Adam smithA couple of days ago I clicked on a Youtube ad that caught my attention.

I hardly ever click on Youtube ads, I usually skip them. For some reason I watched this ad and clicked on the link and it led me to meeting Adam Smith and learning about his business.

It was different to me because even though I didn’t give him any money I still walked away a way to generate results in my business.

Now I want to show you how to do it and some other people that use similar strategies to this one. I also want to give you some ideas that you can use for your own business.

How Adam Smith makes money

Adam sells copywriting, which is different from regular copywriting. As a copywriting you sell the service. For example you would write a sales page and hand it over to the client.

Copywriting consulting is different because you consult the client on what needs to be done. This works because as a consultant you get paid to tell others what to do in order to get results but it is not a done for you service. Not yet anyway.

Adam’s approach is different, he tells them what needs to be done and then he offers to do it for them.

Then after he does the work for him he makes royalties on any sales that his presentation brings in.

Why this works

The cool thing about this approach is that Adam makes money 3 times off of the same sale. The consultation, putting together the sales presentation, and then the royalties.

He usually makes around $5,000 per customer before royalties.

In the case of network marketing the auto ship will replace the royalties.

The reason this model works so good is because you make money before the customer signs up for you to do the work.

In network marketing we call this a funded proposal. I will talk about this in a minute and give you some strategies so you can see different ways that other people are using it.

Another nice thing about this strategy is that it doesn’t matter what traffic source you use as long as your perfect customer is there.

How to adapt this to a network marketing business

The difference between this approach and the traditional network marketing approach is that in traditional network marketing you sell whatever the company offers and that’s it.

With this approach you are making money before anybody ever makes it to that point.

Remember to always get the lead first because you are not very likely to sell on the first contact. That is just the way business works and we can’t change it but we can be ahead of the 90% of other network marketers that try to sell without giving any value.

Here are a couple of examples of how other network marketers have used this approach for their business.

Ray Higdon doesn’t actively promote a network marketing business anymore but when he did this is the strategy he used. He had a PDF of 29 ways to get network marketing leads. To get the PDF you had to give him your name and email.

After they download they download the PDF there is a series of emails that provide even more value to the potential customer, and there is a chance to buy a membership that teaches how to make more money making strategies as a network marketer and it runs anywhere from $49 to $300 a month.

At some point there is a chance to join his company.

The point here is that you always want to provide some kind of value before trying to make a sale.

Also Ray has had multiple chances to make a sale before the ever shows someone his opportunity.

The funnel looks like this: Generate a lead with the PDF offer – sell them network marketing training – Network marketing business.

Steve J Larsen has multiple shows on Youtube that also get turned into a podcast, blog, and a Facebook group so there are multiple points of entry to his funnel.

Steve sells multiple products aside from network marketing business and he sells them before anybody gets a chance to join his network marketing business.

Some of the main things he sells are teaching people how to make offers, and how to make more money as a network marketer.

One of his funnels look this: generate a lead showing them how to build offers – sell them more in depth offer training – network marketing business. 

Tanya Aliza has multiple points of entry into her funnel.

Her highest cost product is a branding package where you fly out to her house, and other places with a small group of other people, and she helps you set up your funnels and marketing strategies. It costs somewhere around the $8,000 mark.

To pull this off she has smaller products that lead to this one.

One of her free offers is how to get your social media posts to go viral. Then she has a $7 facebook live training. The $7 dollar facebook live training is part of a bigger product that is all about making money with Facebook business pages that is $30 per month.

Next up she has a complete training one getting customers using a blog that is $497. There are other $30 a month trainings too but this is the one I came across in this particular funnel.

Then once a year there is a chance to get the $8,000 offer. She only promotes it once per year so if you don’t get it then you don’t get it at all, and it goes quick. She only lets a couple of people in too. I think it is 10 people.

She doesn’t really promote her network marketing company very much and if you want to be in it you have to ask her.

The funnel looks like this – lead from viral social media offer – $7 Facebook live training – $30/month Facebook page profits – $497 blog training – $8,000 branding package – network marketing company somewhere in the mix

Those are just a couple of example of network marketing funnels that generate a lot of revenue. As you can see they aren’t selling their opportunity up front and they make plenty of money before anyone even gets a chance to work with them in their company.

Use this is your own network marketing business

Now I am going to give you a couple of ideas to use in your own business. The possibilities are endless so use your imagination.

What I am going to do here is use Adam’s strategy in conjunction with parts of the other strategies, but remember the cool thing about marketing is that you don’t have to follow it specifically, you can adapt anything to use as your own.

The key is to find out what your market needs and sell it to them, find out what others are selling and use that also. Don’t copy it but use it as a guide.

Here we go

Weight loss – What do they need? They need a healthy eating plan that they can follow, recipes, accountability just to name a few.

Funnel idea

Get them as a lead by offering them a free consult and put together a plan to help them meet their goals – add them to an accountability group and when they are in offer your products.

Forex – What do they need? They need a strategy that they can follow so they aren’t going from strategy to strategy. They also need accountabilty.

Funnel idea

Get them as a lead by offering them a consult to help them come up with a strategy – add them to a group that has people in it that are using that strategy – once they are in offer them your program that tells them when there is a potential trade.

Muscle building – I know this goes along with weight loss but I just want to show that you can use this strategy for multiple products in the same company. What do they need? They need to know what to eat, when to eat it, what workouts to do, they often need gym partners.

Funnel idea

Get them as a lead by offering a consult on what foods to eat that improve testosterone and what foods to avoid that kill testosterone – offer a workout plan to help build x pounds of muscle in the next 30 days – offer your products to help them achieve that goal.

Those ideas are selling products but I also want to show you some ideas to help sell the opportunity.

Your perfect customer is going to be other network marketers because they are already in the business and don’t have to be convinced that it isn’t a pyramid scheme. Also anybody else that is looking for make money opportunities are a good fit.

What do network marketers need? They need ways to get people to look at their opportunity without chasing family and friends, they also need phone scripts, ways to avoid rejections, where to find people that might be interested in their company just to name a few.

Funnel idea

Offer them ways to generate leads as a free download – schedule a consult to help them turn leads into new reps – sell your system or training that will help them do it more in depth – offer your opportunity.

The point here is that if people don’t buy from you they still walk away with an actionable strategy, that way you have provided more value than 90% of people trying to sell a business. Also you want to be able to make money even when someone says no to your business.

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