your philosophy what you stand for. And then I want you to make a list of 10 people.

Five that you know well, and five that are acquaintances, and I want you to send them a message and say hey, I'm doing an exercise around core values, and I would love it if you could tell me, good or bad. When you think of me. What are the top five values that come to mind, and get the feedback from those 10 people five who know you well five who don't know you so well. Take those hopefully they'll all respond, they might not but that's okay whatever feedback you get that take that list and compare it to how you view yourself and see how close it is. See how other people are viewing you, as well as how you view yourself and do the work to create alignment around what your core values are. Why do core values matter when it comes to creating a personal brand.

They matter because that's how you are perceived. That's how people view you and you want to make sure not only that there's alignment there, but also you're going to attract the right people, all of this work that's going on out there in the marketplace right now how many of you have heard of attraction marketing. Well, I asked the question, attracted to what are they attracted to your company. Why would they pick you over the other hundreds of 1000s of representatives that are in the same exact company as you. Why would they pick you. They're gonna pick you because of what you stand for, and that's your values. The next thing that comes in your personal brand is your vision. Where are you headed and how good are you at communicating that to the common person?

I absolutely love this video, that it's, it's a guy back in the 60s he was a coach, and I walked into the team right now but you guys have maybe heard of this presentation, and I think it's actually where Nike got there just do it slogan, the easiest part or something I can't think of it right the second I don't know if you know Adam, but he does this presentation, he's like you know people come to the art and they say, art, how do I succeed in business today. How do I succeed business in these United States of America.

And he says to them, you just have to do it, you know, what do I need to do this art yes you do and you have to just do it just do it just do it and that's where the slogan came from, but also in this presentation. He says, You've got to be excited. You've got to be excited, and you have to share that excitement, and you have to share that passion. So think about your vision does your vision excite you. Is it big enough. Is it crazy enough, I think it's good if people think I'm nuts. I like it when people think I'm crazy. It makes me happy, because then I know I'm doing a good job. And they're like, Whoa, you're really gonna do what and I'm like yeah I am, and they're like, how are you going to do that I don't know.

I don't know. I don't always have the answer, but I know I'm gonna pull it off. I know I'm gonna do it. What is your vision, and this movement has got to be greater than you, it's got to be something that people can want to follow that they can want to sink their teeth into. There are so many exercises online that you can do around creating a vision, and I could do a whole nother section on just mission, vision and values alone, but I'm telling you right now with your personal brand. What is your vision, you've got to define that. You've also got to have an identity be recognizable, you know everything that Adam does with the digital offline, have you noticed, it's all digital offline.

Digital Copilot digital rainmakers is our is our show, the digital offline show is our podcast, Everything has an identity and all of it looks the same. So, if you're at the point where you've got a team and you've got a team name brand, the team, give the team, an identity so people feel that they are part of something, have a mantra, you need to have something to be remembered by. How many have ever gone to a company conference I went to a company conference once I will tell you the story. And they invited an incredible team from China. This woman is the top income earner in the company that I'm associated with. She has maxed out 18 Pay legs in her, in her business.

She earns multiple seven figures even you're, and she was actually a lactation coach, of all things, she helped moms learn how to feed their babies in the hospital, and it wasn't a good paying job, she wanted to make some more money so she decided to build a network marketing team, but every member of her team, when they showed up they're largely women, almost all of them. They all showed up wearing red, and they all walked in and no probably 40 of them, and heads turned, because they looked amazing. They had unity. They had an identity. Everybody wanted to know who they were, what they were doing and how they were succeeding and nervousness. All they did all they did was go and buy a red dress.

But when, when 40 Beautiful women walk into a conference of 1000s, all dressed alike. People pay attention. So, what are you doing, and you can do this in person, you can do this online What are you doing to stand out. How are you developing a message that people will recognize and want to see again and again.

Next part of your personal brand is authority. People want to follow someone, largely, we want to follow someone. We are looking for leadership we are looking for guidance, if you want to be a great leader, then you need to have clarity and certainty and you need to be there to support your people. Adam did an incredible eight part sales bootcamp and one entire section of it was around something called the authority frame. I'd also suggest that you look that up online if you haven't heard of it before but the authority frame challenge is the concept that in order to bring someone into an opportunity in order to actually close or convert a sale, you must maintain authority.

Authority starts with the way that you portray yourself online it starts with your personal brand. It starts with follow those things, and how you're putting yourself forward. Are you showing up on calls are you showing up in live videos with authority with clarity with confidence knowing where you're going and saying and doing things that are things that people want to follow. Develop authority as a part of your brand. And then you've got to have a target. You've got to set and achieve personal goals, and if people want to look at my typing they're guys so sorry. People want to follow a winner. They do. So you've got to be winning in order for people to really want to follow you.

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