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Hello and welcome to the show. I'm your host Adam Chandler and the content for this episode is a replay from one of our digital rainmakers broadcasts, which we host every Tuesday, in our Facebook group, make sure to join the digital upline Facebook group to join us on one of our future rainmakers training, and in this episode, Meredith and I discuss the top three skill sets that you need to acquire if you want your home based business your network marketing business, your direct sales business to thrive in the 21st century.

Adam - I've got some good news for you, there's a better way. So, in my journey, right, I'm going to share some of my, my lightbulb moments that I've had over the years, right after spending years trying to grow my business, even online right with things like blogging and networking and cold calling and prospecting and growing social media audiences. I've met a mentor, who was making over 20 know who made who had made over $20 million in marketing, who told me that any source of acquiring new customers and new team members.

It had to be three things. It had to be fast. It had to be consistent. And it had to be scaled. Right. But if you look at the way most network marketers operate like and if you look at like, you know, a lot of the cold prospecting and like the, you know, sending out, you know, you know, it's not fast, it's not consistent. And it's not scalable. This is the test, that it has to pass in order for it to be like a leveraged, you know, a leveraged online strategy.

Meredith - Okay. And it has to be something that people are going to want to do. Right. I mean, think about some of these other things like do you want to do that. You have to actually want to do that. And, you know, that's a big test for me too.

Adam - Well, so, do any of these describe you right you're, you're overwhelmed by the idea of online marketing you feel like you're wasting your time rather than, you know, making you money right which is the point, you're sick of doing all this sifting and sorting through all the prospects manually person personally having to talk to 20 people, or 50 people to find just one person who sees the opportunity, or the product and joins your business I talked to a guy, you know, about a year and a half ago I remember, and he said that he had to talk to 100 people to find one person to join him, and he had to, he had to get 10 people enrolled to find one person who was actually going to like do something with the business, so he had to.

He had to talk to 1000 people. He had to make 1000 cold calls, essentially, to find one, like leader on his team, and there's just very little leverage in that. Right. And before we move on, or do any other any other people in the group who've shared where they're from.

Meredith - Sure you know we've got kin from Chino that's which is real close to my hometown in Southern California down there and we've also got Lisa from San Antonio she told us that she's been with her current company for a couple of months that she was with her first in 1985. Whoa Wow I mean things have changed significantly in the network marketing industry well in every industry right since 1985, so we're glad that you're here learning some of the ways that that things are done today,

Adam - I was only, I was only four years old in 1985.

So alright so guys so, so you don't I mean, you know, you've, you've done everything that you've been taught by your company and your upline you can't seem to bust through the 5000 or $10,000, per month ceiling, and you don't know why, what you've been taught isn't working for you yet. Right. And we've got some awesome news right if any of those things that we just mentioned sound like you, those are not the problem, but merely a symptom of the problem. The real problem, right. The real problem is that you're stuck in the old model. Okay, you're stuck in the old model. You haven't yet upgraded to the necessarily new model principles that we're going to show you here today.

So what do I mean by old model a new model right so with the old model, everybody's a prospect, right it's like it's like the mirror test if they can fog a mirror you put a mirror under their their their face. If the mirror fogs right meaning of their breathing then they're a prospect. Right, which, when you treat everyone like they're your prospect. Right then, I mean, number one, you're probably gonna annoy people you're probably going to come across as like, you know that guy which nobody wants to be, but you're also going to create a you know your marketing message is going to be very watered down because you're trying to attract you're trying to go way too broad.

Right, with a new model you identify your perfect prospect, and then you craft an irresistible marketing message that attracts that specific person right and typically it's the person that we that we were, you know, before right where you know maybe you were a burnt out, corporate executive maybe you're, you know, a stay at home mom right maybe you are a, a, you know, a brick and mortar business owner right but a lot of times, that's how we really you know that's one of the ways that we identify you know who our ideal prospect is and then we laser target them right rather than, you know, it's like it's like using a sniper rifle rather than a shotgun, the old model you have to get sales in order to make money right which is short term thinking, with a new model you build a cash flowing assets, right and when what do I mean by cash flowing assets in the in the World of Internet Marketing cash flowing assets is like your audience like this group.

We've got 2500 people in this group, we go live once a week in the group and we you know we you know we engage with people in the group and we you know we make offers to them like the group is an asset to us it's an invisible asset that my email list is another asset. let me just note, did you guys come here, just just let me know in the comments just say yes or just say like email or something. If you, you learned about this by what reading one of my emails you open one of my emails, you read it, and then that got you here on this presentation was that you, because that is one of one of our assets right it's like it's like a contact list is an asset in the digital world. Right. Yeah.

Meredith - And we definitely like Lisa says yes that's that's why she's here she got her off the email she's also saying that she's here because she's looking for a new way to automate right and and that's that's a huge part of the new model is, is automation. So, you know, stay tuned because we're gonna address that here in just a couple minutes.

