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Meredith - So they had a gal come up and teach about social media. And she has been quite successful as a network marketer. She's from Texas, you know, built a great business but sadly the company she was partnered with kind of started to slide right and she knew it so she needed to find a new team, a new home for herself and her team and so she found a new company. And she moves to the new company. And of course, she moved to a new company like probably 75 to 80% of the people that were on her team followed her.

So she went from a nobody to somebody in this company in a matter of about two weeks because she literally brought 1000s of people with her right customers and representatives. And they introduced her is going is you know, getting to this rank within two weeks. And people around the room were like, how is that even possible? Like what does she know? That I don't know? And I looked at everybody that I was sitting with, I was like, Guys, she she's a smart woman she knew her company was holding. And so before it totally failed. She found a new home for herself and her team, but that's why she went from you know, A to Z in two weeks. It's it's an atypical, you know, kind of ride to the top of the pack, right?

She did all her hard work in a different company. That's awesome. And she's over here now and she's working hard again, which is also awesome. But don't allow the way that something gets positioned to make you feel less than right. There's always a story behind these needy, you know, these like meteoric successes, right? They did the work somewhere along the line. They know they did do the work somewhere along the line. So look at her and see wow, what did she do in that last company to build it because she hasn't even gotten started here yet. Right. So then she goes on to do social media presentation for about 20 minutes and she's talking about how she grows her business on social media. So of course, you know, this is interesting to me because I spend a lot of time doing that and I spent a lot of time with you guys.

Talking about that. And she had some pretty good tips which again, were very much in alignment with what we talked about. She talked about priming your profile. She talked about having a good, you know, background image. She talked about having a good picture of yourself. She talked about making sure that you know what you were posting was clear and that it was concise, and that it was okay to express your opinions and show who you are because that attracts the right people and repels the wrong ones. And we're not everybody's flavor just like I don't like the sherbert and I like the chocolate hazelnut coffee flavored ice creams. You guys might hate those and love the server. Totally fine.

But I'm not going to be posting pictures of sherbert on my Facebook because I hate that. I don't want to I don't even want to be friends with anybody like Schubert's terrible, right? So you see what I'm saying? And she was suggesting to be quite polarizing, which, for me is a little bit too much. Because I don't really care what somebody's political or religious views are, I care what their values are, and I care if they want to build a business. I don't care. But she personally was quite political and her posting and says that that allowed her to attract the right people can be true.

You just have to pick where you want to go just like you got to pick your path. You have to decide I am going to lead with that or I'm not. There's no right or wrong answer. It's just deciding and then being consistent with that. But in her 1520 minute presentation, here's the thing that I will tell you. No way nowhere in the presentation. Did she ever tell anyone how to do anything. All she did was tell you what to do. So let's think about that as leaders of our teams. Okay. Let's say I'm going to teach my team nobody on my team knows how to how to ride a bike. And I'm going to take them out and I'm going to teach them all to ride a bike. The way that this gal taught it. Here's what she did, she said this is a bike. Here are the wheels. Here's the handlebar. Here are the brakes.

This is the seat. This is where you sit. These are the pedals this is what you turn with your feet. Now this is how I want you to go ride the bike. So what you're gonna do is you're going to get on the bike and you're going to pedal and you're gonna hold on the handlebars and you're going to signal and you're going to use the brakes. Everybody understand? Great go ride the bikes. What do you think would happen to that team? They would all run over there. They would all get on the bike.

All the crash everywhere. Right? They would all crash everywhere. And some of them would crash and be free ways is stupid. I'm not going to do this again. I'm not going to crash the bike again. And they bow out and they would leave and others would be like dang it. I'm going to get on and I'm going to write again and they would crash again and they would crash again. They would crash again. And then finally they would ride the bike. But they wouldn't ride the bike because she showed them how to ride the bike. They would ride the bike because they figured it out on their own. I think we can be different leaders.

I think that we can teach people how to do this business. That is going to be why you need to pick that path. So that you can say to someone just like Tim sales said when you defuse the bomb he knew step one was this Step two was this step three was this he told you the steps he told you what to do. But then he showed you how to do it. And then he went so far is to drill how to do it until you cannot fail. So you drill until you cannot fail. All of these other coaches, all of these other leaders in this industry. All they do is run around and take in huge amounts of money for telling people what to do. I could tell people what to do all day long, and none of them would be successful.

But if I teach you how to do it, and if you do it and then I say okay, do it a little bit more like this a little bit more like that's you're going to get better and you're going to get better and you're going to get better. And you as a leader need to have that same mindset with your team. You need to show them how and one of the best ways that you can show them how is by doing the work yourself. So when you have your team meeting and you get on the line with them, you open up your Digital Copilot on one screen and you show them your pipeline. And you say these are the seven people that I am talking to right now that are my hot leads on deck.

And this is how I'm having a conversation with them. Then you go over to LinkedIn or you go over to Facebook Messenger and you open it up and you show them the conversation. Look, this is what I said first and then he says this So I said that then we watch the presentation. Now look here I'm following up. Do you see the words that I'm using? I want you to write those down. You show them how to do it step by step by step. You even pull up Facebook or pull up LinkedIn for 15 minutes of a team meeting and say you know what, right now for the next 15 minutes.

I am going to show you guys how I prospect on LinkedIn. I'm gonna show you exactly what I do. I'm going to go and find somebody. I'm going to send them a request. I'm going to send them a message. You see how I did that. Let's do another one. Let's do another one. Let's do another one. Oh, now look, Doug got back to me. Now let's go engage him in a conversation. Show them how to do the work. Don't just sit there and teach them and teach them and teach them and not show them how? Because the training only will go so far. You have to get them to step into practical action. And if they don't know what to do, they won't do anything. Because confused minds do not die and confused minds do not take action.

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