Meredith - And today we're going to be talking a little bit about specifically the system that we use here at the digital upline with all of our clients. And many of you in this group have actually tapped into this system here in the last couple of weeks, which is called the Digital Copilot. And today we're going to talk specifically about contact management and opportunity pipelines. So Adam, why are you so excited about the opportunity pipelines and the contact management here, let's set some context first, for you know, why that's so important in the network marketing industry in the first place?

Adam - Right, right. Well, I mean, you know, most entrepreneurs are extremely unorganized, you know, myself included, that's always something that I have struggled with is his, you know, his organization and, like, keeping track of contacts and, you know, like, so for example, if approached, you know, if I was on with a prospect, and they, you know, they were a solid prospect, and they, they liked my offer and everything, but they said, you know, hey, things are just really hectic right now, you know, follow up with me in two months, right?

It's like, I'm gonna, I'm gonna have a little notebook next to me, I'm going to write it on my notebook, like, follow up with John, you know, in two months, John's never going to get a call back, he's totally going to fall through the cracks because of my lack of organization. Right? And it's like, a system like the Digital Copilot helps you to keep track of that contact digitally, which I think is really important because it's like, you know, rather than having it on a sheet of paper where they could easily get lost, it could get overlooked. It could get you know, it's like, it gives me a better you know, a better idea of what's happening with my prospects and where everybody is at in the process.

Like, you know, if it's especially important if I have large numbers of contacts, right? If I've got 50 different contacts, right, like it's gonna be very helpful for me to know which one's watched the video which ones haven't watched the video yet which ones you know, you know, booked a call with me Which ones did I disqualify them? a system like this allows me to, you know, to to disqualify people so that I know not to follow up with them in the future because a big part of it is like time management is prioritizing, right? prioritizing where it like where is my time best spent right now. And having a system that organizes your contacts is incredibly important for doing that.

Meredith - Absolutely. And so if you're joining us here live I really encourage you to just drop your name let us know where you're from, and maybe how long you've actually been in the network marketing or direct sales industry. And I'm going to add to what Adam is saying about the importance of having all of your contacts in one place. I literally had a woman on my team that was she's one of the best connectors I've ever met I mean she becomes everyone's best friend within minutes she connects so quickly with people she gets phone numbers she gets email she gets all of these things and she actually hired a pretty well known network marketing coach and he said to her well where are you putting all these names?

I mean, like you're telling me this person and this person this person and this person she was like, Oh, I keep I keep a post it note pad in my purse and on I write their name and their information on a new post it and he was like Okay, so where are the postings? And she said in my purse, and he said, Okay, I want to see them they're like on a zoo. He's like, I want to see these and she's like, okay, literally dumping out her purse and post it notes are falling out from the bottom of her purse, and she's sitting there on the call with this this gentleman going oh my gosh, like I forgot about Sally you know, I forgot about this person. She had I don't even know how many contacts written on post it notes at the bottom of her purse and that's how she was managing her business.

Everything changed for her when he simply helped her get that into a physical notebook. You know, he moved her slowly from a post it note into a physical notebook and now she's moving that into the Digital Copilot system, which is so much more valuable. The other thing that I want to say here is it's okay if you've got post it notes at the bottom of your purse right now. It's never too late to change. It's never too late to get organized and use a system like this. But if you also are sitting here thinking to yourself, okay, I have that person that's got the posted no problem. They're on my team, and I don't know how to help them.

Well, the other great thing about this system is as the leader if you have a team of people. You have to parents see into their leads, which means that you can actually see where your people are in their business. How many times have you had a conversation with somebody and the conversation, you're wondering if the person actually is talking to people, you're wondering if they're actually following up, here's a way for you to create immediate, instantaneous accountability for the people in your team, even if they're just building small right now, even if they're just talking to a few people getting that practice instilled in them, when they're ready to go bigger, they'll have

Adam - Yeah, 100%. And this system makes it so easy to add, you know, to add contacts, I mean, like, let's say, I'm the lady with all the posted notes, I mean, I could just come in here, you know, add a contact, I can put in their, you know, their first name, their last name, whatever information that I have for them, if it's email address, and a phone number, right, and then you know, that then the opportunity gets created, you know, just like some of these examples right here, then from here, I can come in, I can email them, if I have their phone number, you know, I can, I can send them a text message, the system integrates with, you know, Facebook, messenger, and Instagram.

So you can pull in prospects from you know, from those places. And then from there, I mean, I can email them, and I can, I can, I can send whatever I want them in an email, or I could use an email template, right, because I know that when I was actively building network marketing businesses that that, like, I found myself sending the same email over and over and over again, right, and rather than having to copy and paste, he just, you know, he just, you know, hit us template, and it just pulls up the, you know, the, the email, and then you can just send that right off, which makes it super simple for for yourself as well as for your team members.

Meredith - And the other thing that you can do in the system is you can not only add contacts one at a time, you can also import a list. So we're headed into the holidays right now. And maybe you and your team on the product side of your business happened to do some different holiday promotions or things like that. And you want to import all of your customers, or have each member of your team import all of their customers, so that you can send out some great holiday promos, and bonuses and things like that, imagine how much more sales volume you would have in your business if you could, yourself as the leader send out an email to 100% of your team's contacts from your team.