Adam - Yeah. Awesome. So when the old model you promote a company replicated website, right, which makes you look just like everybody else and you end up drowning in a sea of sameness in mediocrity right you ever you ever noticed that it's like all these people on social media just trying to yell louder than the next person saying Look at me, look at me like, we've got the best business you know opportunity, since sliced bread. I even had people email like one guy, replied to one of my emails. Earlier today, and he said, check this out. It's a total no brainer.

You know, more opportunity, like right and, Like I put a very well like value driven email out there, and he, and that's, that's my strategy and then his strategy is, I'm just going to reply to this guy's email, and just spam a link to them and say, total no brainer. Like, oh yeah, like you really think I'm just gonna whip out my credit card, because this guy told me that I don't have a brain, if I don't join this stupid opportunity that is promoted. Yeah. So we're all we're living in that.

Meredith - Right. And you don't want to be that guy, if that wasn't clear. You don't want to that guy.

Adam - There's a new model and you stand out from the crowd by building your, your own process right which makes competition irrelevant. Okay, with the old model you build someone else's business and cross your fingers that they make decisions with your best interest in mind, and and with a new model, you build your own business by creating your own assets like I said your own audience your own your own cash producing assets in promote other people's products as income streams in your business right.

So, I'm going to tell you a real a real brief story. I was working with somebody a few years ago, she told me that she built her income into network marketing business up to $70,000 a month. And all of a sudden, you know, I mean, you know, over the period of years and I'm sure you know all our blood sweat and tears went into, like, you know, building up her organizations company. And one day, nothing happened to the company I mean stuff happens to companies right but in this case, nothing happened to her company.

One of her top distributors decided to leave and join another company, and she took. I think was like 80% of this person's team with her when she went and joined this new company. She told me that her income went from $70,000 a month, down to $5,000 a month, almost overnight. Now you're still making $5,000 it's not you know it's not like you're, you know on the street or anything but it's like, that's a bad day when that when that happens like, and it's because she was only building her, she was only focused on building a downline.

She was only focused on getting people involved in this company she wasn't branding herself, she wasn't building an audience she wasn't building a list, and because of that she wasn't really building a real business, she was building a downline, and because she didn't have any like you know protections in place, you know that you know so that if that happened that she could, you know fall back on a list or a brand or, or a group or something like that, right so that's what we mean by like you know you've got it, you've got to build a real business rather than just downline.

Okay, old model it's frustrating and it doesn't last new model it's more stable it's more consistent and it's way more profitable. Okay, so imagine for a moment if you could wake up on a Monday morning to a calendar filled with appointments with pre qualified interested prospects, who know exactly who you are, and want what you have right just tell them I mean, would that be a game changer for you or what if you just woke up, you know, on a new day to it to, you know, new emails calendar notification saying, These people are you know are booked with you today, this time this time and this time, and they've already, they already have an idea of who you are. They have an idea of what it is that you have and what your offer is, would that be a total game changer for you, or what.

Meredith - I mean, and we'd love to know you know from you that are tuning in and watching this now. I mean how how drastically. would your situation change if you had this happening for you. If you had a calendar with people clicking on it automatically and you opened up your email tomorrow morning with a message that said, you know, Sandy Smith has booked a discovery session with you next Tuesday at 9am. Right. Imagine how quickly that shifts your reality. It's huge.

Adam - Yeah, I mean, would that be a game changer for you just put it just just comment game changer. Write your comment breakthrough down below to let you know let let us know if you do that you can, you can now build your business without being skinny, without being cheesy without, without annoying, your friends and family and without being you know that kind of a marketer. So here's how you do it right there's there's there's three pillars and Meredith I'm just gonna gonna pass it off to you.

Meredith - cool yes I get to talk about the pillars so here's what we're going to do and you know the first pillar is really all about creating and what we're going to create here as traffic we're going to create a couple different things and if you can flip on to the next slide. So Adam gets to do the slides and I get to tell when to switch to the next one. So does this sound like you right. Are you talking to people that are seriously that are unqualified I mean, for me, I remember sitting at yet another home, launch and talking to a group of people that really had absolutely, I was presenting at this launch they had absolutely no interest in the business opportunity, you know, maybe they were going to you know pick up some products through this network marketing company maybe they were going to be a long term customer, the products were solid quality and were good, but they they were more like what I've come to call charity sales, right?

It wasn't really, and I didn't want to build a business like that anymore, but I didn't have enough people to talk to. Right. And, you know, how about those messages that you send that you're sending it just kind of gives you that pit in your stomach of like really that another day of sending this kind of message to someone. It's just doesn't feel good. If you don't have a system I mean I think, Lisa you commented in here that you're looking for some automation if you don't have a system that can do some of this for you.

