Attribute your successes and failures to these areas

Adam - Hey there, welcome to a mindset Monday. I'm going to talk to you a little bit today about attribution, and why I think that this is one of the, one of the keys to long term success wealth creation, you know success in business but really, you know, a lot of this a lot of this stuff and one of the topics that we talked about on these on these mindset Mondays, they're they're really, they can be applied a week, we, we, we create them in the context of having success in your business.

But the reality is that that they can can easily be applied to any other important area of your life. You know your your health, your your your your your your finances your relationships, your family, things like that. you know these things can easily be applied to those, those areas as well, in any any area of life where you're looking to create growth. Right?

So attribution. It's it's important to really be able to know and understand if you are in a season where you are winning where you're growing where you're building. You got to really be able to identify why that's happening. And if you are losing right you aren't you are not, you know, crushing it yet. In this one particular area, you know, in this case we're talking about you know your your business which is related to your finances and a lot of other things right. But if you're losing you got to be able to understand why you're, you're losing. Okay, that's why.

That's why we we create the momentum tracker. You know, we give you guys access to the momentum tracker, and we have you, you know track the income producing activities, the things that that we can attribute. Any forward progress to right so like we give you points for things like doing your morning formula, we give you points for things like, you know, creating and sharing content. We give you points for exposing people to your offer. We give you points for following up with prospects. Okay. And that's about it. Right. If you notice we don't give you points for enrolling people, we don't give you points for making sales, we give you points for the things that leads up to making sales.

Okay, because we want you to be able to attribute, right, what your your your your growth your winning or your you know your lack thereof to what you are either doing or what you're not doing. And that's why a lot of people don't do the momentum tracker that's why a lot of people resist, you know, doing things like tracking their activity, because they, it's like avoiding responsibility, it's like okay that's that's way too much of a look in the mirror for me so I'm just going to not do it. Right, that's not that's not how you win that's not how you create success, long term, it's really it's really not.

So like if you are losing right or you know if you are not winning. Right. It's not a problem that you're not winning. But what is a problem is that if you're not winning and you don't know why you're not winning. Okay, because if you're doing the things like the fundamentals of what we teach, well you know what we teach our clients, which is, you know, which is the morning formula to make sure that you're that you are, you know, putting yourself in the right frame of mind to go out and build your business. Right?

You know, read, you know, the morning format does all kinds of things to like, you know, to, to disappear limiting beliefs, it does, it helps you to, to keep your eye on the you know the long term vision, right, rather than the you know the short term, because you've got to be able to, you lately, you know.

I'm sure you've heard that the, you know, people talk about consistency and how important being consistent is in your business. You know that. It's like the real the real problem with that and the challenge with that the reason why so many people fail when it comes to consistency is because that there. There is no immediate reward. Right. It's like being consistent about getting points on the momentum tracker right it's not going to do anything for you today, if you skip the momentum tracker, for one week.

It's you're not going to see any major difference in your, in your results. So it's not just, it's not just that that your your your, you know you're not being able to attribute the consistency, but there's also, there's also decay in not being consistent there's decay in, like, if you if you stop doing something that's working right and you stop doing it, you're probably not going to notice a big difference right away. Let me let me, let me share this a different way.

There's a great book called, called the compound effect by Darren Hardy, there's there's another book called The slight edge both of them are about both, both books are about, you know, roughly the same concept which, which is that success is simple, simple actions performed over a long period of time. that's that's all successes. Like, wealth, you know, think about how people create wealth, I mean there's lots of different ways, but I guarantee anybody that has created real wealth in their life that have gone from no wealth to, you know, significant wealth.

Is that is that they made smart decisions, compounded over a long period of time. You know they they get it doesn't matter like the vehicle that you use the people that get sick, that that that create wealth in real estate, make smart decisions related to real estate over a long period of time, people that succeed in network marketing, make the right decisions compounded over a long period of time.

And that's how they ultimately create results right but the flip side of that is that failure is nothing more than simple errors in judgment compounded over a long period of time. Failure is simple errors in judgment compound and over a long period of time, which means like if you if you eat a cheeseburger today. It's not going to have a negative impact on your health. Today, right it's really not.

It's like it's kind of whatever right but if you eat a cheeseburger every day for the next five years, you're probably going to have some health issues. The same thing goes for your business. If you take the right actions if you expose if you make it a point to expose people to your offer. On a daily basis every single day, you make it a point to get people in front of your offer to expose new people to your offer that's how you keep your pipeline full every day.

I mean, and you know we can do things like we could add funnels and we could add you know different traffic sources and all these all these things, but it's like no matter what, if you want to create results. You know that all those things can you know can help, but like you've got to make it a point to expose people to your offer every single day. And that is essentially what is going to compound and create your results over a long period of time. Okay, it's not it's not like it's not like okay well now I have this so now I can I can I can go out and do this right it's like it's like you know there's things that we do to improve that.

I mean I'm constantly optimizing things in my own business. I'm constantly looking for ways that we can tweak the funnel in ways that we can, you know, add new traffic streams and ways that we can, you know, improve our sales process and streamline our sales processes. right I'm constantly looking for ways to do that, but I'm also doing the fundamentals.

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I'm also making sure that that, because I know that there's two things that need to happen. Opportunity needs to get created. And number two offers need to be made. Okay, so let's talk about attribution let's bring it back to attribution. If you're not getting the results that you want for yourself and your business right now.

