3 ways to motivate yourself and others

Adam - Some of what I'm going to be sharing with you today has come from this book, instant influence is how to get anyone to do anything fast. The only motivational approach scientifically proven to succeed in less than seven minutes. That's just, you know, the book that I've been reading about maybe a little over halfway through this book right now, and I absolutely love it.

You know I buy books like this all the time. You know this one came as a recommendation from some of my, my own mentors, but I mean I study influence and motivation, I've been studying that, you know, you know marketing psychology human, you know, human psychology. I've been studying that in one way or another for the last decade of my life.

And I'm going to continue studying and because it's something that is a topic that I absolutely love, and it's something that you know every time I learn more about it it's it, it helps me to be a better coach, a better teacher to you right is, as well as, You know, it helps me, you know, it helps me leave my teams better. It helps me influence the marketplace better right it's like I just, I just realized I just made a decision, a long time ago, that, you know, I need to get really good at influence.

Okay, regardless of you made that decision or not I recommend that you do but regardless of if you do or not. I'm going to be sharing with you some things that I've learned from this book about influence. One thing that this book talks about is what they what they call the law of psychological resistance. Okay. And that is, basically, basically saying that, that if I tell you to do something, you are going to resist it simply because I'm telling you to do it right, and this goes for getting your kids to, you know, to clean their bedrooms or go you know you know influencing your, you know, getting your you know your spouse or your partner to do something, it goes for motivating your team members.

You know your your your your team. Sales conversations marketing you know influencing your prospects right. Understanding the law of psychological resistance is going to help you in motivating all of these people, because when it's just natural human, it's just it's just a natural part of how we are designed as human beings that, that if somebody tells us to do something we're naturally going to resist it. Right, so that's why we you know we talked about in sales, you know we teach sales and it's like the power of the takeaway. People want people naturally want what moves away from them. Right?

So if I'm on the phone with a prospect, and they're and they're starting to say, Oh, I don't know I don't know I know if this is the right fit for me be like hey look, you know, you're probably right. You know, we're really only looking for people that are you know they're dead serious about changing their life now. Right, so, you know, with that I'm just going to go ahead and let you go. It sounds to me sounds like a great, great person but I'm just going to go out and you know have have another conversation with somebody who maybe is a little bit more interested in changing their life right now. Right?

And then, and then use, then you just shut up. What, when you met What do you say something like that on the phone to a prospect. But next thing that you do is you close your mouth. Okay, because you will be nine out of 10 times they're gonna go whoa whoa whoa wait wait wait wait wait wait wait, right, because people naturally want what moves away from them. Right when they're there are, there they are, you know, so I'm trying to, and that's why like verbally vomiting on prospects about.

We know why why your product or your compensation plan or your opportunity is the best thing since sliced bread. That's why that stuff doesn't work. Right. Oh, you're much better off getting to the you know getting to their reasons, which is kind of my next point that kind of kind of, you know, moves this into my to my next point, you've got to reinforce autonomy. Okay, autonomy is simply independence.

So, rather than saying you shouldn't do this you should join my business right you should buy these health and wellness products. You know what, right instead of saying something like that, ask them why might you want to, you know, take your health more seriously. You know what, give me one reason why you might want to take this area of your life more seriously. And you notice how we're saying why you might want to do you see a language like like that reinforces autonomy.

It lets them know it sends a message to them that I am in control, right, that I am the one making the decision that I'm doing this because I like I'm coming up with my own reasons why I want to do this. I'm not being this person is not trying to exert their reasons onto me and that's and it's a big reason why a lot of people just just suck, and fail at sales and marketing because they are they're way too concerned with. I need to tell them my all my reasons why I think that you should do this, rather than let me just inquire about what are some of your reasons why you might want to change this area of your life.

What are some of your reasons why you might want to focus on your health and your well being more so in this stage of your life that you're in right now? So we need to reinforce autonomy. If you just remember that when you're communicating with other human beings. Reinforce autonomy, communicate to them that it did that what I want for you doesn't really matter. I want to help you. I want to help you get what you want for yourself.

