Adam - I'm excited for this training you know this is a, you know, Lead Capture is like it's just something that, you know I'm passionate about, it's a big, big thing that we that we that we teach and it's like, it's just so fundamental, I mean I was, I was just taught you know very early on, you know, in my home business career that like, You know leads are the lifeblood of your business right and and you know without without leads, you know, you don't even really have a business right so, so, you know you got to make you got to make lead generation, ay ay ay ay ay focus in a priority.

And, and, you know, doing the you know the copy work that we're gonna, we're gonna be sharing with you tonight is definitely a great way for you to
hone that skill.

Meredith - Absolutely. So if you're just hopping on live don't forget to just drop a comment, let us know who you are and where you're from, and before we start out I got to tell you about a conversation I was having in another different Facebook groups today, and around like you know asked a question so hey what is it you can really use in your business right now, and this person was like pretty much like I need more sales I need more sales.

And I need more people to talk to and I was like well how are you finding people to talk to you now, and they were based, they said well basically asking for referrals and networking and I said okay well are you trying to do any kind of online lead generation.

And their response was, What do you mean, right, and so it really backed up the train for me to think about how many people still are not necessarily onboard with are like really thinking about the fact that I don't really care what business you're in, you should be able to generate some leads some conversations online, and then she came back and said oh but in my industry I can't run Facebook ads, which, you know there are some things that you might not want to run ads around but you know what you don't have to.

You don't have to. That's why this is so important. So I'm glad that we're talking about content tonight because no matter what you're doing, it really all starts with your content, whether you're running an ad or you're putting a funnel out there or making a post all of that content, and it's got to really grab people's attention so I think you were gonna maybe screen share and share some of the great copy that you've been using too.

Adam - Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Well, you know, we'll we'll get into all of that. I do want to just say to that like, you know, people make a lot of assumptions in business and it's like one of the most dangerous things that you can do. So it's like her. Her assumption assumption is like, I mean I I'm just hearing all kinds of assumptions that she was making in that conversation.

Her first assumption is that like, you know was that, well, well, you know, I, my company won't let me do on my you know, you know, like her like, I'm not allowed to run Facebook ads, right, so, so in her mind, like online marketing and Facebook ads are like the one thing, yeah right, yeah. Yeah, well, you know, you're, you're, that's kind of a dangerous assumption because there's all kinds of things you can do to run a lead to generate leads, without paying for ads without learning Facebook ads.

So just, just, you know, just watch, watch your assumptions that you made, we all do it, you know, we don't realize that we do it. That's another reason why I actually, it makes sense to have a coach opportunity for a shameless plug here but it's like, it's like your coaches will check your assumptions, and that's important.

Meredith - Yeah, for sure. For sure. So I'm excited to see this because one of the things that I really appreciate about Adam is that he is just a great copywriter, And there's going to be some really awesome things that you can learn here around headlines for your capture pages.

Adam - Yeah, so, you know and love and let's just to show a capture page, you know, real quick. First, you know, like here's an example of one of our capture pages right it's like it's you know it's fairly simple.

This is our digital enrollment sheet this is one of the done for you capture pages that we, you know that we that we give to our clients and our students that are using this particular funnel, and it's really just like, you know, the, here's the headline so when we're talking about like the headline or the promise of the lead capture page, it's like, you know what, what is it that you are going to deliver, you've got to make a promise and that promise has got to be enticing enough and exciting enough for them to want to opt in and give you their name and their contact information.

Right, it's like, so like, one of the one of the mistakes that we see people make is they try to get ahead of themselves, right, it's like, they tried to sell the thing in the lead capture page when that's not the job of the lead capture page, the job of the lead capture page is to capture lead, that's it. So you're home so you're not selling right here.

You're the only selling that you're doing to selling them on the idea of taking the next step and taking that first commitment with you, which is, you know, opting in and getting your thing your free thing, whatever that happens to be right and it could be a video, it could be a PDF it could be a, you know there's a lot of things, there's there's a lot of things that that that free offer, could be right but, you know, so So now we'll talk about, you know really how to dial this piece in.

Because when you have this piece that you know the rest of the page is actually pretty easy, and it doesn't even need to be like this is, this is a little bit more. I mean it could, we've had pages perform incredibly well, where all it is is like a black background white text, Just this. And then the capture like this is, this this particular page has a little bit more going on, but it doesn't need to be the it could just be a headline, and then a field and a button to submit your information.

