2 different types of stress and how to use them

Adam - Hello and welcome to the digital upline show in this episode I'm gonna be talking to you about stress. Now, a lot of the, a lot of people in entrepreneurship, you know people in producer roles or roles where they, they have to, you know, become producers and they've got to kind of challenge themselves to operate differently than they had operated in the past and a job or maybe different types of business. And, you know, seeing, seeing how they are not using stress in the, in the right way. One of the biggest myths that we see holding people back in their lives, in their businesses is a belief that stress is somehow bad.

It's the same as believing that debt is bad, which is another very common belief that holds people back, and keeps millions of people in the poorhouse. As people have proven time and time again. When used correctly, debt can be a major catalyst to wealth. I mean I would not be the the in the entrepreneur position that I am in today if it wasn't for being able to leverage debt, when I needed it and when I needed it and you know sometimes you know really used it to catapult, my own success right but people, you know, people create absolute fortunes financed from debt. So the idea that debt is bad is just, it's just immature irresponsible thinking. When used incorrectly, it can be very bad.

You know, where would those people be the same people that are using debt to create massive wealth, right, where would those people be if they clung to a belief that debt is somehow bad. So, that's just a you know a little bit of an analogy for what we're talking about, because on the same token, stress. When used correctly, and when understood is absolutely necessary for creating growth in your business and your health, and in most other areas of your life without stress, there is no growth, no stress, equals no growth, think about going to the gym, the muscles, they pull and they tear in from that pressure, new muscles formed from that stress and strain, new muscles are formed, new abilities, new power, and just, you know, and that goes for you and your brain, your results in your business as well.

If there is no adversity, there will be no growth if you don't have something to push up against right a challenge that you're pushing up against you will not grow and your business will not grow your business is only going to grow as much as you grow.

So here's the key though you must distinguish between Eustress, which is positive stress and de stress, which is negative stress you stress is the kind of stress that you experience while holding the yoga pose or learning to ride a bike for the first time.

Destress is when a bear is attacking you, people start to learn something new and we've seen this, you know, time and time again, you know, people that they start off in, you know, either, either in a new business or they start to learn new skills for an existing business, they start to learn something new.

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They take the very first scary steps towards, you know, a new reality, you know, new results new reality for themselves, and then the they experience the big bad monster of stress. And as you inevitably will write you will experience stress whenever you step into new territory, and out of your comfort zone. So, you know, entrepreneurs love to you know live they love to say things like, you know, your, your, your success is outside of your comfort zone, It is, but it's just, it's so sounds a little cliche, but it's absolutely true.

You know you will expand when once you step out of your comfort zone, you will start to experience stress, and that is where the growth happens, but because most people don't understand the difference between youth stress and distress. They believe that all stress is bad, they freak out and they run away as if a bear was attacking them to grow and expand in your life in your business, you should look at your brain as the as the muscle that it is, it needs to be exercise, you have to, you got to give it, give it a challenge, if you want it to grow if you want your skills to grow if you want yourself in your business to grow fights through the use stress, because there are no barriers to build a new foundation and infrastructure to stand on for the rest of your life.

They say that what got you here will not get you there. And for you and I to ascend to new levels and create new realities for ourselves, we must challenge the beliefs that hold us back, and that no longer serve us things like all stress is bad, the same way as the thought that all debt is bad, right, which we've which I believe that we've debunked. In this episode of the podcast right we built, you know, we've built an online community where we do that regularly. So if you, if you don't want to be challenged to think differently.

And if you resist change at all costs. Then, you know, you know our coaching program our services are probably not for you, and you know maybe entrepreneurship in general might not be for you. But if you are open to new concepts, new ways of thinking, new strategies for growing your business and expand both personally and professionally.

Then I want to invite you to take the next up let's go to digitalupline.com check out some of our content book yourself on a strategy call with one of our consultants, if you want to talk about working with us directly, we've got some free training and resources as well that you can get at Digital upline.com That's all I have for you for today. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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