Can ONE well-thought-out FB post become the ultimate ‘lead magnet’ for your home biz?

Can ONE well-thought-out social media post become the ultimate evergreen “lead magnet" for your Home Business?

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Think about all the potential traffic you can scoop up when you put the right post in front of the right people…

...Your FB page, your group, other people’s group, LinkedIn groups, your LinkedIn profile, Instagram stories… I could go on but you get my drift.

Potential traffic is virtually UNLIMITED, when you have the right message and when you understand a few things about what moves people into action…

Most home business owners royally screw this up… They do the exact opposite of what works, because they have convoluted ideas of what "online marketing" even means. They just do what they see other people do. It’s like the blind leading the blind.

When they make posts to promote their products or their business… they get “crickets.” Zero engagement and they look exactly like all the other spammers on social media, who are just trying to yell louder than each other.

Sorry to say bucko, but no one gives a $h!zz about your company or about how great you think your products are.

Posts like that just add to the noise on social media and it gets ignored by 99% of people. While actually turning people off to you, your company and your products.

So what does work to grab their attention and compel them into action?

One word… Stories!

A relevant story post will cut through all the noise on social media like nothing else…

So while everyone else is just trying to yell louder than each other about how their products and company and comp plan are "the best...”

...Rather than adding to all the “noise" your story can rise above it, grab your reader by the heartstrings and make them fall in love with you, (creating massive trust), while also making them want what you have.

And it doesn’t even have to be some big "rags to riches story” either so get that idea out of your head…

It could just point to a small win that you had with your products... like dropping 5 lbs...

...Or a win that someone else had in your business. Like a team member or an up-line leader.

The story just needs to create an emotional connection with your audience and they need to see that the same results are possible for them.

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