Amateurs call it “Failing” professionals call it “Testing”

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I can tell the difference between an amateur and a professional by the questions they ask
==> An amateur marketer may ask something like, “why aren’t my ads working?”
When they should be breaking down the elements of the process and asking...
  • Where are the breakdowns in my funnel?
  • Is my lead capture page converting? Whats the conversion percentage from click to lead? What's the conversion percentage from lead to sale?
  • How’s my copy? Is it resonating with my audience? Am I even putting it in front of the right people?
  • Whats my cost per click (CPC) What’s my cost per lead (CPL)
You see the difference?
Once you can identify what parts of the process are working and which parts aren’t working, you can plug up the leaks and then all of a sudden your “Ads will be working”
Same goes for sales…
Not closing?
Ask yourself:
Am I getting to their deeper desire and their WHY around solving their problem? Or is it surface level only?
Am I getting them to see the massive potential COST of not taking action? What will their life look like 1 year from now if they do nothing?
Am I positioning my offer (product, service, opportunity) as a solution to their problem in a clear and concise way that they can understand? Or am I just word-vomiting information on them?
Then you can figure out why your “not closing”
Rather than just throwing your hands up in the air and saying, "I guess I'm just no good at this."
No! You just haven't been properly trained!
Thats it!
I added an entire section to my book on closing people over the phone as well as my top strategies for generating online leads for your business 24/7:

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