Meredith - And I think that's really important to understand that each piece of this process, serves a purpose, and that's how you can make something that's going to capture people's attention and then walk them through the process that you want them to go through so I'm really glad that you said, the intention, we're not selling it, we're just intriguing enough to get someone to say, Yeah, tell me more. And that's, that's a little bit different than when you get to the next page, where you're actually trying to put your offer in front of them.

Adam - So let's break down the headline, right, so, you know, so what is the big benefit of your offer right and we'll just use an example of like a weight loss, offer right so the big benefit is, well with with with what you're about to experience. You get to lose some weight. Okay, and now, how can we make the benefit more specific and more measurable.

Well you we could be we could make it, we can say how to lose 10 to 15 pounds of belly fat. In the next 30 days you see how that automatically made it better, right, because, because this is boring.

This has played out, you know, lose, lose weight now or some version of that, it's been done to death like if we were living in a world where no one had ever seen a weight loss offer before, right, like lose weight now, you know, and then like, enter your name right. It's like that might actually work right if we were living in a world where no, where there was no other weight loss offers in the world, and like weight loss was a new thing, right, that then, then this might actually work.

But in today's world where there's a lot of competition, and I'm guessing, even if you're not promoting weight if you're promoting a business opportunity or, you know, anything that you're promoting there's probably competition, which is why we need to make it, you know, we need to make our offer stand out. And we do that by making it more specific and more measurable.

Meredith - You know, I just want to chime in here really quickly and say you know go ahead and comment if you're catching us live like what, what is your big benefit of whatever it is you're offering you know is it weight loss is it lower energy bills, is it, you know, what are other things, financial services, like, comment below with the thing that, that it is, and we can help you know walk you through some of these steps and answer some of your questions while you're watching us here live as well.

Adam - Okay so what is the big benefits, so that you can turn heads in the beach that summer fit into those skinny jeans, so that you can look great in a bikini. So So what is the benefit of the benefit. Right, so like the benefit is lose weight, but you want to start asking yourself, why, why do they want to lose weight, you know, if you're if your offer is some kind of a, you know, business opportunity make money, offer, why, why do they want to, you know, nobody, nobody really cares about money, it's what the money can do for them.

Right, so what is the benefit of the benefit. Okay, that's a great question to ask, like, to, to, to go a little bit deeper like we want to get super lazy marketers will, it's going to be very surface level and the end those, they're not going to get very good results, we want to go deeper than the surface level if we want to get better results, and this is a great question to ask to get to that next level. What is the benefit of the benefit.

Meredith - Yeah I love that, absolutely.

Adam - And then what is the common pain that they will avoid so you want to ask yourself, Okay, what is it that other offers that are similar, right, what is it that they are doing that are very common that people don't like. Right, so what are some things like going, you know, sticking with our weight loss example, you know, what are some of the things that that people have done with, with, with weight loss, that they want to avoid what some of the pain that they want to avoid.

You know harmful harmful pills. Right, crazy, crazy diets, having to starve yourself right so then, then the you know the headline becomes, How to Lose 10 1015 pounds of uncertainty by that in the next 30 days, so that you can look great in terms of heads the beach in the summer without harmful pills crazy diet for having started.

Meredith - I love that Adam and one of the things that this is making me think, You know you talked about, hey, weight loss, you know that's been around for a long time, there's tons of offers, there's tons of funnels there's tons of pieces that are related to that. And there are a lot of different people that are looking for that. So this is also where you can target into your audience, and in particular, You know everybody that's wanting to lose weight can probably identify with hay lose 10 to 15 pounds of unsightly belly fat. I mean that could apply to just about anybody.

But you're, you're actually targeting a specific person in here, because not everybody really cares about looking great and turning some heads at the beach this summer, right so there's, there's some ways in here where you're going to want to make sure when you look at that benefit of the benefit that you're saying is that something my audience really wants right if you're, if you're marketing to, you know, postmenopausal women, they might not really care about turning heads at the beach this summer.

That might not be their thing. Or if you're, if you're marketing, you know, regionally like that let Knight, not be what you say if your target is in Alaska, you know, so apply that lens to it as well.

