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After this program I Became the #1 Recruiter in My Company of over 50,000 Associates

Within the first 30 Days, I was able to DOUBLE my initial investment... "helped me more than you can imagine."

Within 1 month I had generated over 500 new leads for my business...

20+ year network marketing veteran and million dollar earner sees even MORE growth in his business...


I used to be an entrepreneur who used to just wing it, be all over the place and have very little (if any results to show for it). With the help of Adam’s training, I was actually able to get laser beamed focused on a strategic plan and within 90 Days, I was able to become the #1 Recruiter in my network marketing company(out of 50,000 Associates)! 
-Marquel Russell 

Katy Acosta

Working with Jordan and Adam has been life changing for my growth as a solo-entrepreneur. I am doing things online now that I never thought possible. Heartfelt gratitude to you, for pulling me forward into my greatness!
- Katy Acosta

Laurie Kuhnle

“I’ve been promoting network marketing opportunities since 2012 with the goal of bring my husband home from his corporate job. In 6 years my best month in MLM was right around $2,500. Within just my second month working with Adam & Jordan I made $12,852 and blew my husband away when I showed him that for the first time I had surpassed his monthly income!”
-Laurie Kuhnle  


"After scaling my network marketing business to $70K per month, my income dropped to just $5k per month when one of my top leaders left and took 80% of my organization with her. Adam showed me how to scale my new business to 20-25 leads per day and I now feel like i'm actually building a business rather than just a downline 
-Julie Morris  

After Coaching we Became top Producers in Our Company and Scaled Our Business to Multiple 6 Figures 

Before... I was ready to quit. I'm now seeing 15-20 new qualified leads everyday. 

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