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Meredith - I want to just make a special shout out to a post that Adam put in the group yesterday about email deliverability. And I want to talk a little bit about email deliverability. Were you both able to see that video that that Adam posted yesterday? Yes, okay, I would definitely watch it more than once, because there's a kind of a lot of tech speak sorry, item in there, right. But it's so so important. So we want to make sure that you understand, in my mind, there's like a progression for how you can begin to use digital marketing. So there's a there's a method to our madness. And it may not seem ultimately clear to you when you first get into this program. So let me just break it down for you.

Again, you come into the program, we're going to in many cases, build your funnel for you or in some cases, you're going to build your funnel for yourself. If you're a silver client. Obviously, it takes a little bit of time to build that funnel, we've got to put together that asset, we've got to create the VSL we've got to do those things. And while we're doing that, we teach you the basics of organic marketing. Two reasons we teach you the basics of organic marketing. Organic marketing is free, right? It doesn't cost you anything to do organic marketing other than time. And organic marketing is highly. We'll see if this is a word, duplicatable, Mexico City is in the house. Welcome, Victor. So it's highly duplicatable.

So whether you have a team of one or a team of 100, or a team of 1000. Ryan, the first thing that you're going to do when you onboard your next business partner is to teach them the basics of organic. And we give you some modules that you can pass on to them in the team members area template, so that they can learn the messenger formula so that they can learn how to do the organic posting. So organic first.

Meanwhile, your funnels being built, your funnel gets launched, you're now going to drive your organic traffic to the funnel. Because while we've been building your funnel, you've been learning how to do organic, now you're going to drive traffic to that link, get people to opt in, they're going to get an email from the system. But when somebody opts in, they are a warm contact, they have said hey, I like you send me information. It's not Joe Blow stranger guy or girl on the street. This is someone who has opted in. Opted in traffic opted in list is highly viewed by email service providers like Google, like Yahoo, like you know, I don't know what else you're out there, people are still using Hotmail, I suppose.

But they like that, because there's an established relationship between you and that person, they have opted in. Okay, and the search engines and sorry, not the search engines, the ESP is they're so smart. They have algorithms, they have data mining, you just would not believe they know, if you're if you're if the address you're sending from is new or old. They know if your URL is new or old. And they have automatic systems behind the scenes that track that stuff. So your methodology of going into organic and pushing traffic to your funnel is starting to warm that up. Right. So you're starting to heat up the deliverability and the accessibility and the visibility of your send from address and of your URL.

If you have existing lists that are opt in lists, so think about an opt in list that you would have an opt in list would be any current customers you have in this business or in another business, any current team members that you have, and any current contacts that know who you are, that you have an established relationship with. They are in the sphere of your warm contacts. And it's really good to take those warm contacts and put them into the Digital Copilot. And then it's really good. Like let's say you're starting to get some traffic opting in and they're going through your funnels, and they're going to the automatic email campaign. You can also create a little mini campaign to your warm market that's unaware of your funnel and you could send them like to your teammates, and you can say, check out this new amazing funnel, I'd love for you to test it for me go check it out.

And you're sending out small batches of emails to people you have a relationship with. Why do people you have a relationship with because they're likely to click on it, they're likely to open it, they're likely to click through, they're likely to favorite it, they're likely to share it. And all of those activities are also known by the email service provider. Because again, remember, like data, all of this internet marketing stuff is based on data, data data, like actuarial crazy algorithmic data. So you're warming it up, you're warming it up, you're warming it up, you're warming it up.

Okay, now that that's getting warmed up, then you can be ready to start doing some cold marketing, then you can be ready to take the leads from heavy hitter leads or another lead source that you have or maybe we provided leads to you as a part of your package with us, then you can leverage those leads once you've warmed up the environment. But if you have a list of 10,000 cold leads that you got six months ago from you know Joe's leads to put them into the the CO pilot and send emails, you're going to have a really cruddy delivery rate. And, and there's not anything we can do about that.

We can't improve the deliverability rate if you take a whole bunch of cold emails and slam them in there, and then hit send. And in fact, that can do damage to your URL. And that can do do damage to your domain to the Send from domain to the point where your domain can get shut down. Like that's the risk that you're running. Okay. So this is one of those moments where I'm channeling Victor's blackbelt method. And I'm thinking, you know, it's patience. It's patience.

We can't improve the deliverability rate if you take a whole bunch of cold emails and slam them in there, and then hit send. And in fact, that can do damage to your URL. And that can do do damage to your domain to the Send from domain to the point where your domain can get shut down. Like that's the risk that you're running. Okay. So this is one of those moments where I'm channeling Victor's blackbelt method. And I'm thinking, you know, it's patience. It's patience.

Are there email marketers out there who have lists that are literally 25 35,000? Yeah, How big? Do you think he like Ray Higdon, his email list is probably has a million I don't even know maybe even more than a million people on that list. Management of that list, and management of like his his system, to ensure deliverability and all of that, he probably has one, if not more than one person on his team managing just that. Eric worry, he's definitely got people, right, that are managing this because it is that big of an asset. So do not be short sighted, and just dive into email, and spam a whole bunch of people, because it's not going to work.

And then you're going to get mad. And then you're going to feel like Oh, man, should I have done this thing? You know, does this make sense, my funnel is not shooting money out of my computer for me yet. I get it, I want to get to automation. And fully evergreen funnels just as much for you, I want you to have that just as much as you want it to. Right.