You can import that list, you can import lists, maybe from events or you know, just whatever list that you've been developing over time, you can input that in here. And you can tag it, you see these little blue areas next to these names, these are tags. And what these tags do is they allow you to segregate the names of the different categories. You can assign them to different owners. I mean, there's just so many different ways that you could just use only the pipeline and contact communication out of the Digital Copilot

Adam - Yeah, exactly. You know, and it's just, you just have any CSV file, I can just, you know, select the file, pulls it right up from my computer, and then and then you know, I find the file, and then it's like, you know, match the fields first name to first name, email to email. And then I think it's like, there's a couple other, you know, steps where it's like, what do we what do you want to do with duplicate contacts, right? And then then number five is ad attack. Right? And and, you know, tags are so important, because, you know, you're going to be sending messages to your, your, your, your prospects differently than the messages that you're going to send to your team. And it blows me away, how many? how few people how few way, even leaders in the industry don't have a system to be able to communicate with their own team, right?

It's like, it's like, if you have all of your team members represented here, and everybody's got the active team member tag, then you can broadcast a message to all of them say, Hey, guys, here's what we have going on this week. Right? I mean, here's the here's, you know, we've got an opportunity presentation on Tuesday, we've got a team meeting on Wednesday. It's like D I mean, of course, you know, your team. I mean, maybe your company's already sending that from, you know, but but, but having that communication coming from you, you know, I think is just a, you know, it's just an important part of building a business in the digital age.

Meredith - It is and if you're sitting here and you're watching this and you're thinking yourself, Well, I'm using Gmail, you know, I'm using Yahoo, to communicate with my prospects or my customers, we're going to strongly strongly encourage you to take a different look at that going forward. You really do need to get professional email for your business. If you're considering building something that's a little bit larger. There's just so many risks that come in using what's intended to be a personal email address to manage your business from so you can just upload Really your authority and your ability to communicate with people by stepping into a system like this?

Adam -  Yeah, and we also have these, these prospect pipelines. So we've got two pipelines, the prospect pipeline and the team pipeline, these all come standard with, you know, even the basic Digital Copilot system. And, you know, you're and, you know, look at, look at the stages here, it's like, it's like, the goal is to get them from a brand new prospect where they don't know anything, where we were, where they're completely, like, cold prospect, right, and then move them through the stages to warm them up, right. And with this system, we can either drag and drop them, or we can automatically move the stages based on actions of the prospect takes.

So if they, you know, we send a welcome email, we can automatically move them into this section. You know, if they click and they watch the way, you know, they watched the video, or they click the link to your opportunity overview, we can move, you know, move the pipeline stage, because again, you're going to follow up with people different, if you know that they've watched the video versus if you know that they haven't watched the video, right, or review the information, right? Same thing if they engage or reply.

Or if they book a call, you know, automatically move them into into the next stage of the pipeline, it's like, you want to be consistently adding people in on the front end. And we do that through funnels, we do it through adding contacts, like we just showed you, and then moving them through the stages until they get educated, they get warmed up, they know you like you and trust you and then you know, eventually buy from you.

But that's not where it ends when that when when they enroll, then we move them into the second pipeline, which is the team member pipeline where again, the goal is to take them from brand new, they don't know anything about the business to somebody who's completed the onboarding, right, they've completed the Fast Start call, if that's something that you offer, right, they enrolled their first distributor like these are just little milestones, that if you can help them kind of stair step through these little tiny milestones, you know, hit their first rank advancement, right, get their second rank advancement, it's like a, you know, again, you're going to have people that are going to be on the left side that are going to be that and it's like, just kind of gently nudging them through communication through, you know, through helping them, you know, move through the process.

And then eventually, you've got somebody who's, you know, who doesn't need you anymore, because now they're building their own business in your organization. And, you know, they're less reliant on you, you know, then that the people that are, you know, earlier on in the stages of this process,

Meredith - You know, and I will say there are some other systems in our industry of network marketing and direct sales, other customer relationship management systems that have been built for the industry. And I just want to talk a little bit because I've used both the top selling one and I use now actively the Digital Copilot, and I'll tell you what the differences are in the system that I had been using previously, it just tracked my people, it tracked and I could see my team's people, which was great, but it only tracked them, it didn't allow me to communicate to them. It didn't allow me to have any kind of interaction with them.

Like if they clicked on an email or watched a video that it moved them down the pipeline. It also didn't allow me to have a funnel, it didn't allow me to have lead capture, which we're not even getting into today. It didn't take care of my electronic calendar. It truly was only a tracking system and a database for my leads not a full blown marketing system.

And the Digital Copilot is a full blown marketing system that not only will allow you to input and track your leads through their journey with you and communicate to them either individually or in bulk. But it will also allow you to use the best of digital marketing for yourself and your team all under one roof. So it's a pretty robust incredible system. I haven't seen anything else like it that has been made specifically for our industry. And even the best of the best network marketers will tell you that you need to have a system and that you need to have tracking and accountability and this is the opportunity for you to have all of that under one roof.

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