Right, the more you can send that message, like to the people that you are trying to influence. And if you're, you know, if you're in sales and marketing, you are attempting to influence other human beings. Right. And if you're not exactly crushing it in sales and marketing it's because you're just not that great yet at influencing other human beings. Right, yet, right, you're just not there yet, you haven't developed the skill set, yet okay but you're developing it. Okay, it's a good, it's a good thing.

Don't even worry about the fact that you don't, you haven't developed it yet. It's like you are in the process of developing it. That might even be a great affirmation for you. I am developing the skills of influencing other human beings. And then if you want to add something onto that influencing other human beings in a way that is that causes the best results for for them, and others, right to let you to let to reinforce autonomy for yourself, that it's not just about you.

It's about helping them make the best decision for them. All right, who's with me right is this, this is this is this communicating. Another thing that we also need to do is it you know when motivating. When motivating ourselves and motivating other people is to is to make it more manageable by focusing on like little things rather than the big picture. Right?

That's like, you know, I mean it you know the idea of like building a business from scratch right it's like it's like if if I if I have this idea that oh my god I'm gonna have to do this I'm gonna have to do this I'm gonna have to like, I'm gonna have to, you know, my taxes are gonna change and I'm gonna have to, you know, I'm gonna have to like, it's like we got it we got to get people out of that of that mindset and we need to get them in the mindset of like, what are some small, manageable steps that I can do right now. And this is probably most you know most relevant to you in terms of motivating your team members.

So people that you've already recruited in the business right How can you motivate them right to to get into action mode right because that's that's very common that people join a business and they don't do anything. We've got to get them taking like small steps so like, oftentimes if they're not doing anything it's probably because they're overwhelmed because they are they're thinking way too big picture, they're like oh my god I've got to do this and I've got to get good at this, and I'm gonna.

What if this happens and they're, it's like paralysis by analysis, we've got to get people out of that mindset, we've got to get get them thinking okay, what's one small thing that you can do today? What's smart What's one small task that you can do, that's going to move the needle in your business today? Right, so, so for example with like you know we we want you guys we want our coaching clients. We want you to to be filling out the momentum tracker right we want you to be tracking your income producing activities, and we want you to be posting and sharing it.

Right, that's one of the fundamentals of our program and what makes it effective, and I've seen this process work for so many people right and myself included, like once you start doing the income producing activities and tracking the income producing activities, and then sharing your results, and then making it a point to like okay I got 25 points this week, I think I'm gonna go for 30 next week. Right?

You know, it's like, I feel like we till we talk about the momentum tracker of people and we say like, the goal is to get to 50 points a week and then you think, oh my god 50 points a week I could not do that. Like it's like we're not telling you to start with 50 points a week that's a that's a goal that we want you to get to you might start with 15 points a week. But even before any of that, like what are some even more manageable steps that you can take.

Stop focusing on the big picture of you know the momentum tracker right and just start with some something small like, okay, you know it's a 12 week program. I'm going to print off 12 momentum trackers that's step one. Okay, you don't all you got to do is print them off. That's all you got to do, and the fact that you printed them off and you put them in a pile on your desk or your work area. The fact that that that you took that small action shows that you are committed. Right. It shows that you're committed and it's going to mean it that you're going to be like 10 times more likely to actually start tracking your income producing activities and, you know, you like actually getting the benefit from. Right?

It starts with little steps. This also goes for motivating yourself, okay because it's not just with like like I need to, as an entrepreneur. I don't just need to, to be able to influence other people, I need to be able to influence myself to change to do to, to, to develop new skills, as I grow as I as I grow my business as I you know face new problems and new challenges in my business. I need to motivate myself to do different things to to start taking on new habits, right, to develop new skills.

So if I'm influencing myself right I need to I need to remember the small actions right so rather than rather than thinking like, oh my god I've got it, I've got to develop the skills like build this entire business know what's, what's one skill set like let's let's you know chunk it down a little bit. What's one skill that I need to develop and what's one action that I can take today to move myself towards adopting that new skill set.

