What's missing in your business? There's really only three things that really could be missing, and I'm going to show you some ways of identifying what those things are, and then filling those gaps, right there. I mean, our businesses are not all that like so, so sophisticated are so advanced, you know in a home based business like there's only a few things that you need you need sales, you need opportunity to make sales it's just another way of saying, you know, leads right you need you need you need you need sales conversions, you need the opportunity to make those sales conversions. Right? And depending on the business that you're in, you need you need duplication.

Those are like the three things that you that you need, and it blows me blows my mind how many people, like, That's what they need to do to create a successful business, they need to get good at sales, they need to get good at creating opportunity for themselves. And depending on the business model, they may or may not, you know, have to like, you know, lead a team and you know have people duplicate. So there's like, too many, maybe three at the most things that you need to get good at. So the question is, is it important to you to get good at those things, right, like, let's let's break it down sales okay what do you need to do to get good at sales.

I mean, you need to get around people that are good at that are good sales that's one thing, right, you need to be practicing you need to be getting up and swinging the bat, you know you need to be you need to be making offers to people right you're not you're not gonna learn it all just from reading a script and watching some videos you know it's gonna it's gonna come from getting on the court in putting yourself in situations that you have to sell to people. That's how you get good at selling. Right. But no, we've got tremendous resources on getting good at selling but before any of those resources are really going to make a difference for you.

You've got to make a decision that I am going to get really good at sales. Okay, that's what has to happen. First, you've got to draw that line in the sand and say okay that's sales, talking to people on the phone and, or on zoom or whatever, like making offers to people converting them into buyers. That is a major priority in my life, it's just something that I need to study and I need to do more of the next is opportunity control and this is probably even more important because if you don't have opportunity.

I just said opportunity control but I just mean opportunity if you don't have opportunity to make sales, you're not going to be able to get in there and swing the bat, right so that's why you know actually creating opportunity. That's something that's a skill set that you're going to have to get really good at. And again, we've got tremendous resources like we've we just revamped the entire members area with, you know, organic training and we were doing live on Wednesdays we're doing our live organic coaching series, every single Wednesdays, like, I mean there's tremendous resources in in the members area in EA about how to just just create more opportunity, have more, you know get really good at online lead generation.

But again, you have to draw a line in the sand and you've got to make a decision that I'm going to get really good at lead generation right like that has to become that has to be a decision that happens first, because once that decision is made, you know, then, then you can take, then you'll be taken completely new actions, you'll be approaching learning this stuff with a whole new a whole new outlook and a whole new enthusiasm, right after you make that decision that I'm going to get really good at this.

And the reason why I am experiencing the level of success that I have experienced over the last you know several several years in this industry is because I made those decisions, a very very long time ago. Like, I made the decision that I was going to get really good at sales and marketing in like 2008 2009. Right?

And I've had 1000s of, you know, I've generated 10s of 1000s of leads since then and I've I've I've had 1000s and 1000s of sales conversations. Since then, but it really came from a decision that this is something that I'm going to get really good at because I really think that here you know in in this day and age in 2020 21, right in the 21st century that you know 20 years into the 21st century that, like if you don't. In the 21st century, I don't think that there's any more valuable skill set that you could possibly have.

Then, getting really good at creating opportunity and enrolling people like getting good at creating opportunity and getting good at closing sales, if you could do those two things. And if those are skill sets that you are good at the world is your oyster it's like it's like so many things, open up to you, you could you could be a top producer in network marketing business you could you could you could make a very good money selling high ticket programs and offers.

You can i mean that like it really does like what you're selling doesn't matter because you have the skills you can walk into any opportunity, and become a top producer, like overnight. And then duplication that's, I mean the key to duplication is you've got to be. You've got to be really good at sales right you've got to be enrolling, a lot of people, so that you can find the gems right you're not, it's, you're not gonna.

I mean it's so funny to me when somebody, you know, they come to me and they're like, going oh but this this business is different. You only need to get three people. It's like no you don't like you might like like yeah technically you only have to get three people right and then go get three people that go get three people right like in a perfect world that's what needs to happen, but you might need to enroll 30 people, to find those three leaders that are actually going to do something with the business, you might have to enroll 50 people to find like one superstar. Who is that one person? Right?

And they're you know they're they are actually correct when the you know the net one when your network marketing company says, you just need to get three people there right but it might take you might need to recruit 60 people in order to find those three, you might need to recruit 100 people in order to find those three. So you need to get really good at that. Because then, then you're in like attracts like also right so like if you are a professional. If you are a professional salesperson, a professional marketer, guess what you're going to attract in your life, other professionals, those are the types of people that you're going to be enrolling but you've got to get there first. You're not going to enroll a superstar, you know, just because, you know, just because you have a great business this superstar is gonna need to see you, like you are worth joining in. Just you are worth being around in business and in life.

And if you become that person, you will start to attract that person.

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