Adam - Yeah, that's great. And I was looking at some of the other stuff that I put on here. We can I, you know, the only other thing that I would say is like if we wanted to even take this to another level, is like, what is our unique mechanism that makes what we have different than all the other offers that are out there. Right so, so like this is this is good right now but one way that we can even take it a step further, is like, you know, the new x y z method.

Okay, that to lose 10 to 15 pounds once I develop that blah blah blah blah blah blah. Right, so everything else can stay the same, but it's like, but rather than just how to, it's like, you know, the, you know the XYZ method for losing. And then this becomes like your own intellectual property right so what is this for you, you know, and we've, in, you know if you've seen our stuff that you've seen like, like the digital enrollment machine right that's the it's the name of the blog it's the name of the funnel, but it's, it started off as just an idea of like, intellectual property right it's like that become the digital enrollment machine, you know, kind of became like, it became my intellectual property, I version of how to do XYZ thing. It's the same we also have the upside down enrollment.

The upside down enrollment method in the upside down enrollment that that is just, it's a specific funnel, you know funnel style right where we have people apply to work with us and that's why it's upside down is because, because they they are applying to work with us.

They are essentially selling us on why they should, why we should allow them onto our team rather than, you know, US selling convincing them, and that's kind of the idea behind upside down. Right. But it's like, other people have, have, there's other funnels out there that do that. But if, but by, by giving it the name, the upside down enrollment method, you see how, then, if that becomes mine right even though there's other people that are doing something similar.

The upside down enrollment method that that way, if I'm, if I if I'm reading this and I'm seeing the upside down enrollment method. It makes me think, Wow, I've never heard that. And that's really when you have something because curiosity works in marketing.

Meredith - For sure because now somebody is saying like, well I need to know what that is, what is the X, like, yeah. And if all you're doing on that lead capture page is trying to get them to say, I want to know what that is. Then, naming the thing, whatever it is you're going to deliver to them like that naming this is, is that piece that people feel like they gotta have it, you know, I want to know what you guys are probably all seen in the realm of weight loss if you guys seen these ads, all over Facebook from this guy that has the, the V shred.

It's called v dash shred. And it's always this shirtless guy doing a video of like how he's going to help you lose weight. And I don't even know what the shred is, but I doesn't matter. He makes you, he makes you want to know what it is and that's their whole entire point. So, absolutely love, love the idea of creating that intellectual property piece, it's great.

Adam - Yeah. And you know what it does, it gives people hope. Because Because like, let's say you've tried a bunch of other weight loss strategies in the past. It's like if I see this like the V shred formula, it actually makes me think I that's new, I haven't seen this before, maybe there's hope that all the other things that I'm doing, that there's one thing that's in this V shred formula that I was missing in all the other things, and maybe that's the one thing that I'm missing that I don't have that that's only available to me in the V shred formula.

It's like it gives me hope that maybe there's still hope for me to lose weight, even though I've tried all the other things.

Meredith - Right, right. Yeah, it's awesome. It's awesome. We do have a couple people watching here live so if you want to comment and jump in and let us know what it is that you are marketing what your core offer is. We'd love to you know just run through an example there real quickly, but it's so important as you're going through the process of lead generation that you have broken it down into these phases and tonight we just wanted to simply talk about that capture page.

Not necessarily what it is you're going to deliver, but how to break that headline down and so Adams giving you, I took notes I wrote him down so there's like five things that you've got to have, what is the big benefit. Right, what is it that you're offering number two is get more specific about it, it's not just losing weight, it's losing 10 pounds it's describing it a little bit more, then it's what's the benefit of the benefit, and this is when your audience is going to really play in the fourth one was, what is the common pain that they can avoid.

And then the last one is really what's your unique selling proposition

And as you have that figured out, you can use that template over and over and over again, to actually develop your capture page, every single time so we've just given you some massive value and how you can put that together, each and every time that you want to develop copy for a capture page.

Thank you for listening to the digital upline. Adam and the D U team are committed to leveling up the network marketing profession by equipping distributors with 21st century systems and skill sets that decrease resistance and increase cooperation with prospects and team members, visit to get notified when we release new podcast episodes and to get exclusive access to our weekly live trainings.

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