Right, so I mean I gave you an example with the you know with the momentum tracker I mean tracking like tracking your, your activity that you do in your business that you don't, you might not even think that of that is a skill set, but it is, and that's a that's a skill set, and that is a habit that professional entrepreneurs and successful people, just do right they track the things that matter in their lives. So what is what is some small actionable step that you can take today that will probably end if you take that small steps up you know you're you're you're making it harder on yourself by, and you're in you're, you're overwhelming yourself by thinking of like 10, you're thinking of like 10 steps ahead no don't don't do that, reel it back in.

what's one action that you can take today to move this forward, and that will most likely influence you to take another action and another action another action, and that is ultimately how you're going to develop these skills that is ultimately how you're going to get the results that you came here for?

It's not about the big picture it's about it's about doing the little things consistently right and it's like, it has a domino effect when you start to put some of these, these things in place right then that then that moves the needle and it makes room for the other things to happen. The other activities to happen. And you do that long enough and eventually the results are there.

And then, speaking of motivating yourself. You also have to reinforce autonomy to yourself. Right, so I'm motivated myself I need to, if I want to defeat this law of psychological resistance, if there's something that I know that I need to do, but I'm procrastinating about it, or I'm like, I'm resisting it right, and it's something that I know that I need to do I know that's going to improve my life but I'm still resisting it.

One of the things that I can do is reinforce my own autonomy, like actually actually get clear and present to the fact that I don't have to do this right like my business is going to be fine if I don't do this, my life is going to be fine if I don't do this I'm still gonna survive. Right, like I might even actually want to write down like like okay I don't actually, I don't have to do this.

However, what are some reasons why I might want to move myself in this direction. Right, and maybe maybe it is learning a new skill set like like copywriting like like like phone sales like those are the kind, those are the skill sets that are going to that are going to get you to your goal. So, so but but you know don't don't think like okay but I'm, but I'm not here yet and I don't have this skill set yet.

No, no, reinforce your own autonomy I don't actually have to learn this, but if but what what is one thing, like what is one way my life might improve. If I do learn it, or if I do start to take it on, what's one and then what's one small action that I can take to bring this into fruition to bring it into reality to make it so that I can actually have these skills why, how is my business going to improve by having these skills. Right, how and then and then another thing. And this is especially true for motivating yourself right motivating influencing yourself to take the actions that you know you need to take right but you still might be resisting you still might be procrastinating on that.

One of the things that you can that you can do is get yourself present to how other people will benefit from you having this result. Okay. And that's one of the secrets to like to actually setting a goal that you actually get right and people are great at setting goals but they're, they completely suck for the most part, at turning those goals into reality. Right?

One of the things that you can do is get clear as to how hitting this goal, achieving this thing that you say you want for yourself, is going to not only benefit you, to benefit other people, and you've got to get really specific about this like, Okay. My goal is to build this is to get my business to $10,000 a month, let's just say that's the goal.

The goal is to get the business to $10,000 a month in what specific ways is my life going to improve by getting to $10,000 a month, because nobody cares about $10,000 a month it's just, it's what is that result is going to bring you in your life that you don't currently have to get really specific as to what that is for you. And then ask yourself, the next step is to ask yourself. Who else is going to benefit from me having us right in what specific ways are other people going to benefit from getting this goal.

And I bet I bet you that you will be more motivated by how the goal is going to impact other people, then how it's going to impact you. Right, it's like so, so, so get really clear right and i think that just taps into like another you know deep desire that we have as human beings to positively impact the lives of other people.

So think about how it's how is me achieving this, how is me achieving this goal, go to benefit myself, how's it going to benefit people in my family, how's it gonna benefit other members of my family my extended family, how might it benefit my community, how might it benefit, like the, I mean, my, my, my, my prospects right the people like the people that are going to be buying this stuff from me. Their lives are going to improve my team members live is going to improve they're going to make more money.

Other people are going to get healthier right i mean you could you could go you know you could you could get really really detailed and really specific about the specific ways that that that you hitting this goal of $10,000, a month in your business, about how that is going to impact. Hundreds of people, I mean you could even go as far as to say, how it's going to impact people that haven't even been born yet, right but but start start with a more immediate like, how's it going to affect like your spouse, your children. Right?

The people that are close to you in your life, then you can expand out from there.

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