Then, I, I mean if you're if you're not getting results your results just suck all together, then I would be willing to bet that you're not making offers and you're not creating opportunities.

Okay, so let me just handle your attribution issue if you don't have the results. That's why you don't have the results, you don't have enough opportunity, you don't have enough people to talk to. And you're not in because you don't have enough people to talk to. You're not making enough offers. Okay, those are the problems that you need to solve.

You know, in order in order to start winning. That's it. That is it, it really it really is as simple as that, like don't even I you know don't even talk to me about well how do you do that like it's like you know I say something like that and then people get all in their head and all in the weeds about well what about duplication What about this, what about this.

No, make offers create opportunity and make offers. If you just keep doing that you keep creating creating more opportunity, making new offers and then as time. As time passes, you will evolve like as long as you are, you know, making the right decisions, you will evolve.

Right and your, your business and your skills will evolve and your systems will evolve, and it'll be, it'll become easier to create opportunity, it will become easier to, to make offers right you'll have more opportunity to make offers to, but I mean you You got it, you got to get this I mean if you're not if you're not having the results, you're not you're not creating enough opportunity, and you're not and you're in you're not making enough offers you want it you need to go into like every new week every new month every new quarter, and every new year and say, Okay, what are my goals?

And then, and then reverse engineer that goal to like okay, how many how much opportunity, do I need to create, how many new leads Do I need to create, how many new people do I have to talk to. And how many offers Do you need to make. I mean you got to figure that if you're if you're, you know, like let's say let's say, it might take you, you might you might have to reach out to like three people, you know, especially if you use a system like ours right, it's like you might need to reach out to two maybe three people in order to in order to have one opportunity where you actually make an offer to that person.

Okay so, and then, then you got to really figure out how many offers Do I need to make in order to enroll one person. Okay, if you're just getting started. If you've never done sales before, if you're brand new, you know it might be you might have to talk to 510 people in order in, you know, you might have to make five to 10 offers.

In order to enroll somebody you know you want to you want to get to the point you want to improve your skills you want to improve your systems, to the point where you're enrolling one in five one in three one and two, you know, we actually because we give our clients so much like like this, you know the sales resources in the in the NRP like like our sales script and our sales bootcamp and, you know, we give you guys so much that we have people that that right out of the gates even with no sales experience.

And because of the marketing really sets them up, it's like, I mean that's you know good marketing really assist in the sales process right i mean that's that's it's almost like that's the whole point of marketing. Right. The point of marketing is to is to, you know, tee tee up sales, so that you can, you know, knock them down.

Right, so, so, so that if the marketing is done right, and you know how to lead them through conversation use a script like ours. Right, it's like you you should, you know, that's why we have people that are that are coming right out of the gates and enrolling the first person that they talk to and then they're rolling like every other person that they talk to, like they have a 50% close rate, because the marketing is done right.

And because they have the tools and the scripts and that, and the skills, right to to make to make that happen. But you you. What I'm saying is kind of a. Let me zoom out, my bigger point here is is the fact that you've got to know this stuff you got to know what your conversion metrics are, you need to be taking enough action, so that you can determine what these metrics are, and then success becomes more predictable results become more predictable, because you can say, because you really can reverse engineer, and you could say, Okay, I want to make 25 sales this month, which means I'm gonna have to have seven I'm gonna have to make 75 offers right which means I'm gonna have to, I'm gonna have to probably talk to about 100 people right and then and then and then you could say okay let me know what do I need to do to get 100 opportunities, this month.

Okay and then you, and then you start doing that, you see you see how it all kind of, like, like it comes back to, to attribution predictable results come down to being able to attribute. Right, the, the, the results to the specific actions that you take.

Okay. And if you're in if you are, if you're taking actions, right if you're taking the right actions, and you don't have the results yet
there's you're there, you might be in this kind of ramp up period, you might be in this kind of like this this build up period, and you just got to stay consistent okay because, because what happens is people, they start they start to do can they start to do the right things, they start to be you know they're being consistent, they're doing the right things they're taking the right actions.

But then, like, you know, one or two weeks passes they're in this ramp up period, they're in this build up period.

And they don't see the results right away. And then they get discouraged, and then they're off doing something totally different, you know, chasing shiny objects, you know not doing the things that if they would have just kept doing those for a little bit longer, they would have reached that tipping point, which, that's when you know that that would have created.

You know the few wins that they needed to get you know to keep the momentum going like their mental momentum going so that they could keep getting the results, long term. And that and that's why we say gotta be really careful when you're if you're if you're in that ramping up period you got to be really careful because, because if you if you get discouraged if you allow yourself to to say, Oh, this doesn't work because I've been doing it for two weeks and I don't have any. I'm not seeing any fruits, left, or yeah I'm not seeing any, any fruits of my of my labor yet, it's because you're just in that little ramp up period.

And it's the decisions that you make in that ramp up period, that's going to determine if you're going to crush it and create life changing results or, you know, become, you know just yet another you know entrepreneur who got discouraged because they didn't get results fast enough, and now they're off doing something totally different. and don't Don't be that person.

Right, life is 90%. Life is 10%. What happens to you, and 90%, how you react to what happens to you. I'm going to leave you with that. If you if you if you dig this if you like if you like this message, let me know. I appreciate you, and we'll see out there. That's it, that's it for me for today. Go out there and make it a great week. Ciao for now.

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