I've got this crazy green background going on for me right now because I'm actually out of, out of state, working remotely for a week because you know what I wanted to, and I just brought my family with me and we're hanging out at the beach and it's awesome. Right. And that could be you too if that's the kind of system that you put in place. If you're also always hunting for people. If you're always looking for the right moment to just like insert your opportunity into a conversation and not really even listening or engaging or being present with the people you're talking to, that's another sign that you need to do something different.

And, you know, if you get sales here and there but again they're not consistent. That means that really you need something to shift in your business. And that's where this pillar number one of creating traffic comes in so the old way of doing this we talked about it, they follow the mirror right i mean back in the day if you talk to some really old school network marketers they'll tell you that this is called the mall crawl, which I think is really funny. They would like go to the mall and crawl the mall trying to meet people.

So, have you guys ever sent comment Yes, I have. If you have ever sent this kind of blind messages to people like on LinkedIn or Facebook, you know the Hey, it was really good to go to high school with you and by the way I found something that I think you might want to take a look at just admit it now for the last time that she's ever done that comment Yes, I have. Because I want you to know you're not alone.

Adam - We've all done it I mean any anybody ever

Meredith - Everyone's done it, we just don't want you to do it anymore, because the network marketing industry is an amazing industry. It is, it is such an amazing industry, we want to teach you and show you and help you, how to treat it like a real business. So flip on to the next one, if you would. So the new way, here's what you're going to create, you're going to create several different things but the headline is traffic, but you're going to create an actual business with you as the leader, not just as a side hustle, which where you don't have any authority, right?

If you look at people that are successful in your network marketing company, they're successful because they have either come to the table with authority. You know, I've heard of like pro athlete or a Olympic athlete, joining a network marketing company let's say it's a wellness, a wellness company they're probably gonna do pretty good straight out the gate just based on the network, but it's authority.

That's really taking them to those top levels right, or people put in the work to build the authority, which is what Adam has done right he has put in the work to create the authority in this industry to draw people and attract them to this opportunity so we've got to do that. You also have to create your audience, you've got to know who it is you want to market to. And if you're trying to be something to everyone you will be nothing to everyone. Right, because you won't stand out, you need to take a stand, understand who it is you want to help how you want to impact them and carve out your niche so you got to create your audience. and then only after you have decided that you're going to do those things.

Do you craft your marketing message that speaks directly to the heart of your prospects problems and how what you are offering can help to solve them. This is the new way of doing things. This is real, marketing, not just spammy things that not only do you not want to do. They do not work, and you know you still see people doing them and here's why. Because they don't know what else to do. Nobody is showing them what else to do. They see other people doing it the old way and they think well that must be working it because they're doing it. So I guess I'm just going to do that too. If it doesn't work. This is the new way, create traffic.

Create your audience, create your authority, and that is going to bring the connections and appointments, right to you by doing organic outreach, using social media and other smart tactics the right way. Okay. So note here for everybody. Don't listen to anybody that that tells you that everyone is a prospect because it will absolutely Kill, kill your business so just one more time on that, it's it's a waste of your time to think that anyone and everyone is a prospect for your business because not everybody is looking for what you have, you know, think about any other product or service that's sold out there, not everybody is looking for a Jaguar, not everybody is looking for a Coca Cola, they're not not everybody's looking for what you have, you've got to find the people who are.

So once you find them then pillar number two is capture right so first we had create now we've got capture what are you going to capture you're going to capture these leads right you're going to capture information. So, next slide. So is this you. You have no idea if your offer is any good. You're not sure you suffer from this imposter syndrome because it seems like nobody wants to buy from you. And yet you feel like you're putting yourself out there as this business owner, does anybody feel like the imposter syndrome.

Okay, if you do go ahead, we're going to get you to admit all these things today for the last time. So go ahead and say yeah I've been an imposter and in the comments there if you felt like that before. And if you have no idea if you're on the right track. And you wake up feeling like I said just like that pit in your stomach like I don't, I don't want to do the stuff that I have been doing again for another day.

But I don't have any clarity or direction either. Right. This is where pillar two comes in the old way you use marketing resources that are provided by your company, and you spam that link everywhere and maybe even if you're not a spammer you're using something that's one size fits all right this is like again the square peg in a round hole. It doesn't make sense. You don't want to just have to cross your fingers and hope that somebody clicks in and buys from you, you want to create real value and real relationships and that's going to be based on something different.

Adam - But in network marketing it's like you're you you you you you look the same as everybody else and because of that you're like creating competition, you've got it you've got to create your own assets so that the competition becomes stale.

Meredith - Absolutely. And you do that by capturing leads right you capture the attention of your ideal prospect, and you get them to give you permission to send them more information. And you can do that in a lot of different ways right you can capture leads through Facebook Messenger, you can capture leads that you send emails to you can capture leads inside of the Facebook group. There's lots and lots of different environments where you can capture these leads. But the idea here is that you have to have them so that you can put offers in front of them.