But it's like learning to ride a bike. First, you start with the training wheels, and then you're then you take the training wheels off, and then you and then you crash, you know, you get some skin, knees and elbows. But then you learn to ride the bike, and then you get a bigger bike, and then you get a faster bike. And then if you really want to, you become like you know, an Olympic bicyclist. And that's Ray Higdon and Eric Wory. Right there playing that game, maybe that's your vision, maybe it's not, not everybody has to want to be that big. But if you don't follow the progression of leveraging these tools appropriately, it's going to make your growth slower. So please understand, the heavy hitter lead source is a great lead source. People are having success with it.

But it has to be used properly. You cannot just slam them in there and send them out it won't work. And I apologize if you at some point felt like that was a tactic that you could put out there. I would say if it had if that has happened, then you fell forward a little bit. There's nothing here that you cannot recover from. But we need to take a couple steps back in order to move a couple steps forward. Okay, so I just want to make sure everyone's watch that video from Adam yesterday, at least once please watch it again. And then he has a call to action in there for you to allow us to become Um, I'll forget the word but to become, basically have authority with your delegate access, delegate assets, thank you. If you give us that access, then we can put some of these pieces together for you behind the scenes on the technical side, so that you don't have to do it yourself.

But that doesn't mean once we do that, then you can put 10,000 leads in there that you bought from Joe, and start smacking them with your offer. Please don't do that. Okay, please don't do that. Have patience, have belief and follow the process that we've outlined here for you. Adam has been an email marketer for a dozen years, he has built this entire business through email marketing, he absolutely understands it, and I so appreciate that. The environment changes.

So here's one final thing. And then Ryan, I see you have a question. So that I will say to you, the value that the digital upline and the expert accelerator brings to you guys is that we are going out and getting educated on what has changed in the world of email deliverability. Recently, it'll change again, six months from now. And it'll change again, a year from now. And it'll change again, 18 months from now, because it's ever changing. You need to decide, do you really want to be an expert in that? Or do you want to rely and trust on us to be an expert in that for you, so that you can go and be an expert in what you're passionate about? Right? You don't want to become an expert?

in email deliverability? No, I'm good, right? I want to know just enough to be able to educate you guys on what it is you need to do. But quite honestly, Adam and yon know way more about it than I do. And I'm completely okay with that. Because they are experts in that area, just like I'm expert, another area and your expert in your area. So allow us to be that for you. Allow us to get that system set up properly for you. And the sooner you do it, the better and more quickly, we can help you. Okay, so Ryan, question.

Ryan - I just been struggling with that for years, you know, how do I make sure it's not getting blocked? You know, and just Adam did such a great job for me just to understand it. So I can explain it to other people. He simplified it. I mean, it wasn't a 15 minute video or something. Yeah. I mean, it was awesome. And now I know, I'm not scared of it. Right? You know, it's like, oh, I don't want to even worry about I'm gonna get someone to figure it out. But now I understand it. So I can find somebody if I want to do I'm knowledgeable enough to know what I'm doing. So I've got exactly great videos.

Meredith - Yeah, exactly. Thank you so much. Yeah. And we again, like, our intention here is for your success. Every day, I show up here saying who can I help be more successful? Right, that's what we're trying to do here. There there, there simply are rules that you have to play by. Just like we've all agreed to drive on the right hand side of the road, we've all agreed to do it. Right? You got your driver's license, if you agreed, as long as I'm in the US, I'm going to drive my car on the right hand side of the road. If you want to be an email marketer, there are certain agreements and rules that you will need to follow. If you want to be successful, could I drive on the other side of the road? There's really nothing stopping me.

But what's the outcome going to be? Not so good. Same thing here, you don't have to follow the rules. But your outcome isn't going to be good. So you decide you want a good outcome follow the rules, such as life, right, such as life, sometimes the rules are meant to be broken in this particular case, I would not suggest it. So anyway, from here, we were going to pull up, Ryan, I'm going to give you that ability to share your screen. And we came across something really interesting yesterday for Ryan guys that I think is worth sharing.

So after yesterday's strategy call, I asked Ryan I was like, hey, he was like, Hey, I would love for you to help me review my LinkedIn about section because he's mainly going to be using LinkedIn for promoting his funnel. And make sure that the content from that is congruent into the funnel itself and into the VSL. I was like, Yeah, no problem. And then I said, you know, why don't you send out your link to your VSL to everybody in the group so that we can watch your VSL prior to tomorrow's call so that we would understand the content, because while each of your VSL are similar, you also each offer different benefit different audience different products, so they're different.

Well, he tries to send it in the expert accelerator group, and Facebook declines him sharing the link will not let him post it. And initially, I thought, Oh, well, maybe it's because he's not an admin of the group. So I said, Hey, message it to me, message me, the link and all posted in the group. So he sends me the link, it won't let him send it in messenger. I tried to sit I try to post it into the group, it won't let me post it in the group. Ryan's URL is profit profit And Facebook is like, We're sorry. That in and of itself, does not meet our advertising. And what was it our community standards, that does not meet our community standards?

Okay, they've got rules, they don't want someone talking about profit now, because they're afraid that it obviously is, you know, got to be a scam. And so they're going to actually control whether people can go to Ryan's URL from Facebook or not. So now Ryan and I are in a discussion of, okay, we probably need to change the URL of your funnel. Because eventually he wants to be able to use it in Facebook, although right now in LinkedIn, he can share it all day long. So I just thought that that was really interesting.

We have yet to run into that as Facebook continues to kind of clamp down on its community standards and content roles. That's just something that you're going to want to be conscious of. You can not lead with your product with your service or with your company. Absolutely not, you cannot advertise that way. And they're even starting to disallow you to post that way as well. So you really have to be audience centric and value centric in Facebook. If you want to drive people to your funnel.

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