And over time, not just your network marketing company but other authors that have value to them because that deepens the relationship. This is where you share a message that is not about you. It is 100% about the people in your audience and how what you have can help to serve them in their life and make it better. Yeah. So, once you solve their problem,

and you can then validate your offer. Then you can pour fuel on that offer you can throw automation into the mix, and you can really start to see leverage in your business, which is what we want to have happen. Okay, so this is what you get you get really clear on your offer we kind of talked about some of this already, you get super connected and confident in your audience.

And, you know, many people come to the network marketing industry and comment to hear if you did. Did you come to this industry because you really wanted to not only help yourself but you wanted to help other people too. I have found people that are attracted to this industry are incredibly giving servant minded people. Right. You just might not come to the table with a marketing background and know how to do this stuff so you did what you were told, and now you want something different. Okay, now you want to become a marketer, and that's what these pillars can help you do.

So now you don't have to believe that you're not enough any, you know any more, you can actually believe in this system in this automation and better yet, you can turn around and teach it to other people, which is incredible. So you're motivated you're excited you're ready to rock. So again the old way this is you to, you know, one, one to one one to one, one to one whether this was belly to belly meetings or one to one zooms or whatever it may be. It's manual, it's time consuming. And when it comes to duplication.

This is where I believe it makes it hard to find somebody that's going to want to do your business with you long term because they don't actually want to do this anymore than you do. Right. So the new way is to have an automated and silt filtering system we call that a funnel, right, to bring people through create traffic to eat for your audience through, through ads and organic posting capture that lead filter them through a follow up system, and then allow them to let you know that they're ready to apply to work with you, entirely different process than us going around and saying hey do you want to work with me, do you want to work with me, do you want to work with me right you do that for long enough. No wonder you're feeling beat up.

Adam - like mentioned earlier, like we are constantly like surveying, you know, you know prospects but it's kind of it's kind of like that it's like, it's like, you know, in order for somebody to get to you to have a phone conversation with you. They've got to answer a few questions right, and that way when you get on the phone with them you can say okay so on your application here, you said that you're currently looking to make $10,000 a month now.

It's like, it's like interview it's interview based selling this is something that we teach you know it's something that we teach in our in our in our sales bootcamp which we'll be talking about here in a little bit, but it's like it I call this the upside down enrollment method, because it's like, rather than, then you know them asking you a bunch of questions, you know about well what's what you know what's that it's like you're interviewing them to find out if they qualify for your time and attention, and you see the authority building in that and you see the like, you know, the posturing in that and just like it's, it, it makes it so that you're not you're no longer chasing and convincing them it's like you're telling them and they've got it. They've almost got to sell you on why you should allow them to join you.

Meredith - Yeah, it's a it's a complete shift in mindset, like we said, you know, from the get go, of our time together tonight. So, when you do that yeah we can flip to the next one. When you do that, you are becoming the leader, and then you start to get paid, like a leader. Right. When you stay more of a vendor, then you get paid more like somebody that's making kind of these you know here and there, a little bit here a little bit there type of sales. So if you want to be a leader, get paid like a leader, you need to have systems automation and you need to have these things in your business.

Adam - So, this is this Laurie Kimberly, she said, I've been promoting my network, network marketing opportunities since 2012, with the goal of bringing my husband home from his corporate job, it's six years my best month was right around 2500 within my second month of working without him I made $12,852 and blow blew my husband away when I showed him the for the first time, I had surpassed his monthly income. Oh yeah that's right okay so we're still we're still up to number three. Okay.

Meredith - Don't let me forget the third, the third pillar now it's all it's all good i mean but Wouldn't you love to have results like that right and and it's, it's so often. Just a matter of putting the right things in place so the last thing you do like so once you've created this authority have created this environment, you have captured these leads. Now you need to convert these leads into your opportunity right so how are you going to do that well the old way and and this is where I mean I'm so glad that you guys are joining us here tonight the comment below.

Have you ever done a hotel meeting. Have you ever done an in home launch. Have you ever done an event like you know if you're in wellness maybe you've done like a Wellness Fair if you're in energy maybe you've done like a home show if you're in, you know maybe drug sales like makeup, you've done a bridal show or jewelry you've done something like that right. If you've ever done something like that comment in the comments right now, what you've done, because not only is this the old way, but you guys that way is not ever going to come back, the way that it was before. because the last six months of what we have managed worldwide with this pandemic.

I don't know when we're going to be able to go to a concert again I don't know when we're going to then be able to have a hotel meeting right so this old way if you're not saying to yourself, I have a burning desire to change the way that I have been building my business. This alone, right here, should change your thinking. You must do something different. It is risky risky risky to not.

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